Distraction (Club Destiny, #8) by Nicole Edwards

Distraction (Club Destiny, #8)

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Details Distraction (Club Destiny, #8)

TitleDistraction (Club Destiny, #8)
Release DateJan 31st, 2017
PublisherNicole Edwards Limited
GenreRomance, Adult Fiction, Erotica, BDSM, Menage

Reviews Distraction (Club Destiny, #8)

  • Wendy
    Everyone that knows me, also knows that I like doing shit ass backwards. So it shouldn't be a surprise that I started this series with the last book.I didn't matter though, because this book can be read as a stand alone without getting lost. I have read many of Nicole Edwards's books and the one thing I am always sure of even before I start reading, is that it's gonna be HOT as hell !! This book was no exception. Dylan was quite the dirty talker ...
  • Tina
    Although I'm sad to know this is the last book in this series, it was undoubtedly spectacular. This woman's writing is off the charts. This book was so emotional for me. I couldn't wait for Dylan to have his time to shine. The H/h's characters in this book are so spot on. I savoured every emotion, every kiss, every argument, every passion...all of it. I didn't want it to end. But as usual this author isn't leaving us hanging! I'm going to be a me...
  • Teresa
    It's always bittersweet starting a story knowing it's the last in it's series. We've been waiting for Dylan's story for awhile and I'm so glad it wasn't rushed as it's the perfect ending to this series. This is an emotionally heavy book from the start, we all knew it was going to have to be with Dylan's history. He's a character I've never been that sure about, I always felt terribly sorry for him but I can honestly say I wasn't sure if I was int...
  • Denise - Shh Mom's Reading®
    http://amzn.to/2iDB4M1Dylan gets his happy...bittersweet to see this series enjoy but I am looking forward to what Trent brings in the spin-off series planned
  • Nadine Bookaholic
    Absolutely fantastic end to the series, can't wait for the spin off and Trent's story. This book had me crying, laughing, shaking my head, and a whole bunch of other emotions. Nicole definitely did Dylan story justice, and it was definitely worth the wait.Full review can be found on my blog: http://nadineisobsessedwithbooks.blog...
  • Whispers From
    OMG!!!! Freaking loved this book! It's the last in this series and an emotional story. I laughed and even cried a little. * Plenty of wall banging, back scratching sex. Plus four way sex.* Be prepared for a cold shower.Sarah is a widow who's husband committed suicide. Dylan is a widower who's wife died of cancer. They went to high school together and dated for a few months. They have a one night stand three years after Sarah's husband died and ei...
  • Kara Hildebrand (Two Book Pushers)
    Distraction by Nicole Edwards is the final book in the Club Destiny series, but don't worry, in true Nicole fashion, there's a spin off coming! Nicole Edwards and Club Destiny was my first introduction to polyamory. Once I got a taste of it and Nicole's book, I was hooked. Distraction has more emotion than some of her other stories. It's full of heart, heat, sex, family and love. I laughed, cried, got hot and bothered and didn't want it to end. W...
  • Theresa
    Everything happens for a reason, sometimes we know that reason right away, sometimes not. Sometimes never at all. I have been waiting for this book for a long time, longer than I thought it should have taken. When you read the note from Nicole Edwards at the beginning of this book, she explains the delay and work it took to write this story. This story took exactly the time needed to write it, and I’m that much more grateful for it.In separate ...
  • Janielle Kerridge
    Nicole Edwards you have not disappointed me. I remember when I first met Dylan and he was so angry and wounded, I kept wondering how can he be happy again, what and who would it take to make him see that he's alive and there is joy to be had, and Sarah did not disappoint as his angel. I have to say Dylan and Sarah has taken hold of a piece of my heart and their journeys to get to their happily ever after was so emotional and deeply rewarding. You...
  • Erin Lewis
    5 Star Review Distraction (Club Destiny #8) by Nicole EdwardsDistraction is Dylan and Sarah's story and was a book that was a long time in coming, not only for us the readers, but for Ms. Edwards, who has made no secret of the fact that she suffers from depression. This was one of my most anticipated reads for 2017 and I was not disappointed.Having read Distraction in virtually one read, I can understand how much this book could and would have im...
  • Mandie Foxylutely
    The final book in the Club Destiny series, Distraction can be read as a standalone.Sarah and Dylan have both had a past filled with loss and despair and while Sarah hid herself away, Dylan found his coping mechanism at the bottom of a bottle. Having once been a short term romance at high school, both had gone down different paths and found other loves. It is the loss of their spouses that took them to separate lives. However after both their trag...
  • Angie
    ~I received a free copy of this book to read and review for Wicked Reads Review Team~I love this series, you don’t need to read others in the series to read this one but you do miss some back story if you don’t. This book deals with depression, which the author herself has. I will say at times I found myself skimming the book, it was too wordy at times, I know why it was too wordy but it was just too much for my liking. I like more dialogue i...
  • French Press Bookworm Blog
    I don't even know where to start...I loved this story. I couldn't put it down but more than that it would let me. The MCs were broken in their own eyes but simply shattered in mine. The loses they experienced previously is so raw that you fully understand that there life being a mess. I loved that it wasn't a story about how these two fixed each other or love overcoming all but rather what is like to let a single moment change your course. They h...
  • Lisa
    This book is extremely emotional and at times very heavy but it is so worth reading. I've been waiting for Dylan's story and it was definitely worth it.
  • Luvtoread45
    Wow what a great ending to this series!! This book was smoking hot! Dylan and his mouth the way he talks to Sarah ... and that one scene ( wow, fanning myself) holy shit ! Not only was it hot , but a tearjerker in parts also as we learn about their past! Definitely a must read! Loved it!
  • Nicole
    Definitely my least favorite of the series. :/
  • Marina Skinner
    4.5 starsI'm kind of sad really that this story is the last in the Club Destiny series!This book has been a long time coming and I'm so excited it's here!! It touches on some rather sad subjects but doesn't detract from the overall storyline! Yes it's a bit dreary at the start but the characters have both been through something so incredibly difficult you cannot help but feel for as well as sympathise with them!!But as you keep on reading, there...
  • Cga
    DISTRACTION is the eighth and final installment of Nicole Edwards “Alluring Indulgence” series. I have been waiting for Dylan’s story since I read his sister’s Ashleigh’s story, “Seduction”, in 2012, and this book did not disappoint. It is heartwrenching and erotic. The prologue is enthralling. Distraction is a stand alone novel but as with all serial novels, it is better to read the whole series as characters from the earlier novel...
  • Kali McQuillen
    I knew this book was going to wring me out emotionally and I couldn't have been more right. This book has so many emotions through it from like, lust, love, depression, anger, alcoholism, guilt, acceptance, etc. I mean, you name it, it's in there.Dylan and Sarah's story is hauntingly beautiful. When life knocks you down, you have to pull yourself up by the boot straps, never give up. Even if you struggle, know that you can do it. You have to beli...
  • Diane
    Dylan's book was a long time coming but Nicole Edwards knows how to make it an exceptional book.Being that this book draws on a huge amount of Nicole's personal experience with depression, she has brought this book justice by bringing the suffering of depression in the open.Dylan's book might be the last book in the series but it has brought a great segue into the next book of a new series for Trent. This book shows that time can't heal all wound...
  • My Pink Fairytales
    I'm a big fan of Nicole Edwards when it comes to erotica novels. I loved Club Destiny series.This book didn't make the favorites shelve, but it was ok. I loved how strong the heroine was, especially falling in love with a man who was been crying for 11 year for his dead wife. I don't think I would have that power in me.Dylan and Sarah's story is full of obstacles (because of him), but there's a happy ending.It has a few of super hot moments, like...
  • Sharon Dunn
    Being such a huge fan of Nicole Edwards books, I have waited and read patiently through the whole series with so many questions about Dylan. Like, Will he have his own book?, who will he be paired with?, What is his story and Who will bring him out of his funk? Nicole delivered in a big way and answered all my questions and then some. This book was scorching HOT with a little MFM thrown in. Yes, it is the last book of this series but it is just t...
  • Sharon Dunn
    Nicole Edwards continues to wow us!!Being such a huge fan of Nicole Edwards books, I have waited and read patiently through the whole series with so many questions about Dylan. Like, Will he have his own book?, who will he be paired with?, What is his story and Who will bring him out of his funk? Nicole delivered in a big way and answered all my questions and then some. This book was scorching HOT with a little MFM thrown in. Yes, it is the last ...
  • Elaine
    Nicole Edwards out done herself again the final book in her Club Destiny series. If you ever meet her cover model Alfie he was definitely her Dylan Thomas, I heard his voice throughout this book. Yes depression is a serious issue and Nicole made this very much part of this book. Dylan lost his wife and had a serious issue with it and Sarah also had someone in her life with a bi polar disorder that took his own life. But with all that happened in ...
  • Catherine Wright (Cat's Guilty Pleasure)
    I was so excited and sad to receive this book, I knew it was the end of a series I love so much. I was on the verge of tears throughout most of this story and hot and bothered the other half. Dylan and Sarah both lost their spouses and were both struggling with living their lives day by day. After many years these two reconnected and became friends and then something happened to undo that. Three more years pass by and they run into each other aga...
  • Nicky
    What a beautiful story about Dylan and Sarah. Two people ravaged by grief turn to each other to find love and comfort. The characters are so well developed and believable. Well done as always.....love this author.
  • Renee
    I received a copy of this book in exchange for an honest review.Dylan Thomas has suffered and has been mourning the loss of his wife for a decade now. He knows that he will never feel again. That is world would no longer be filled with light or hope. Until one night when what was suppose to be a distraction, a way to forget for a while turned him upside down and his world titled on its axis. He's finally able to pull himself up by his boot straps...
  • Rebecca
    Dylan and Sarah’s journey to happiness in Distraction is a multilayered process…one that actually started three years ago, after Dylan used her body and never looked back. During that timeframe, Dylan and Sarah focused on their own lives, working through their grief, processing the pain and anger they’ve never truly dealt with and finding a way to manage the overwhelming feelings of loss and abandonment that constantly threaten to consume t...
  • Nerdy Dirty & Flirty
    Thoughtful and sexy, an emotional end to a great series…A series end is always bittersweet for me and this one provided the emotional gut-punch that I hoped for (and dreaded). Dylan’s story was a long, hard road and Sarah could be seen as his salvation. Sarah wasn’t heart-whole either, though, so this was not going to be a simple romance… With both coming from places of deep loss their journey together was going to be a mine field – and...
  • Kristy
    Nicole Edwards never disappoints!!!!