The Shadow Chaser by John Matthews

The Shadow Chaser

The Shadow Chaser, Book 1 is part of a two book set. Book 1 has a build up of events and characters which then leads into book 2. While a number of issues are resolved in book 1, both books should be read for the full resolution on all issues. Book 1 is approx 85,000 words (200 pages) and book #2 95,000 words (240 pages). Both books 1 and 2 are available on kindle. Andre Lemoine, one of the world's leading geneticists, is on the verge of the medi...

Details The Shadow Chaser

TitleThe Shadow Chaser
Release DateJan 24th, 2012
PublisherAmazon Digital Services
GenreMystery, Thriller, Fiction

Reviews The Shadow Chaser

  • Andrew
    The themes in this book were really interesting- medical research in both aids and cancer with competition for a lucrative financial and prestigious prize leads to all sorts of shenanigans.There is however a lot that frustrated me about the read; the hero Andre, a brilliant scientist has the world on his shoulders, to the extent that eventually instead of empathising with him I lost interest in the perpetual drama of his life, and it was about 10...
  • Karunakaran N.
    The Shadow Chaser by John Matthews... Seemed to be dwelling out of the plot never had a gripping point throughout the novel... A dragging read.
  • Cindy Meilink
    Put together some researchers trying to discover cures for AIDS and Leukemia, a scientist desperately trying to control his personal life, some stolen research secrets, and you have the makings of a very good story.Andre Lemoine is a researcher on the edge of losing everything he holds dear. His adopted son Eban, from Africa, has AIDS, and his birth son, Joel, has Leukemia. His marriage to Charlotte is all but over, but emotionally, she is ill-eq...
  • Brandi
    While this book was a very well written story I had problems getting into it. Like I said it was very well written and had an excellent story line but hard to get into and didn't keep my attention like a lot of books I read. This book is about a man who went overseas and learned of a lot of people who had contracted Aids and HIV. He got to know quite a few of them on a very close level and in the end agreed to take a young boy home and raise him ...
  • Barbara
    This book has a great plot, but it is loaded with way too many errors. Most of the errors are grammatical, or idiomatic. The author needs a good editor, not only to correct the errors, but also to tighten up the book. Too many pages are the result of an over-building of suspense.
  • Harry
    Great, thrilling read. Moving on the second soon. Well paced, characters fully fleshed. Riveting!