The Orphan Queen (The Orphan Queen, #1) by Jodi Meadows

The Orphan Queen (The Orphan Queen, #1)

Wilhelmina has a hundred identities.She is a princess. When the Indigo Kingdom conquered her homeland, Wilhelmina and other orphaned children of nobility were taken to Skyvale, the Indigo Kingdom’s capital. Ten years later, they are the Ospreys, experts at stealth and theft. With them, Wilhelmina means to take back her throne.She is a spy. Wil and her best friend, Melanie, infiltrate Skyvale Palace to study their foes. They assume the identitie...

Details The Orphan Queen (The Orphan Queen, #1)

TitleThe Orphan Queen (The Orphan Queen, #1)
Release DateMar 10th, 2015
PublisherKatherine Tegen Books
GenreFantasy, Young Adult, Magic, Romance, High Fantasy

Reviews The Orphan Queen (The Orphan Queen, #1)

  • Sasha Alsberg
    Even thought it was predictable, it was still a great read. I NEED THE NEXT BOOK!4/5 stars
  • Khanh, first of her name, mother of bunnies
    In 1211, Genghis Khan's tiny army of 2,000 was vastly outnumbered by the Jin army, 500,000 strong. The week before the battle, the entire Jin army got food poisoning (they were trying to do a cleanse before the big day by eating more probiotics, as it turned out, not all things were meant to be fermented, least of all, pork). Suffering from bouts of severe diarrhea, the Jin army fled (leaving behind unspeakable trails of...unmentionable things), ...
  • Lola
    … Is that it? Is that all this book had to deliver? I am feeling more than underwhelmed by The Orphan Queen right now.It was a complete disappointment. From start to finish. As a matter of fact, the only thing I found myself appreciating was the writing. Pretty and well fit to a fantasy story, it might have been the only thing that kept me on reading.There was nothing I actually ‘‘hated’’ but it is rare for me to ‘‘hate’’ someth...
  • Emily May
    How many YA fantasy novels have you read?Because I think your enjoyment of The Orphan Queen depends on your answer. This book is not terrible, it is just completely unremarkable. It contains familiar elements that you may recognize from other YA fantasy-lite series - Throne of Glass, Shadow and Bone and the more recent Red Queen, to name but a few.Our protagonist is Wilhelmina, the former heir to the throne of her homeland. However, her kingdom w...
  • Jessica ❁ ➳ Silverbow ➳ ❁ Rabid Reads-no-more
    Reviewed by: Rabid ReadsThere are a lot of things wrong with this book. A lot, a lot. Probably more than five. I'll make a list later, but I want it to be clear that ORPHAN QUEEN is a seriously flawed example of YA fantasy . . . Before I tell you that I kind of liked it anyway.*shrugs awkwardly*THE HEART WANTS WHAT THE HEART WANTS.Issues:1. Plot twists not so twisty. And WORSE, Wil (short for Wilhelmina which is a-whole-nother problem) was shocke...
  • C.G. Drews
    aHHHHHHH OKAY. CLIFFHANGER GOT ME. The first 60% had me, well, intrigued but not won over. Then the ending???? The cliffhanger??? THE CHARACTERS???? MY FEELS??????? (Okay, but my feels are entirely fractured, THANKS FOR NOTHING, BOOK.)FYI: Make sure you have The Mirror King on hand to read immediately. YOU'LL THANK ME, I SWEAR.)I'm a gargantuan rabid fantasy fan. I would eat it by the bucket load, probably. While The Orphan Queen wasn't the best ...
  • Kassidy
    Such a fun and captivating read!
  • Alyssa
    Dang. I've had this book added on my TBR list since June 17, 2013. WOW.Anyway. HOLY GUACAMOLE. 4.5 stars? The ending makes the rating take a hit, because I hate cliffhanger-like endings. BUT OMG HOW CAN I POSSIBLY WAIT UNTIL 2016 FOR BOOK TWO?! :O***Review posted on The Eater of Books! blog***The Orphan Queen by Jodi MeadowsBook One of The Orphan Queen seriesPublisher: Katherine Tegen BooksPublication Date: March 10, 2015Rating: 4 starsSource: AR...
  • Katerina
    Guess who stayed up all night reading The Orphan Queen and now looks like a mutant zombie that feeds on coffee! “I was Julianna,a general,and occassionally the orphaned Princess of Aecor.I was anyone I needed to be.” Being the heir of a conquered kingdom,Wilhelmina will do anything to free her people and avenge her family.She knows how to fight,to steal,to forge,to spy and now she has to accomplish the most dangerous task of all;impersonate...
  • Reynita Maharani ★ The Night Reader ★
    here's my review the first time I read this book :26th November 2015 - 3rd Desember 20155 Stars(view spoiler)[this book was so amazing,i cried several times when i read this book and i really loved this book so much,and it tortured me when i knew that the Black Knife is Prince Tobiah because prince tobiah have to marry another girl,her name is Meredith.and i was shocked when Tobiah kissed Wilhelmina's hand and said sorry to her and i was like"wha...
  • Mizuki
    Fantasy! Magic! A lost Queen and her pals try to reclaim their kingdom! Wraiths! Court's politics! Forbidden Love! Pretty book cover! What can go wrong!?Well, everything, almost everything.1.5 stars. I'm breathing fire and brimstone after reading the whole book.(1) The heroine and her friend's plan to reclaim their kingdom is *RUBBISH*, plain and simpleIf you think the rebels in Red Queen and The Young Elites are bad, just wait till you see what ...
  • Andreea Pop
    This beauty of a book, called The Orphan Queen, stole my heart really easily, despite its numerous flaws. I won't lie, the beginning was far from impressive, because probably this book's biggest flaw was its predictability. I saw plot twists from miles away, but what saved the novel from my putting it down was actually the unraveling of said plot twists. It was entertaining and satisfying and done in a clever manner. Another aspect that had me c...
  • Jenna Major
    For a book with so many mixed reviews, I really liked it!! Wil' short for Wilhelmina is a Princess of a kingdom conquered by the Indigo Kingdom. Orphaned, she and the other children of deceased nobles have banded together. They have spent the last 10 years training, stealing and surviving in the Indigo Kingdom. They are planning to take her kingdom back. Although Wil' has a secret of her own. Magic has been outlawed because of an overwhelming mag...
  • Mandy K
    Full ReviewI'm still reeling. I stayed up way way late last night, I'm talking 4 hours later than I usually do, because I couldn't go to bed without finishing this book. Let's just say that by the time I finally went to bed, some people where just waking up for work. Yeah. But, it was worth it. Even though the story and characters and ending infiltrated my dreams. The story pick up in the middle of a robbery, and the story never stops from there....
  • Katerina Kondrenko
    4 out of 10 Ревью в моем блоге/This review on my blogLiving A Thousand Lives (please use Chrome/Yandex browser or Android/IOS to see the page; otherwise, spoiler-tags I use to make my post compact may not work)Short-Soundtrack:Carnival Youth - Never Have EnoughIan Dolamore - VigilanteRaz Ohara and The Odd Orchestra – KissesGenre: high-fantasy, YAStuff: the wraith, magic, rebelsFail: predictability and uneven writingWOW: the main ...
  • Cece ❀Rants, Raves &Reviews❀
    This is some of the greatest shit I’ve ever read "Who are you?""Well who are you?""You can call me *flips hair* the Black knife""But you're holding a sword...?""Well umm ya know sometimes i throw knifes, just tell me your name!" "Take off the mask and then we can discuss identities""Fine you can be Nameless girl""Okay....imma go rob people now"*Nameless girl sneaks into palace using fake identity*"Hello i am boring prince i care about nothing b...
  • Brittney ~ Reverie and Ink
    I did not expect to like this one... but I was actually really pleasantly surprised. I went into it with low expectations based on friends ratings - but I actually rather enjoyed myself reading it. I thought about landing this around 3-3.5 stars but when I think back.. I was pretty giddy during many scenes and I really enjoyed myself. Definitely had some nice feels. This was a mashup between "Ruined" by Amy Tintera and "Snow Like Ashes" by Sara R...
  • Norah Una Sumner
    This definitely has a potential and I've heard that the sequel is better which makes me very happy!I liked this story and the characters. Yes, the plot twist was totally predictable but it was still fun. I liked Jodi's writing style as well. So, in overall, this was quite fun and interesting and I am definitely giving sequel a chance. I would love to see what happens next even though the last 10% of the book were a bit confusing and at times hard...
  • Sue (Hollywood News Source)
    Me: I'm just gonna see and read the first few chapters to see what's the fuss is all about.*10 minutes later. I have been trudging reading books lately and I'm so happy The Orphan Queen didn't disappoint. I genuinely adore this book. I need to collect my thoughts and feelings. Mini review to come.
  • Valerie Cole
    Author friend perks: reading the book 2 years before it hits shelves.Game of Thrones meets Batman = epic Jodi Meadows.
  • Sophie
    My god, this book was utter perfection! Ever since ARC reviews began to appear in the blogosphere there has been a ton of hype surrounding this book, hype that was not misplaced. For some reason, I was still hesitant to read it. Perhaps I thought the hype would ruin the reading experience, or something like that. However, this was not the case at all.In The Orphan Queen, we follow our heroine, Wil, as she tries to infiltrate the main palace of th...
  • Sarah (thegirltheycalljones)
    DNFed around 57%.I tried to hold on as long as I could but I'm totally unable to finish this one.I'm sure it's an okay book if you haven't already read a fuckton of fantasy YA about a magical princess/queen in hiding, planning to recapture her realm from the Big Bad Usurper (who's probably not that bad, because our MC doesn't know shit about what happened after all).I tried to care. I tried very hard. But I didn't.Wil, our MC, is very inconstant....
  • Nemo (The Moonlight Library)
    This review was originally posted on The Moonlight Library Please note: this is a review of the sample offered on Edelweiss, which was about one-third of the total book (Part 1), and is not a review of the complete book. SUMMARYWilhemenia is the orphaned queen of a conquered kingdom, a girl disguised as a refugee duchess in an enemy kingdom helping to free her enslaved people and their right to use magic even though other kingdoms believe wraith,...
  • Cait • A Page with a View
    Ok it's been way too long since I've read this for me to give it a proper review... but I do remember being really into it!! It reminded me a lot of The Young Elites at times with the vigilante royalty. I just really loved this world and the characters. It's definitely one of my top 50 YA fantasy recommendations! It feels kind of like a staple/classic in the YA fantasy genre at this point, so definitely check it out!
  • Elena
    Very enjoyable read! While I found the twist to be pretty obvious, I have to say: THAT CLIFFHANGER ! Can't wait to see how this continues in book 2!
  • Melissa ♥ Dog/Wolf Lover ♥ Martin
    MY BLOG: Melissa Martin's Reading ListWhen I first started this book, I couldn't get into it, it was slow, or maybe it was just my reading slump. Who knows, at any rate after I got back into reading it I enjoyed it. After a bit it picks up and is a really good story. Wilhemina (Wil) is the orphan queen of Aecor. Her parents were killed many years ago during the 'One Night War' Wil and a bunch of other kids were taken to an orphanage. The Aecor ki...