Beware of the Therapist by Jeff Brandt

Beware of the Therapist

Instantly attracted to her when they first met, Gini is everything Jeff wants in a wife: breathtakingly beautiful, deeply charismatic, smart, athletic, and fun. At age 36, she brings three hurt and confused daughters to their marriage. She also brings a hidden, troubled past that has rendered her depressed and suicidal. Crumbling under the stress of a painful betrayal by her desperately envious sister and angry, critical mother, Gini decides to k...

Details Beware of the Therapist

TitleBeware of the Therapist
Release DateMay 17th, 2013
PublisherCreatespace Independent Publishing Platform
GenreHealth, Mental Health, Autobiography, Memoir, Medical

Reviews Beware of the Therapist

  • Molly Anna
    Life is full of lessons that shape us and deeply influence our view of the world. Personal journeys, struggles, triumphs, losses, and relationships can be very profound experiences. Coming in a close second, though, is hearing about and learning from the stories of others, and Jeff Brandt has a notable story to tell. His journey was extraordinarily difficult: raising troubled stepchildren, his wife attempting suicide, dealing with an affair betwe...
  • Stacy Cook
    I love to read non-fiction especially when it is as well written as this. For a limo driver Jeff makes a pretty good author. I have to agree with someone else's comment that I thought this book would have more to do with the relationship with Gini, Jeff's wife and Josh, the therapist and how Josh destroyed the family and less to do with Jeff's personal hell being involved with Gini and her family in the first place. I hate to say it, but Gini is ...
  • Dawn
    This book was very interesting. A real peek into someone else's life. After I finished the book I came away with deep sorrow for the "character" Elizabeth and a burning anger towards Gini and the author, Jeff. Clearly mommie dearest is a woman far beyond troubled, she is evil. She lives a life of lies and doesn't care about anyone but herself. What surprised me most was that the author is the one who delivered such a painful betrayal to the innoc...
  • Courtney Vasiliev
    Beware of the therapistJeff Brandt☆★☆★I got this book in the firstfreads giveaway.Omg! First let me say When I jad entered to win this book I was already VERY intrigued, so then I went to my kindle app on my phone and downloaded a sample. By then I just knew I HAD to read this book.I felt ugh I cant even explain the emotions. I felt so terrible for Jeff. He met and married Gini thinking he was getting this great woman, not to say she didn...
  • Gerard
    In the beginning I wasn't sure what to expect of the book. Normally I don't read these kind of books because there's already too much drama going on in the world, however when I started reading I did enjoy it.The story is something a lot of people could imagine themselves being in or have possibly even experienced already.Personally I didn't like the writing style, but for this book it does seem to work out. If you are looking for a book about th...
  • Belle
    I was very interested in reading this book based of the summary. I expected a more detailed description of what happened between the therapist and Gini. I feel like the book skimmed over some very important parts. Maybe if the book was from Gini's point of view I would have liked the story more. I did like how we saw relationships unfold between Jeff and his step-daughters, but overall I felt this book was lacking in details.