Silver Mirrors (Apparatus Infernum, #2) by A.A. Aguirre

Silver Mirrors (Apparatus Infernum, #2)

Criminal Investigation Division inspectors Janus Mikani and Celeste Ritsuko survived their last mission, barely, but the interrupted ancient ritual released trouble. Machines and elementals go wild. An armada of united cragger pirates will attack. Mikani and Ritsuko must turn enemies to allies, fight a war on two fronts, and watch or join the love in the air.

Details Silver Mirrors (Apparatus Infernum, #2)

TitleSilver Mirrors (Apparatus Infernum, #2)
Release DateApr 29th, 2014
GenreScience Fiction, Steampunk, Fantasy, Mystery, Urban Fantasy, Magic, Romance, Paranormal

Reviews Silver Mirrors (Apparatus Infernum, #2)

  • jade
    you make my life inexpressibly exciting.if bronze gods is a guy ritchie sherlock holmes movie with a slower pace and fantasy elements, then its sequel is a grim indiana jones movie with magic.the murder mystery of the previous book has been swapped with a high-stakes action-adventure. after the events in the previous book, elemental spirits and machinery all across hy braesil have been acting up. inspectors mikani and ritsuko are sent to the cold...
  • Mogsy (MMOGC)
    4 of 5 stars at The BiblioSanctum adventures of Janus Mikani and Celeste Ritsuko continue in Silver Mirrors, but the second novel of the Apparatus Infernum series takes a decidedly different tack. Of course, our two CID investigators have another mystery to solve, but their mission this time takes them across the ocean, over the treacherous peaks of the mountains, and deep into the fire elemental mining...
  • Annie (Under the Covers Book Blog)
    SILVER MIRRORS is the second book in the Apparatus Infernum series by the husband and wife writing duo, A.A. Aguirre. The two main characters are criminal investigation inspectors Janus Mikani and Celeste Ritsuko. Both are well matched in both skill and knowledge, making them a lethal team. I really enjoyed the first book so I was definitely looking forward to this one.It’s been about half a year since I read the first book in the series so I w...
  • ᴥ Irena ᴥ
    4.5I did not read the blurb before reading this. After reading the book, I can say that its blurb is perfect. Just enough of this story is there to make it interesting without spoiling anything.What to say about a book that has a couple of things I hate more than anything? I loved it! Unexpected and weird, yes, but it seems even what I hate can be written well and in a way that doesn't make this an angst fest. I am thinking I should recommend thi...
  • Sabrina
    This is an apparent case of it's not you, it's me.I can't point point out what didn't work for me here, I can just say "the force is weak with this one". No book-magic whatsoever.It's weird, because this book had all the elements that would normally appeal to me (an interesting world building, an adventure, an action-packed plot, a dash of magical stuff and some romance). And still, I found myself not engaged in the least.Oh, well. Everyone and t...
  • Hannah
    3.5 stars. I went into Silver Mirrors with almost impossibly high expectations after Bronze Gods rocked my world, so it was pretty much inevitable that I'd find this second entry in the Apparatus Infernum series just sliiiightly less amazing than I had hoped. Only slightly, mind you - it's still an enjoyable read, with excellent character growth for the two leads, a deeper exploration of the world of Hy Breasil and enough twists and changes to ke...
  • Under the Covers Book Blog
    SILVER MIRRORS is the second book in the Apparatus Infernum series by the husband and wife writing duo, A.A. Aguirre. The two main characters are criminal investigation inspectors Janus Mikani and Celeste Ritsuko. Both are well matched in both skill and knowledge, making them a lethal team. I really enjoyed the first book so I was definitely looking forward to this one.It’s been about half a year since I read the first book in the series so I w...
  • Amy
    4.75 Slow-Burn Steampunk Romance Adventure StarsLots more action than the first book. Some great secondary characters (I'm looking at you, Irahi Hu), a sea journey complete with pirates, firey salamander elementals, and danger on distant shores made this second installment in the Apparatus Infernum series great good fun to read. And of course, there was much more Mikani and Ritsuko to bliss out on. They are still adorable. And perfect. And I love...
  • Riley
    Wow! You are in for a heck of an adventure with Ritsuko and Mikani when you read Silver Mirrors! After I proclaimed Bronze Gods as the best book of 2013, I was almost afraid to read the follow up in the Apparatus Infernum series. Could it possibly be as good? The answer is a resounding YES! While Bronze Gods was more of a murder mystery, Silver Mirrors is a series of all-out, no holds barred, bare-fisted confrontations with the dark magical force...
  • Ben Babcock
    I can’t believe it has been nearly three years since I read Bronze Gods! It feels like just yesterday I stumbled across the gem of a new fantasy novel in the library and excitedly took it home. Mind you, my memory (or lack thereof) of that first book is more consistent with such an elapsed time. I went into Silver Mirrors with only a vague sense of what happened in Bronze Gods (fortunately, Aguirre summarizes the main points succinctly without ...
  • Carien
    I loved the first book in this series, so you can imagine my excitement when I got an Advance Reader Copy of Silver Mirrors. And this yet another great read.I will confess I had my doubts at first, when Ritsuko and Mikani left the city. I very much enjoyed that setting in the first book, and wasn't so sure if I'd like a sea adventure, which seemed what this story was going for.I shouldn't have worried though. Andres and Ann know how to tell a com...
  • Melindeeloo
    Silver Mirrors was quite different from the first book, more of an adventure story with a hunt for the explanation of why things in the society that rely on elementals are going haywire than the more straightforward investigation of the first book.I liked Silver Mirrors, but I had problems coming back up to speed on the series (since the situation for the leads was so different there weren't many little niggles of what had come before to nudge my...
  • Claudia
    They did it again!!! This book was even better than the first. I loved every second, ever page and I think every word of itthis is definitely one of the best books of this yearif you haven't started this series already, please do!detailed review comes asap!
  • Hilary
    Well-paced, with believable and unique characters and a great plot. What more can you ask from magical steampunk with elementals gone wild, weather witches and pirates?
  • Kathy Martin
    Mikani and Ritsuko have just come off a case where they foiled a villain who was trying to destroy their city. Despite the accolades they receive, they are certain that he wasn't acting alone and are pursuing their investigation without official sanction. Things are going a little crazy in the city too with the elementals that power the trains and the long distance mirror going crazy. They believe that it is an after effect of the spell the villa...
  • Kelly
    It's been a while since I read book 1 in this series. I remember loving the crazy, complicated twists Mikani and Ritsuko found as they followed the trail of clues to figure out what was going on. This book is no less complicated as our two inspectors have to unravel the hows and whys of what's been happening since they solved (or however you want to look at it) their last case.On top of that, Ritsuko has gained an interesting ability tied in with...
  • K.A. Fox
    The second book in this series was good, but a little disappointing when compared to the first. The writing just didn't seem to flow as well. I'm encouraged by what's set up to come, especially as the relationship between Mikani and Ritsuko develops. It just seemed that a little more time polishing this story would have been well-spent. I'll read the next one and keep my fingers crossed!
  • Ryn
    This book was a struggle to get through. It had all the flaws of the first book, without the things that hid those flaws. In the first book, there were moments when things just seemed to happen in order for Ritsuko and Mikani to react to and further the plot somehow. It was passable because the whole plot was them chasing a killer, meaning they had to be reactive in a sense. The other draw of the first book was Mikani and Ritsuko's partnership, w...
  • John
    The writing duo of A.A. Aguirre is amazing. Rich world building that combines fantasy and steampunk in a brilliant way. Flawed but likable characters who compel the reader to keep reading. I had put off reading Bronze Gods and Silver Mirrors for quite a long time after a few disappointing Steampunk reads. Now I wish I hadn't. As much as I enjoyed this book as much as the first one, I feel that the editor stopped caring at around the 75% mark. Mis...
  • Delaney
    I loved the character development and the secondary characters in this book. The worldbuilding was interesting, but could have been set up more from the beginning. Also, including a map or something to indicate the different House territories would have been extremely helpful. I also felt like Ritsuko and Mikani were rushing from one disaster to the next with no thread of connection, and I wished that they actually used their detective skills lik...
  • LadyCroft86
    I didn't enjoy Silver Mirrors as much as Bronze Gods. The characters are still the same, but the plot is different. Our two inspectors are on a mission to discover what is going on when the city starts going crazy. There is a tie in to the last book, but it's very shaky. I liked how the first one was a murder mystery set in a lightly steampunk world. This one was more like a pirate adventure than a murder mystery. It was still exciting and entert...
  • Hanka
    WHY NO SEQUEL?????????Srsly.I devoured this book. The first one read well, but this was something else. I am very disappointed that so many plot lines that were clearly intended to be in another book are still unaswered. And the world-building. So much world-building for nothing? And do not let me talk about the romance. Truly. I mean at this point at least they admitted it to themselves (god knows that it was hilarious watching them stumble thro...
  • mimo
    Much better than the first book - which is why it's a pity it doesn't look like there'll be a third. This one leans into the Ferisher/fae side of things more, and most of it involves pirates. An instant bonus! Heh. In all seriousness though, the plot is more robust here. It's weaved into the worldbuilding a lot better. And it contains the cool stuff behind the story in the first book. Would recommend that anyone giving the series a shot, should r...
  • Csw
    In typical Aguirre fashion, this tale drops the reader right back in the thick of the action with Ritsuko and Mikani heading off to strange lands to deal with new characters and new problems. The stakes are high, as is the excitement. Note: This installment comes right at the heels of the first book, so I recommend reading them at the same time, if possible, as there is not much setting/situation review.
  • Yancy Eam
    A new adventure for the CID pair as the consequences echo into this story. The plot and antagonist(s) this time around held more weight and tension throughout the story. I wanted to see more of what they could do, but the story itself still works out. The main praise I have are with the relationships between Mikani, Ritsuko, Saskia, and Hu. The friendship and possibly more kept my interesting going in this story. Hopefully this isn't the last of ...
  • Tracey
    Story was good. Love the dialogue between the different characters. Love that Hu and Saskia realized what they had in each other and bummed that Janus and Celeste are still being foolish. Very disappointed to discover last night that this book is the last and now having finished the book, it appears that the authors didn't intend it to be the last. :(Hopefully there will be a sequel one day
  • John
    Another delve into the fascinating world these guys created. It explores a greater variety of characters and places than the original. The only frustrating thing (for me) was the slow progression of their romantic relationship. Still, very enjoyable.
  • Steven Davis
    Far better than the title would suggest. 2nd in a series.
  • Samantha
    A swashbuckling pirate adventure with a lot of unresolved sexual tension and characterization that is incongruous with the first book.