The Good of Politics by James W. Skillen

The Good of Politics

In this addition to the acclaimed Engaging Culture series, a highly respected author and Christian thinker offers a principled, biblical perspective on engaging political culture as part of one's calling. James Skillen believes that constructive Christian engagement depends on the belief that those made in the image of God are created not only for family life, agriculture, education, science, industry, and the arts but also for building political...

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TitleThe Good of Politics
Release DateMar 15th, 2014
PublisherBaker Academic
GenrePolitics, Religion, Christianity, History

Reviews The Good of Politics

  • Bob
    In our current toxic political climate one might ask the question, "can anything good come of politics?" James W. Skillen would answer that affirmatively. His main contention is that to be created in the image of God means, among other things, that we are political creatures and that political life, along with things like work and family, is part of God's creation intention for us. It is not a consequence of the fall. Like other aspects of the hu...
  • Tim Hoiland
    For decades, James Skillen has been thinking deeply and carefully about politics and public policy from an evangelical perspective. Despite the culture wars raging to his right and to his left, he has managed to maintain a degree of nuance and sanity that is all too rare among political commentators, Christian or otherwise. Needless to say, hes someone Im committed to learning from.The founder and former executive director of the Center for Publi...
  • April
    The first few pages seemed promising. Then came his bizarre theory regarding the seven days of creation(pg.22) and how it relates to everything else. By page 37 this creation view of his is getting weirder and weirder. I'm not sure I'm gonna be able to stomach reading the rest of the book. I'm gonna try but it's gonna be slow.
  • James Smith
    Watch for my review in Comment magazine: