A Long Way Home by Saroo Brierley

A Long Way Home

When Saroo Brierley used Google Earth to find his long-lost home town half a world away, he made global headlines.Saroo had become lost on a train in India at the age of five. Not knowing the name of his family or where he was from, he survived for weeks on the streets of Kolkata, before being taken into an orphanage and adopted by a couple in Australia.Despite being happy in his new family, Saroo always wondered about his origins. He spent hours...

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TitleA Long Way Home
Release DateJun 24th, 2013
GenreNonfiction, Autobiography, Memoir, Biography, Cultural, India

Reviews A Long Way Home

  • Cheri
    Sad, horrifying, wondrous, life affirming, heartbreaking and heartwarming.When Saroo’s father left his mother and their family for another woman, another family, they moved from the Hindu community / side of town to the Muslim side moving into a single room falling apart with a cowpat and mud floor and a small corner fireplace. What light there was came from candles. No electricity. Broken, unpaved streets outside throughout the poverty-stricke...
  • میعاد
    وقتى شروع كردم اين كتاب رو ترجمه كنم، میدونستم به علت موضوع قطعن كار سختيه. تمام حدودن پنجاهوچند روزى كه كتاب رو ترجمه و بعد نمونهخوانى كردم، با لحظههايى كه سارو درد میكشيد، درد میكشيدم. همه افرادى كه ترجمه مىکنن (بهخصوص وسواسىها) مىدونن كه مكث كردن ...
  • PattyMacDotComma
    5★I remember hearing about this story when it ‘broke’ a few years ago, and then it surfaced again when Nicole Kidman starred in the movie LION, and the rest will, no doubt, be history.First, I have to say that although I already knew the bones of the story, as so many potential readers may, it only made the reading that much more enjoyable. Ghost-writer Larry Buttrose isn’t listed on the cover although he’s credited “with Larry Buttro...
  • Kelly (and the Book Boar)
    Find all of my reviews at: http://52bookminimum.blogspot.com/A Long Way Home will probably end up as a selection on all the lists featuring inspirational stories and here I go giving it a 2 Star. What can I say????? The first sign that this probably wasn't going to be a great book is the fact that the blurb wasn't even a blurb, but rather the opening pages of the story. That should have served as my warning, but I was all about reading errrrrry b...
  • Margitte
    Few life stories involve such impossible odds, incredible love, and sheer determiniation as Saroo Brierley's. For several years after watching 'Slumdog Millionaire', my mind kept returning to these little boys and their heartbreaking story. When I started reading the book, after the title attracted me to it, I was unaware of Saroo Brierley's true story. After finishing the book I discovered that the movie "Lion" with Nicole Kidman in his Australi...
  • Maria Espadinha
    Destino ou Acidente ?A Vida tem daqueles Dias que só nos permitem satisfazer os caprichos de Sua Majestade, El Rei D. Inesperado.Ora foi num desses Dias que Saroo, um jovem com apenas 5 anos de idade, se perdeu do seu irmão mais velho, numa estação de comboios.Desorientado, sem a ínfima ideia de como regressar a casa, enfia-se num comboio, em busca de Salvação. Porém, a ansiada Salvação não chega, e em alternativa, após longas horas d...
  • Sharon
    At the age of five, Saroo an Indian boy becomes lost after after being separated from his brother. After traveling on a train for quite some time, Saroo ends up in Calcutta. Saroo is not only frightened and alone, but he is also faced with having to scavenge and beg for food for his survival. He has no idea of his surname or the village he comes from which make it extremely difficult to find his way back home. Life is looking very bleak for, Saro...
  • Jennifer
    A Long Way Home is Saroo Brierley's personal account of finding himself tragically lost from his family at the young age of 5 years old. His journey back to his birth mother 25 years later is a truly amazing story. The fact that he survived before (and after) being discovered as homeless is a miracle in itself. Despite my thoughts about the astonishing facts, I have mixed feelings about this reading experience. In my perspective, this memoir was ...
  • K.
    Good Lord. FEELINGS. This book is effectively two separate stories:1. How Saroo got lost and ended up being adopted by an Australian family.2. Saroo's search for his home 20 years later.The first story is horrifying when you think about all the ways that his story could have ended differently. The second is nothing short of astonishing. Not only that he managed to find a needle in a haystack on Google Earth, but that his mother had made the decis...
  • Sarah
    3.5 Stars.I found out about this book when I watched the trailer for the 2016 movie "Lion". The trailer had me in tears and then when I saw it was based on this true story, I knew I had to read this. First of all, it is an incredible and heartbreaking story. I can't even fathom how Saroo, a 5 year old Indian boy survived for weeks on the streets by himself. So many awful things could have happened to him but he was extremely lucky that no major h...
  • Jaline
    This is an extraordinary story, told by the person who lived it. Part of me is still “in” the story and I only hope that it doesn’t hinder me from expressing how truly wonderful this book is.First: The Writing. Maybe an odd place to start, but when we read a book, that’s the first introduction to the story we get. The words. The writing. “Lion” is written with great humbleness, with gratitude, with simplicity and utter straightforward...
  • Ron
    Saroo was only five years old when he followed his older brother (himself only 14) to work along the train stations not far from his home. As Saroo fell asleep on a platform bench, Guddu his brother told him, “Just sit down, and don’t move. I’ll come back in a little while.” Waking up hours later to a dark, deserted platform, Saroo’s not certain why he stepped onto the empty train car standing before him. In all likelihood, it was to fi...
  • ♥ Sandi ❣
    Great story wrapped in a short book. It details the treacherous journey of not only a 5 year old as he leaves his home in India, but also the exhausting journey of a 30 year old as he finds his way back to that home.Written as a memoir, this starts as a heart breaking story. It is easy to read, but gripping in detail and frustrating in fact. It has become the 2017 Oscar nominated movie - Lions.4.25 stars
  • mohsen pourramezani
    داستان واقعی یک پسر هندی به اسم سارو است که در پنجسالگی توی ایستگاه قطار برادرش را گم میکند. به صورت اتفاقی توی یک قطار گیر میافتد و به شهر دیگری میرود. مدتی در خیابان زندگی میکند و با کمک یک خانواده به یتیمخانه میرود. یک زوج استرالیایی فرزندخواندگیا...
  • Brenda
    When Saroo Brierley was born, he was born into poverty in a small town in India. Of course he wasn’t Saroo Brierley then, and when he became lost he was only five, and could only remember his name was Saroo. His early childhood was happy in his memory. He and his siblings were always hungry, but that was a fact of life. They spent their days begging for food, eating scraps from the ground and doing the best they could. They were the typical imp...
  • Lauren Cecile
    Beautiful, poignant memoir!
  • Irene△⃒⃘
    3.5/5 ~ Very strong and powerful story, but the execution wasn’t one of my favorites. Shortly after I saw the movie, that hit me right in the feels.The book is still a good add of this incredible journey. I very enjoyed the first half (young Saroo memories), while I struggled a little to get through the second half (adult Saroo).
  • ✨ jamieson ✨
    ever since I first heard about Saroo's story through the Australian media it has fascinated me. It is a harrowing story, but also such an incredible one. It is amazing to me that he managed to survive those weeks on the streets of Culcutta, being so severely separated from his family, and then managed to find his way back years later equipped with Google Earth and a few childhood memories. I adored the movie version and I've been meaning to final...
  • Stephanie Anze
    When Saroo gets separated at the train station from his brother, his life takes a dramatic turn. At just five years old, he finds himself alone in an unknown and crowded platform. With a vague notion of his way home, Saroo attempts to go back but instead winds up getting adopted and going to live to Australia. Still, Saroo can not forget his family in India and (years later) begins to search for them. This is his real life journey.Wow, going by t...
  • Jennifer Lynn Harrison
    It is NOT often that I say this, but-- I actually cannot wait to watch the film version of this (yes, I know it was nominated for the Oscar) because I think it will make a better film than book! Blasphemy, I know! Perhaps, if the protagonist were an actual author instead of just a normal guy trying to write his incredible story I would not feel this way....but, the book left me wanting better details/descriptions/emotions and I think the film wil...
  • Lata
    Totally a feel-good story. I find it flipping amazing that 5-year old Saroo somehow managed to avoid any number of horrible situations while homeless and alone in Kolkata. To be adopted by a family in Australia truly was fortuitous.
  • Nastaran
    تو صفحه اول کتاب وقتی همراه سارو جلوی در اون خونه ایستاده بودم، حس میکردم فقط با خوندن همین صفحه تک تک سلولهام و سرتاسر روحم غرق احساسه...تمام وجودم می لرزید از شدت هیجان و احساس تو اون لحظه...حتی فکرشم نمیکردم... صفحات کافیه یکم جلوتر برن تا من چندین بر...
  • Laura
    This story was amazing and what's more IS it's not a work of fiction, it's TRUE! I have a strong love for non-fiction when stories like this come across as 'one in a million' chances!I'm sure everyone has mucked around with Google Earth at some point in their life? Have you known someone who shows super strong interest in it? I do. Saroo used this technology to find his family after years and years of never knowing if he'll ever see his true biol...
  • aPriL does feral sometimes
    ‘A Long Way Home’ describes an early childhood in India which is beyond imagination for most Americans. The poverty of poor people in India is incredible and horrendous. But some escape it.Saroo Brierley was adopted from an Indian orphanage by a Tasmania couple eager for children. From the age of five or six (he does not know the day of his birth), Saroo was cared for and loved by the Brierleys, and given needed medical care (internal parasit...
  • TL
    An amazing story and a bit mind boggling really when you think about everything that happened to Saroo (I had a suspicion about what had happened to his brother). Add that to him surviving on the streets and how everything eventually turned out for him... very lucky he was.The writing was so-so, not everyone is a natural writer (which is fine, we all have our strengths) though *shrugs* It didn't bring the experience down for me but I didn't enjoy...
  • Arianne Mix
    I really liked the first quarter of the book when he recollected his experiences as a boy in India. I love memoirs and this was right up my alley. The rest of the book was about his doubts and feelings of depression and his confusion and blah blah blah. It drove me crazy. He grew up in a beautiful, good family in Australia and the story of his adoption as a 5 yr. old was fascinating. But reading about his obsessive search for his family for over ...
  • Gina *loves sunshine*
    In January I saw the movie Lion. I had no idea what the movie was about, my parents wanted to go see it and I thought great, I'll go! The movie was really good!!! It was terribly sad, I cried numerous times! I found the whole story to be so moving, and I think I was extra sensitive because I have a friend going through a similar type adoption.As we walked out of the theatre we all commented that the movie was so good - BUT, the movie told the sto...
  • Robyn
    ARC received from NetGalley via ShelfAwareness. An interesting and touching story, hampered by lack of authorial skill. I'd not heard about Saroo Brierley's journey to find his family, the announcement of this book was the first I learned about his unusual life experiences. The tale is quite interesting, uplifting and positive, but the writing style was grammatically far too simple. There were few compound or complex sentences, which meant the bo...
  • Lea Davey
    A Long Way Home - I am so pleased that I finally read this book, and that I did so before watching the movie. What an amazing story of not only survival, resilience and the will to stay safe set amidst the poverty and havoc of everyday life in India, but also a beautiful tale of the love given to both a small boy and then a grown man by both Saroo’s Australian parents and that of his family in India. It is incredible to follow Saroo’s journe...
  • Andrea
    Getting excited about the movie's imminent release, it was only when I watched an extended interview with Saroo and his mum on TV last week that I decided I needed to read the book before I see the Hollywood version of Saroo's story. I wanted to make sure I was clear on what really happened. Because this is a truly remarkable story, and you have to think that the universe really was working hard to look after this little boy - the 5yo Sheru - and...