Easy Granola Bar Recipe by Cheryl Hines

Easy Granola Bar Recipe

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Details Easy Granola Bar Recipe

TitleEasy Granola Bar Recipe
Release DateJun 25th, 2013
PublisherSimpleFrugal Publishing
GenreFood and Drink, Cookbooks, Cooking, Business, Amazon, Reference

Reviews Easy Granola Bar Recipe

  • Kylah
    Very easy, even for someone like me! I liked the step by step with pictures. Nice breakdown on all the ingredients and a nice QA if your bars are not turning out. Nutritional Information listed which is very helpful. I have been using dried fruit as a binder but without having a food processor its taken up to much time and messy. These recipes, no fancy kitchen tools need. I already had all the tool in my kitchen. My house has been on a honey kic...
  • Melissa
    What makes me excited is how it all seems so easy to make, though I actually yet have to try one. The fact that there's a template, or a basic granola recipe, simplifies things. This template allows versatility and I could personalize my own granola bar with my choice of add-ons. I hope to share them with my family soon.
  • Jackie
    Perfectly presented easy recipes for bars that taste sound as if delicious if a bit too rich for me and mine.