The Fifth Beatle by Vivek J. Tiwary

The Fifth Beatle

The Fifth Beatle is the untold true story of Brian Epstein, the visionary manager who discovered and guided The Beatles from their gigs in a tiny cellar in Liverpool to unprecedented international stardom. Yet more than merely the story of "The Man Who Made The Beatles," The Fifth Beatle is an uplifting, tragic, and ultimately inspirational human story about the struggle to overcome seemingly insurmountable odds. Brian himself died painfully lone...

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TitleThe Fifth Beatle
Release DateNov 19th, 2013
PublisherM Press
GenreSequential Art, Graphic Novels, Comics, Music, Biography, Nonfiction

Reviews The Fifth Beatle

  • Scott
    A fair amount of men are tagged as (or would like to be considered) 'the fifth Beatle.' For what it's worth I agree with Sir Paul that it can be both producer George Martin and manager Brian Epstein.Tiwary's The Fifth Beatle: The Brian Epstein Story is a wonderful and artistic graphic novel / abridged biography of Epstein's life, focusing mostly on his involvement with the Beatles from 1961 to 1967. But this is not some mere book for children - i...
  • Teresa
    Poor Brian Epstein: Thats what I thought before I read this and its what I thought immediately afterward. His story is told literally, metaphorically, sympathetically. And it could be dedicated to all of those for whom love better not be all you need -- that is, to All the Lonely People Poor Brian Epstein: That’s what I thought before I read this and it’s what I thought immediately afterward. His story is told literally, metaphorically, sym...
  • B Schrodinger
    I love the new wave over the last several years of biographical graphic novels. Just typing those words out makes me think they were meant to be together. I have been lucky enough to read some that I have enjoyed greatly (Feynman) and some that were not really my cup of tea (Blankets). I guess there is also the one that started them all, The Complete Maus, by Art Spiegelman which I need to reread and review.The Fifth Beatle, I am happy to report,...
  • Sam Quixote
    Mythology is better and more fondly remembered than history! So we create legends rather than recount truths. - Brian EpsteinThe Fifth Beatle is a graphic biography of Brian Epstein, the Beatles first manager, who broke them to the world and took them further than they thought possible - becoming more popular than Elvis - before passing away shortly after the release of Sgt Peppers from a drug overdose. Writer Vivek Tiwary presents a vivid and co...
  • Nicola Mansfield
    I was really disappointed in this book. I had been expecting a story that told how Epstein created the phenomenon of the Beatles, his role in Beatlemania and his relationship with the Beatles themselves. The title "The Fifth Beatle" implies that he was close to them. I wanted to know his relationship with each of them personally. Who did he get along with the most? Who did he not like, or butt heads with the most often? What was it really like ma...
  • Jedi JC Daquis
    The Fifth Beatle is a good example on how biography can be told more colorfully in the graphic form of literature. Vivek Tiwary's interpretation of the life of The Beatles' manager, Brian Epstein can be best described as a life of a man who has devoted his life to bringing the British pop-ballad band on top of the world, which has led to his own demise.The matador philosophy embedded in the Fifth Beatle adds some interesting layers in an otherwis...
  • Kathryn
    One thing I've noticed in what's become my scholarly study on The Beatles is that one can find a wealth of information on the band, the individual members, and their chronological history. I may know more about John Lennon than I do my current president, and yet information on their manager, Brian Epstein, remains scarce. Pretty much everything I know about Epstein came from Peter Brown's memoir, The Love You Make. I know I tend to hold up that b...
  • Tom LA
    Wonderful, just wonderful. Both the design, the art and the content of this graphic novel are superb. Congratulations to the author for a work of pure love.
  • David Schaafsma
    So, I am old enough to have seen The Beatles in their appearances on The Ed Sullivan Show in the sixties. Fifty years later, I can still say I am a Beatles fan, and many still are, with special Beatles Days on the radio here in Chicago (on one stain it is Wednesday, on another Sunday morning). And I knew of Brian Epstein, as any music geek did who pored over trivia in all the magazines would know. He was partly responsible for the success of the ...
  • Susan
    Brian Epstein has never really got the recognition he deserves and this beautiful, graphic novel, helps redress that. Told with the kind of artistic flair he would have fully approved of, this is the tale of a man who was captivated as much of the world would later be by a group playing in a Liverpool cellar and who helped groom them for international stardom. Against all the odds, he felt they would not only be big, but the biggest thing in en...
  • orangerful
    This is a MUST read. Not just for Beatles fans, Brian Epstein's story is still relevant today and even if you are not a huge fan of the Fab Four, you will enjoy this beautiful graphic novel biography. I'm not sure what else to say about this book. It gave me so many feels, a roller coaster of emotions and by the final page, I was starting to get a little choked up. Even though I knew how it all ended, it was just so heart-breaking. This is the 20...
  • Stewart Tame
    Lovely book! Didn't really know much about Epstein before reading this. Sounds like he was quite an amazing fellow. The phrase, "The Fifth Beatle," has become a bit of a cliche, but it seems apt in this case. The afterword hints that some liberties may have been taken with reality. Whether this is true or not, I don't know enough to say, but it's certainly a remarkable and well-done book.
  • Derek
    Wow! This is one heartwarming book. The story of Brian 'Eppy' Epstein is a remarkable one. Oh, the artwork, wow! amazing.
  • Dov Zeller
    I would rate this book at 3.5 if I could, though the whole rating situation is fairly nonsensical, so in the scheme of things, what's half a star? Who knows. That said, I didn't love this book, but I loved parts of it. There were a lot of great moments, and what I was left with in the end was a sense of Epstein's determination to get the Beatles in the public sphere, his perfectionism, his tragic struggle with loneliness and addiction, and the vi...
  • Vivek Tejuja
    Not much is known about people behind the scenes in any profession. It is always people who hog the limelight, get spoken of or written about. Which is how the world works. The ones who are in the shadows rarely get any credit. Not to say that it happens to all. Maybe to some. Maybe not to some. And we all know of The Beatles almost about all four of them, even some additions, but very few know of Brian Epstein, on which this graphic novel is ba...
  • zxvasdf
    So there was a fifth Beatle... You must appreciate that success is cultivated, a product of vision; the flame is there, poised against the kindling, and with careful husbandry, twig upon twig, then log after log, it gains life of its own, to burn, burn, burn, a song of photons.Brian Epstein went to a local club to watch the then just starting out Beatles, and found himself enraptured, as if touched by the hand of God. Was it like Mohammed at the ...
  • Gary Anderson
    The Fifth Beatle: The Brian Epstein Story tries too hard to glorify Epsteins contributions to The Beatles. No doubt about it, Brian Epstein guided The Beatles in ways that positioned them for greatness, but The Fifth Beatle would have us accept that Epstein was a martyr for that cause. Weve seen the label The Fifth Beatle applied to many figuresfor example, Billy Preston, Eric Clapton, George Martin, even Yoko Ono--but suggesting that any other i...
  • John
    Wonderful book on the Beatles manager Brian Epstein. Gives the reader an insight into his personal life, (relationship struggles) and how he groomed a band from Liverpool to become one of the biggest acts in the world. Andrew Robinson really catches the vibe of the sixties with primary red, black and white colors. The art reminded me a bit of the Beatles Rock Band game. Not sure how much is fact or fiction yet it was well done. Highly recommended...
  • Dan
    beautiful art but story was kinda boring.
  • Chad
    This book is pretty great even if it takes some liberties with the facts. The art is spectacular. I love the 60's art design.
  • Christina Merrill
    I really wanted to like this more than I did. I'm not a big graphic novel reader, but I am a Beatles fan, so I thought this would be interesting.The Good: The art is incredible. The styles shift from traditional comic book to pop-art, "mod" influenced to cartoonish and it's all enjoyable. The characters look like their real-life versions without looking like the artist is trying too hard. Some of the scenes are really good, like Brian and John in...
  • Alexander Peterhans
    The Fifth Beatle is the biographical story of the Beatles' first manager, Brian Epstein. Epstein was an interesting character, someone whose life was built on publicising the lives of his "artistes" (as he called them), while himself being forced to live a lonely, hidden life because of his homosexuality and drug dependence.The book isn't a full biography, not anywhere near it - it only tells Epstein's story in regard to the Beatles (can't be a c...
  • Chad Jordahl
    Frustrating book. Its best parts merit five stars. Other parts are like a two. There are some beautiful pages, and yet there's a silly cartoon section in the Philippines, and most of the characters have goofy grins on their faces most of the book. At least one character, Moxie, was invented (an amalgam of several real people) which seems entirely unnecessary. Finish with a few fabricated deathbed hallucinations and... that's a wrap!
  • Dave
    A very quick and informative read about the man behind the Beatles. Brian Epstien. It is a graphic novel so it is a very quick read. (I read it one sitting) I learnt a lot about the iconic, Ringo, Paul, George, and John. The boys from Liverpool as Epstein called them. But the book was really about the back stage story of Epstein the manager's life And what a life he led.
  • Mark
    #42The story of the man who took The Beatles from a pub and club band and guided them to become one of the biggest musical groups the world has ever known. A story of ambition, battling personal demons and struggling to accept one's identity at a time and place when it was illegal to do so.
  • BellaGBear
    Do not misunderstand me I thought this was a magical book. I was very touched by the story and Brian Epstein came across to me as a very interesting and unique person. However this book promised me to tell about the way Epstein gave the Beatles fan and all the problems he found underway, but actually from the moment becomes their manager it only takes a few pages and the Beatles are famous! It went way easier than I expected from reading the blur...
  • Alain Gutierrez
    3.5 starsAmazingly gorgeous art with some decent writing about the mysterious genius of Brian Epstein, who some say is responsible for the Beatles' immense success. A must read for any fans of the Beatles or fans of Art in general
  • Adam Korengold
    Full disclosure: Vivek Tiwary was a college classmate of mine and a fellow member of the Philomathean Society. I very soon found out that we both loved Beatles music. While I settled into traditional pursuits afterwards, Vivek went to Broadway, never losing sight of his desire to tell the story of the fifth member of the Fab Four: their manager, Brian Epstein. It's a brilliant story beautifully rendered-even paying tribute to the marketing around...
  • Daniel
    The Beatles in a graphic novel? Why not?If you've been reading any of my reviews lately, you'll note that I've read a fair number of graphic novels. It makes sense, if you know me... I'm a closet artist, and love the idea of illustrated books. But most of my life, growing up, graphic novels hadn't truly existed, and when they did come to life, it was as a vehicle for comic books. Superheroes, vigilanties, the usual fare. The idea of a comic book/...
  • Gayle Francis Moffet
    [This review is really more 2-1/2 than 3-star, but Goodreads doesnt do half stars, and theres enough interesting in this book I dont feel it rates a 2.] The Fifth Beetle look very, very good. Its visually interesting from page one, and theres some interesting work that goes on with the lettering. The colors are good, and the layouts are interesting, including may double-page spreads that help give the book the sort of legendary feel youd expect o...