Life in a Victorian Household by Pamela Horn

Life in a Victorian Household

What was it like to live in a Victorian household? What time did the servants have to get up? What was the food like and who cooked it? How did the clothing differ for the different types of servants? How much did the servants get paid? This fascinating book takes you back in time and shows you what it was really like to live in Victorian times, for those both above and below stairs, and what sights and smells would be around you.

Details Life in a Victorian Household

TitleLife in a Victorian Household
Release DateSep 16th, 2011
PublisherThe History Press
GenreHistory, Nonfiction, Historical, Victorian

Reviews Life in a Victorian Household

  • SheLove2Read
    If you can pick this up for free that is the only way I would bother with this short read. Rambling and disjointed. 1.5 stars
  • Laura Lee
    Could have been much more interesting if it had been fleshed out, had been hoping for some pictures, too. She's written other books, but assume they are all this short, not worth paying for.
  • Vicky Bruerton
    A real eye opener - perfect if you want an education on how the Victorian's lived.
  • Nightwitch
    Nice short introduction to, well, life in a Victorian household, with an emphasis on the middle-class household and the servant class in general. Quick easy read.
  • Kristin Holt
    I read this book specifically for my own ongoing research and understanding of history. It explains a great deal in four chapters: 1) Middle-class Victorian Homes, 2) Mistress of the Household, 3) Recruiting and Replacing the Servants, and 4) Life Below Stairs. "Like a large house and garden, a wife or daughter with nothing to do was an emblem of success." ~Katharine Chorley, quoted in Life in a Victorian HouseholdYet… Mistresses of the househo...
  • Jeff Chapman
    Short but interesting read for anyone wanting an introduction to Victorian daily life. Much of the focus is on the servants, either how employers dealt with them or what they did. That in itself says a lot about daily life for wealthy and middle class women of the time. Horn keeps the big picture in focus while providing tidbits of detail drawn from diaries, letters, and period books on household management.
  • Carole
    Interesting but could be longerThis book will definitely appeal to readers who enjoy potted history. For me it needed to be of greater depth in each area it looked at. I enjoyed it as far as it went . If you enjoy a book that piques your interest in this field then it will have served its purpose.
  • Joseph Cook
    Ok book. Misspellings but one gets the general idea . Not one I'd brag about. Slightly informative.One gets the general idea of book. Slightly informative. A quick read. Does make you glad you live in today's society.
  • Donna
    History of domesticityThis book is an excellent resource for explaining the running of large manor houses like the fictional Downton Abbey as well as smaller establishments found in the Austen and Bronte period pieces.
  • Hristina Ivanova
    Too short to be worthy of a reviews, but it was ok, nothing special. I expected more, but it seemed like the same few facts are repeated over and over again. Looks more like a student research than a published book,to be honest.
  • Donna Maguire
    An interesting insight to live behind closed doors and what it was really like for the male and female servants in both the large and smaller households.
  • Dee brown
    Interesting and a quick read.
  • J.E.S. Hays
    Short but sweet. A nice overview of the world of the Victorians. Could have used more pictures but I enjoyed the read.
  • Melanie
    Good resource book on servants in the Victorian home, my only complaint is that it was too short.
  • Terry Foster
    Quite interestingQuaint and readable. Enjoyed , but in small doses. Life was strange back then, glad I wasn't around then. Nice
  • Kim Ess
    Simple and to the point. I enjoyed it because I'm fascinated by this historical period.
  • Victoria Szulc
    This is a good basic book on Victorian life. It's a quick, easy read and gives the reader a good idea of what living in that time period was like.
  • Ashley
    Meh. Go with Judith Flanders "Inside the Victorian Home" instead.
  • Kelly Martin
    This is not a long book but it is a book full of interesting facts. Truly enjoyable!
  • Kerstin
    Boring. Not what I hoped the book would be.
  • Leigh Ann
    I really like those "day in the life" books that give you the details of what regular people did daily.
  • Tsarina60
    Fascinating short treatise on domestics in Victorian times