This Is Not an Accident by April Wilder

This Is Not an Accident

From a truly distinctive voice brimming with wicked humor, tales of the little disasters that befall and befuddle usApril Wilder’s characters (some normal, some less so) have this in common: they are spiraling (or inching) toward self-destruction. An almost poetic range of disasters are sought out and savored in This Is Not an Accident, from bad romance to iffy adoption decisions to unsteady liaisons with animals and dolls; from compulsive driv...

Details This Is Not an Accident

TitleThis Is Not an Accident
Release DateJan 30th, 2014
GenreShort Stories, Fiction, Humor, Novella, Adult Fiction

Reviews This Is Not an Accident

  • Melki
    For fifteen miles they nosed along with mosquitoes pouring out of the sky, the stream steady and meaty and thick. Then, near the end of the swarm, the mosquitoes---the fattened calves hanging back---started spilling motherfucking blood. Russ jerked flat against his seat when the heavy ones hit, and it was real blood, whatever or whomever they'd sucked it out of, so it was like the windshield was a living thing being shot up with machine-gun fire,...
  • Judy
    It's been a long time since I've sat down to read a book of short stories, preferring to envelope myself in the unfolding plot of a mystery or thriller.I'd forgotten how satisfying it is to read descriptions that paint pictures in your head, without any regard to moving the plot along.Like this passage from "We Were Champions:" "The barbecue was a mean piece of hardware--a steel barrel sawed in half with posts and prongs and a crank welded to the...
  • Debbie
    I won this copy on first reads for an honest review.I guess everyone has a different sense of humor. I forced myself to finish the first story in this book. It was crazy beyond what I could handle. If you are in the mood for a read unlike any other you might enjoy this. I just couldn't go on.
  • Donna Huber
    Some of the stories were kind of strange. Not really your feel good kind of stories, but ones that make you think. Read my full review at Girl Who Reads.
  • Stacey Avis
    Don't care for short stories. To me they seem rushed or not well developed. Reading challenge- short stories
  • Virgowriter (Brad Windhauser)
    Atypical characters experiencing situations many would care to admit they can relate to. Nice tone to the voices. Funny in spots. Interestingly untidy in places.
  • Laura
    Collections of short stories are often variations on a common theme, and in This Is Not an Accident April Wilder seems to have chosen the theme of chaos, disaster, their effects on relationships, and maintaining a sense of purpose through it all. Let's examine that theory shall we? In "This is not an accident" (the short story, not the collection), Kat is enrolled in a remedial driver's training course for adults d/t her apparent inability to c...
  • Nick Milinazzo
    These stories and novella are about relationships: the ones we have with friends, significant others, or ourselves. I found this while randomly looking around GoodReads and am extremely happy I got it. This books hits all the right marks for me, especially with its dark, off-kilter humor. The use and frequency of qualifiers in the novella brought to mind DFW. Above all Wilder has an incredible ear for conversation. Smart, observant, and extremely...
  • Chris Notionless
    Sorry this book read as though it was missing pages or something. I'm all for an outlandish read; short stories are often the perfect narrative to explore thought bursts stretching beyond what's traditionally thought of as "real" -- but I don't know about this one. I had to keep re-reading things as the writing style felt, to me, very incomplete and scatter brained. Maybe that was the point, I don't know, but I have to say that I definitely wasn'...
  • Theresa Sivelle
    The stories just didn't resonate with me. They felt rushed and incomplete.
  • Amy
    …I felt achy the rest of the day – the ache that comes with the helplessness of endings, any ending.This is Not an Accident by April Wilder224 pages, Viking Adult, January 2014Short StoriesI was never much of a short-story person. I like meatier things. I like to know more about characters, and I like to know their whole story, not just a snippet that a short story gives you.I have, however, been very lucky with short story collections lately...
  • Sophie
    I received a copy of This Is Not an Accident from Goodreads First Reads.I don’t understand this book. I went into this book knowing that the characters were going to be weird, but I overestimated my weirdness tolerance. This Is Not an Accident is a creative spin on reality, OR a realistic look at the lives we live, depending on how well you can relate to the characters. I couldn’t relate to the characters at all, and to me, Wilder’s chara...
  • Madison Calhoun
    Okay, to start this off, I won this book from the GoodReads giveaways. So, thank you! I love to read new books, just as they're coming out. At first, I was intrigued by this book. I knew beforehand that it was going to be very weird and a little out there. Generally, I love strange, alternative novels. I'm all for anything creepy or dark. Wicked humor usually makes me laugh, so I assumed that I was the perfect audience to read This is Not an Acci...
  • Diana
    This is Not an Accident by April Wilder is a pretty great collection of short stories. When I read the third story, "We Were Champions", I felt like I had found a new very best friend. "We Were Champions" is the story of a girl, living in the City of Wrigleyville, State of Chicago, having a pig roast during a Cubs game that she could hear but not see. She had recently learned that her high school softball coach, who had gone to jail for molesting...
  • Donna Davis
    It's sick. It's wrong. It's twisted. It's very, very funny! Thank you to Random House and the Goodreads First Read program for the opportunity to read this free of cost.If you took Jenny Lawson (2 parts), Garrison Keillor (1 part) and a pint of bitters, and shook vigorously, this is the sense of humor which might be the outcome. It's wry, edgy, and very dark. You can see from the divergence of the ratings and reviews that this is controversial (c...
  • Jill Botkin
    I won this book from Goodreads first reads. This was not my favorite book and was really hard for me to read all the way through. I was definitely expecting something else. The description said "from a truly distinctive voice brimming with wicked humor, tales of the little disasters that befall and befuddle us". That was the book I thought I was reading. This book is a bunch of short stories about horribly depressing people. None of them are befu...
  • Lisa
    Wow. I love short stories, even—sometimes especially—when they truck in the familiar, the comforting, the well-worn. But there's always the little voice in the back of my mind clamoring to be told something new, or something old in a new way. And these are those stories, without a doubt. This is a challenging and complicated collection, not a quick read. And while the voice is wickedly clever and the humor dark, the tone is never smart-assy o...
  • Terri
    This is Not an Accident is a very interesting collection of short stories. When it comes to the main characters, this collection has a whole range of crazy. All of them in each story are on the brink of some type of self-destruction, whether it is compulsively driving hundreds of miles a day or the reaction to an admission of an inappropriate relationship with a softball coach. Personally, my favorite piece from the collection is "Creative Writin...
  • Ally
    I won a copy from Goodreads First Reads.This was not what I expected. I'm so sorry, but I couldn't get through it. I was just...ugh! I felt too bored to get through everything and I didn't really connect. There wasn't anything for me to feel with these characters. No spark or feeling of connection.It was like these characters were strangers. Most character to me are family and extended family...especially Harry Potter. He was like an older brothe...
  • Holly Jolly
    I received this book free through First-Reads giveaways. As a general rule I like things that are considered weird or alternative; however, this was really hard to read. It was difficult to understand, especially the first 2 stories. The last story seemed to have the most potential and I found the most interesting. There were pieces that were funny and some small areas that were entertaining, but these were too small of excerpts to bring my ratin...
  • Candice
    This is one of the few books I actually put down, and never picked up again. The first story was confusing and they led quite weird lives. I couldn't wrap my head around it. The second story was no better, because I felt that the main character was a jerk so I couldn't exactly feel sorry for his situation. After those two chapters, I just couldn't waste my time on the book anymore. Maybe one day I will pick it back up and finish it all, but as of...
  • Naomi
    While there is humor found in most of the stories in this collection, the feeling that was left after reading each one more resembled despair. April Wilder's characters are all facing some type of crisis, whether real or imagined, and none seem to be winning. It is easy to be able to relate to some of the characters, but it wasn't something I necessarily wanted to be able to do, since all seem to be headed for a break down at the least. These sto...
  • Kayla
    ***I received this book through Goodreads First Reads.Throughout each story in this book I wavered on my eventual rating. It was hit or miss, leaning towards the hit side of things due to the great amount of detail and vividness put into each tale, whether or not I enjoyed or related to the actual content.First off, these stories are weird. Secondly, they're WEIRD, I tell you! Have an open mind, maybe a little quirk here and there for good measur...
  • Lola
    If you are looking for short stories that submerge you completely into someone's head without first introducing you to the environment, or even the physical person, this is the book for you!Characters were skillfully built around intimate and sometimes unexplainable actions. Environments came as snapshots from what characters were seeing. My hope is that if there are really that many people wandering around who are so dysfunctional and dark, I do...
  • Monica
    I won an advance uncorrected proof of this book in a Goodreads giveaway. Whenever I read a book of short stories, I always find that I like some of the stories more than I do others. This book was no exception. The story "Creative Writing Instructor Evaluation Form" made me laugh out loud. However, the other short stories and the novella were full of creepy-crawly characters that made me shudder. Fans of Tama Janowitz and Joyce Carol Oates would ...
  • Olivia
    it was nice straying away from my topical novels to read a collection of short stories. all of the stories in this book depict various degrees of dysfunctional lives. a couple of them I had I had trouble staying interested in. my favorite was "it's a long dang life" in which a grandma's boyfriend holds her grandkids hostage in the family tree house in order to get her to talk to him.I did win this book in a goodreads giveaway and overall i'm glad...
  • Abbey
    I can see why people would like this book--the dark humor works very well for those who appreciate it. For me, once I realized that everyone was bad-neuroitc and doomed to remain so, it just smacked a little too much of high school and I found myself unwilling to continue. Best audience bet: hipsters and lovers of very dark humor.
  • Cindelu
    I won this book on Goodreads. It is a series of short stories. From the first story I was confused and frankly disappointed. It does say it is stories of failures and people having difficulty coping with life in general. This is true. It has a very nice style and is keenly descriptive however the stories themselves were just not for me.
  • Patricia Geller
    While all the stories were not of equal quality, overall, I loved Wilder's take on things. I laughed outload reading some of them. Five stars is probably too generous but I love reading something that makes me laugh.
  • Ann
    When I look at the other reviews of this book, it looks like people either love it or hate it. I couldn't connect to the characters in these stories. The driving school students were all very strange and this sort of set the tone for the other short stories in the book.