A Bride's Story, Vol. 5 (A Bride's Story, #5) by Kaoru Mori

A Bride's Story, Vol. 5 (A Bride's Story, #5)

Acclaimed creator Kaoru Mori's tale of life on the nineteenth-century Silk Road takes on an air of celebration as, at long last, Laila and Leily's wedding day arrives! But the marriage ceremony may be even more taxing for the girls than their search for a pair of grooms. Sitting still and silent as their guests celebrate and eat is a trial that will push the girls' patience to its limit, not to mention that of Sami and Sarm! As the twins finally ...

Details A Bride's Story, Vol. 5 (A Bride's Story, #5)

TitleA Bride's Story, Vol. 5 (A Bride's Story, #5)
Release DateSep 24th, 2013
PublisherYen Press
GenreSequential Art, Manga, Historical, Historical Fiction, Graphic Novels, Romance, Comics, Fiction

Reviews A Bride's Story, Vol. 5 (A Bride's Story, #5)

  • Julie (Manga Maniac Cafe)
    4.25 starsMost of this volume centers around the twins' wedding. They are, of course, their usual impulsive, self-indulgent selves, and I felt bad for Sarm and Sami. I don't think the boys are going to know what hit them as they are ordered through life by their new demanding brides. To give the girls some depth, they finally realize that by marrying, they are effectively leaving their family and joining a new one instead. Oh, how the bitter tear...
  • David Schaafsma
    Laila and Leily's nineteenth century Silk Road wedding day arrives, painstakingly rendered with carefully researched historical detail by Mori, so there's festivities as one might expect, and this is something readers have been waiting for, but there is this darker aspect of it that Mori gets at as she shows you what it might have been like for women and girls then. Still, she loves to draw women in dresses, various period costumes. . . and actua...
  • Elizabeth A
    We continue this series with a much anticipated wedding. The twins are finally getting hitched. I continue to love the historical setting, and the art is astoundingly good; the pen and ink details showcases the talents of a master craftswoman. I really loved getting an insider look at all the customs and traditions of marriage in these communities, but overall this was my least favorite of the series so far. The twins are bit too shout-y in this ...
  • Sesana
    For me, the absolute best part of this volume was knowing that we were probably seeing the back of Laila and Leily. Sorry, but shout-y characters just annoy me. I loved that this time, we got a much more in-depth view of a central Asian wedding ceremony of the time. It looks like we're getting back to more Amir, which is good.
  • Elizabeth (Miss Eliza)
    I really liked the wedding of the twins, it was so sweet. Also, I know I've mentioned this before, but once in awhile I feel lost because I don't remember every single detail from each volume, but not this one! It was very well self contained but still with continuing story arcs. Also, how bad ass is the grandma on her goat? Also, if you have a stomach bug like I do, it's best to avoid reading this till you are better. 1) The tons of food made me...
  • Melumebelle
    Another wonderful volume in this series! I loved the twins and their storyline, so I hope we get to see them again. It was nice too seeing Amir again. My favorite chapter was the small side-story about Amir’s grandmother being the queen of the mountain. Beautiful art, a relaxed pace, and charming characters. What more could I ask for?
  • Cherry (_forevermint)
    The twins and their new husbands are so cute & adorable!
  • Berber
    "And they lived happily ever after". Wow that's about the cheapest trick in the book for a writer.
  • Heidi Burkhart
    So entertaining!
  • Izza
    4 stars |
  • Mike
    While A Bride's Story is a slice of life manga and these chapters would stand reasonably well on their own, they do continue directly from volume 4 and feature characters introduced throughout the series. I would recommend starting at the beginning.** This review contains mild spoilers. **Chapters 23-25 feature the wedding day celebration of mischievous twins Laila and Leily. Mori goes into exquisite detail here, from the preparation of the feast...
  • Brie
    Volume 5 completes the twins' story with their wedding reception. It's nice to see them get excited about their wedding, and grow more comfortable and fond of the brothers, their husbands. With the twins done, the story goes back to Amir and Karluk, beginning with a sort of day-in-the-life of Amir. In this volume we get to see how they learn to discuss their concerns with each other, and he starts to recognize the things she's used to that she ma...
  • Majo
    Estuvo muy interesante que explicara cómo eran las bodas, las preparaciones de las novias, de los novios, de las familias, la dote… Pero, Laila y Leily se me hicieron pesadas en estos capítulos (view spoiler)[ se portaron de una manera muy malcriada y egoísta, solo pensando en sí mismas y no en sus novios que tuvieron que cumplir todos sus caprichos (hide spoiler)] pero aún así me hicieron reír con sus travesuras.El capítulo final volvi...
  • Julie
    This volume made me cry multiple times. I feel invested in the story of the twins and their (soon-to-be) husbands. So sweet... And the week-long wedding celebration is really impressive. Again, the clothing by itself is quite the feat of detailed drawing.Also, Amir is still awesome. But Talas!! What will happen to Talas!? *sob*
  • Selena
    I always love Kaoru Mori's art so much. Seeing her drawing of the twins' wedding was breathtaking. And had enough of her quirky humor to make the art just come to life.
  • Kathleen
    So Kaoru Mori is also responsible for Victorian Romance Emma, an anime I loved (and a manga I have not yet read but definitely will after this). A Bride's Story is set along the Silk Road in the nineteenth century and it is amazing. The eponymous bride, Amir, is only in about half of the volumes; the rest split off and follow an English anthropologist named Mr. Smith as he tries to get home. After the first two volumes it becomes very slice-of-li...
  • fonz
    En estos dos últimos tomos se lleva el concepto "historias de relleno" a un nuevo nivel. Nada menos que casi dos volúmenes dedicados a la subtrama de una subtrama, la del antropólogo inglés que, de regreso a Ankara, se encuentra por el camino con dos gemelas que parecen salidas de un reality de adolescentes. El resultado es una alargadísima comedia sobre el matrimonio concertado de las chicas, que me ha recordado mucho a las cosas de Rumiko ...
  • Jennifer
    This volume chronicles the twins' (Laila and Leily's) double wedding. Their hilarious antics (including ditching part of their wedding activities) are hinted at on the book's cover. In spite of their selfish tendencies, they have matched themselves well with supportive husbands. Although I found the girls a bit annoying, I kind of hope Mori revisits their story later in the series. I'd love to see if marriage and responsibility helps them grow up...
  • Anniken Haga
    5th book in this manga. I still love the artwork and the general story telling style. I was a little miffed that the twins were the center of half of this book, as I didn't like them much, but we seem to have left them behind and return to Amir and Karluk for a while, which I'm really happy with. There are two short—stories in this book, which I really enjoyed. The artwork in the first one was so clean it almost hurt my eyes. There was also a s...
  • Monrucha▪♡▪
    Trigger warning : people would are uncomfortable with blood,dead animals and flesh should be cautious with this volume. There was food preparation for the wedding celebration and they basiacally slaughtered a whole herd of sheeps and skin as well as butchered them on the pages. Another animal death at the end chapter as well.The twin's grooms can do no wrong. I really,really like these boys and I hope we get to see more of them in the future volu...
  • Jera Em
    The wedding for Laila and Leily with Sami and Sarm was a lot of fun to witness. I loved how jovial everything was and how, even on their wedding day, the twins are quite rebellious! I think their husbands were a good choice seeing as they're already used to this kind of behavior.I was also glad to see we got back to what Amir has been up to with Karluk. I like that even their disagreements are resolved quite peacefully. A great volume!
  • Mandy
    This volume lost a lot of the original spark, for me. The first half was about the twins and their marriages, and the second half, when it returned to Karluk and Amir, was extremely disjointed, as though the author had run out of ideas. There was even a section where Amir listed off what she had done for the day. As always, the art was beautiful, but it just...couldn't make up for a boring tale, or the disjointed pages of plotlessness that follow...
  • Kassilem
    This volume contains chapters 23-27, and focuses mostly on the twins, but moved back to Amira and Kurluk in the last part of the volume. The twins are a riot and I got a kick out of the brother’s helping them. As always, the artwork is very very well done. It’s got a slow pace but the detail is well worth it. And I am learning as I read. I am looking forward to seeing more of this series. Thanks Mori!
  • Arsenic
    Les dessins sont toujours à un super niveau.Le mariage des jumelles était intéressants mais elles sont trop expansives à mon goût, je préfère la famille de Karluk.L'histoire avec le faucon était sympa. Un solide 3.5 étoiles pr ce tome. :)
  • Rahmah
    Lanjutan dari kisah pernikahan Layla dan Leyli. Beneran kocak banget 2 orang kembar ini. Nggak bisa diam, suka nyuruh-nyuruh Sam dan Sami, tapi malah suka sama mereka hahahaha XDSemoga aja di vol. lain mereka ada lagi :)
  • Catherine
    I just reread the first 4 books in the series & this is the first that I had not previously read. While the twins are not my favorite characters I did enjoy the wedding. Mostly, as always I enjoyed the wonderful artwork.
  • Diana
    Me encantó la historia de estas gemelas. Realmente este es un manga único, totalmente recomendado a aquellos que busquen algo distinto, refrescante y pasado, rico en escenarios, cultura y diversidad. Love it!
  • Lucinda
    I requested 3-4 from the library ans they (so far) could only find five, so I haven't actually read volume 4. Still good, I really liked Amir's day song chapter. Karluck being jelous of Amir's attention to the hawk was sweet too.
  • Laura
    Continued gorgeousness. Historical fluff depicted with stunning detail and gleeful humor. Love it. Kaoru Mori is a master.
  • Katie Whitt
    The art in these are incredible, which makes up for the fact that the twins are beyond annoying and the centralRomance is still mad creepy