You Belong with Me (Love and Dessert Trilogy, #1) by Shannon Guymon

You Belong with Me (Love and Dessert Trilogy, #1)

Layla Kendall is the oldest of three sisters. She's a burned out social worker one step away from a major depression and she needs a fresh start. When she and her sisters Kit and Jane inherit their grandmother's bakery, she doesn't know if she can trust her good fortune or not. Life has taught her that happiness is just an illusion. But the chance to be with her sisters and get away from the heart ache and pain she's faced day in and day out is a...

Details You Belong with Me (Love and Dessert Trilogy, #1)

TitleYou Belong with Me (Love and Dessert Trilogy, #1)
Release DateMay 28th, 2013
GenreRomance, Contemporary, Clean Romance, Contemporary Romance, Womens Fiction, Chick Lit

Reviews You Belong with Me (Love and Dessert Trilogy, #1)

  • Pam
    3 starsThree sisters have been given a chance to finally live a life with "stability, happiness and belonging" courtesy of their grandmother. Her legacy along with her bakery and home is all she has left and it’s time to right the wrongs her son caused his family. Layla, Kit and Jane all embark on a new adventure to see if they have what it takes to make it all as a baker, but at this stage in their lives this opportunity could not have come ...
  • Kathy * Bookworm Nation
    I've lost track of how many times I've read this one. I'm reading all of Shannon's books again for Swoon Fest, and they are just as much fun this time around. I loved the plot of three sisters inheriting their grandmother’s bakery. I liked how it brought them all together and presented a chance for all of them to change their lives for the better. I like each of the sisters and it was fun seeing how close they are. Kind of made me wish I had a ...
  • Kathy Jo
    2016: Still love it as much as the other times I've read it! One of my favorite series for sure!You Belong With Me was the very first Shannon Guymon book I ever read and I absolutely LOVED it!! The Love and Dessert Trilogy is about 3 sister who have inherited their grandmother's bakery. They were all living in different places but all needed a fresh start in life. They had their doubts at first but being together and doing something new that they...
  • Anne
    I think it's fair enough to say that I pretty much devoured this book. I read it in just over a day, which is extremely fast for me, especially considering that I rarely get out of my historical-romance-comfort-zone. I'm glad I took the leap this time and tried something different, because You Belong With Me was really, really, REALLY good! I was pulled into the story and the character's lives immediately and was surprised at how much I was enjoy...
  • Katie W
    What have I been waiting for? I've had this one for awhile and have just been too busy to read it. I made time and wished I would have sooner. I LOVED IT!!Layla is a burned out social worker, ready for a change. When her paternal grandma wills her (and her two younger sisters) her bakery, Layla, Kit, and Jane jump at the chance to run it. Since her dad walked out on the family years and years ago, Layla is a little gun-shy with men and doesn't ha...
  • Kathy
     Shannon Guymon is another author who is topping my list of favorite "clean" romance authors.I was excited to see that she had a new series coming out and jumped at the chance to review it. You Belong With Me is the first book in the series and follows three sisters - Layla, Kit and Jane as they start life over as the new owners of their grandmother's bakery.The first book focuses mainly on Layla and her developing relationship with Michael.  I...
  • Tara
    One word comes to mind with this one: sweet. I had a hard time getting into it at first, but I think that would have happened with anything I picked up, because I still had book hangover from the last book I read and loved. But eventually I got into this one and liked it. I have to say I'm a bit disappointed because I really like Rob and was hoping he would end up being with Kit, but I know he's the main character in a book in another series, so ...
  • Kristen
    Lovvvved it! Sooo good. The romance was GREAT, the characters were fun (except Ashley and Alex of course). Can't wait to read the other two in the series. Moral Note: talk of drug use/addiction, clean romance, clean language. Very mild talk of child/spousal abuse.
  • Valerie Waters
    Well my goodread friends, you have done it again!! This was such a cute romance! I LOVED Michael! He was so awesome!! I loved the sisters and their sweet relationship.
  • Megan
    This was an alright story, but there was so much happening and the sisters all took to baking too easily in my opinion. I know it's "in their blood", since their grandmother was the owner before them, but to go from not really baking at all to making the best in barely a month seemed too much. The romance was okay, but nothing that spectacular and I thought that it moved very fast especially considering Michael has a daughter. There were several ...
  • Deborah
    I totally forgot to review this book! I read it some time back so sadly this review will pretty much consist of me saying, "I thought it was cute and I enjoyed the story."Sadly, that is my brain these days.
  • Heidi
    I don't have time to leave a comment because I'm dying to start book 2. :) I thoroughly enjoyed this sweet story...and I can't wait to see the two other sisters get their Happily Ever After!!! :)
  • Rachel DeVaughn
    I had purchased "You Belong with Me" Book 1 of the "Love and Dessert Trilogy" by Shannon Guymon right before Christmas from amazon for my kindle because it was on sale for 0.99. To be honest, I typically only buy books for my kindle when they are on sale for 0.99 or 1.99. I love reading, but I'm really cheap when it comes to books. Especially when I'm not familiar with the author.So I read book one and I LOVED it!! I literally could not put it do...
  • Shauna
    This is the second book I have been able to review for Shannon Guymon and I am LOVING her books!She has such a way with words...Her stories are WONDERFUL, DESCRIPTIVE, and MAKE you BELIEVE in the MAGIC of LOVE!OH. SO. GOOD!LOVED LOVED LOVED this book!Three sisters just inherited a bakery shop from a grandmother they hardly knew.Not having a passion for what they were already doing...Each jump at the chance for working together and making a future...
  • Jane
    Layla Kendall the oldest of three sisters has been a tough social worker and let her work get to her heart. She is looking for peace when she along with her two sisters, Kit and Jane inherited her Grandmother's bakery in a small town in Washington State. She is not looking for a man, so when Michael Bender's four-year-old daughter approaches her she focuses on Stella. Michael, a single father, is a successful real estate broker with an offer on t...
  • Birgit
    Three sisters, all emotionally bruised, inherit their grandmother's bakery and start a new life. The story begins with the elder, an ex social worker, who has seen children and wives abused and does not trust any men or believe in love, until she meets the local estate agent, divorced, and his little daughter.It could have been an interesting story, the plot is not too bad, but to my opinion the author tried to add too many angles, too many expla...
  • Tiffany
    I really enjoyed this book from Shannon Guymon. I really enjoy the idea of three sisters starting a bakery. It definitely makes me wish I lived closer to my sisters. It sounds kind of fun! I like that there is more involved in the stories then the three sisters and their love interests. I did find the relationship in the book a little rushed. I still like more realistic time frame to occur in a relationship. But one date and then professing your ...
  • Kim
    Call me a Shannon Guymon fan now! With 5 clean romance series and counting, I guess I am late to the party, but I am here now! Great clean secular romance with plot twist, after plot twist, after plot twist :-). Great psychological depth to the characters.Sensuality content: kisses onlySource: My personal purchased library.
  • Sue
    Yep, five stars for a Romance!! I loved this book! I loved the sisters, the town, the Bakery, the romantic sparks, everything! Can hardly wait until I can get the next two in this lovely trilogy about three sisters and their new beginnings, together!
  • Alina Popescu
    The love story is touching, the dynamics of the three sisters puzzled me a bit as three emotional women, all in a tough spot and no real fallout is not something I could easily relate to. The only reason the book was simply OK for me was that this was not my kind of book.
  • Kim
    Cute and easy romance. Good for the beach or a long soak in the tub kind of book. I enjoy her writing and storytelling. (clean and no swearing!)
  • Brooke -Brooke's Books
    4.5 starsI really enjoyed this story. I was a bit frustrated at parts, but it was overall a great story and I look forward to reading the others in this series.
  • Tammy
    The love stories felt rushed and seemed to drag on.
  • Shana
    Funny and fun love storyThe characters all have their flaws but they are real characters that you can relate, sympathize and love. The entertaining dialog and funny sense of humor, keeps you guessing, who will say what. This book makes you want to go to Fircrest and meet the whole town, while you sip your hot chocolate and eat your cupcake of the week at Belinda's Bakery.
  • Brenda
    I am a HUGE Shannon Guymon fan. I recommend her books all the time. That being said, this was not my favorite of her books. I loved the storyline. I loved the sisters and all the supporting characters. I loved the fun little town. I loved a sweet grandma who was trying to make amends. I looooved the sweet romance. I even liked the sniff crazy bulldog! What I didn't like was perhaps the editing? There were several gestures that just splashed cold ...
  • Terrie
    Book #1 in the "Love and Dessert Trilogy". Layla Kendall is the oldest of three sisters. She's a burned out social worker one step away from a major depression and she needs a fresh start. When she and her sisters Kit and Jane inherit their grandmother's bakery, she doesn't know if she can trust her good fortune or not. Life has taught her that happiness is just an illusion. But the chance to be with her sisters and get away from the heart ache a...
  • Tina
    Free download. This was a sweet tale, romantic and loving. Layla, kit & Jane are all in places in their lives where they need a change. They are left their grandmothers bakery in her will and all decide to give it a go. None of them have any idea how to bake but with help from Max they learn and actually realise that they can make some amazing desserts. Each woman has had a lot of hurt and not interested in finding men who will hurt them but that...
  • Charissa
    Three sisters inherit their grandma’s bakery and move in together to do a ‘start-over’ in life, which all three seriously need. Having her dad walk out of her life as a child, Layla has serious relationship issues. After having worked for the last couple years as a social worker in Seattle, she is burned out and trusts no men. When she meets Michael and his daughter Stella at the bakery, she doesn’t want to open her heart. She likes it cl...
  • Ally
    I did not like this book. Don't get me wrong; there are some cute moments. But so many times a character would do something that would leave me thinking, "Are you serious?" Especially Michael. (view spoiler)[He basically asked Layla if she would be willing to date him if things didn't work out with his ex-wife. The author tried to make it out to be a selfless act but it just didn't work. And then he finds out his divorce papers weren't finalized,...