Making Marks by Elaine Clayton

Making Marks

Through the simple act of drawing—whether it’s doodling or creating detailed illustrations—embrace your inner voice and unlock the power of your intuitive intelligence.Do you remember being a child and the pure joy brought on by a box of crayons and piece of paper? Do you still find yourself sketching away every time you pick up a pencil? That’s because drawing is a natural impulse that stays with us throughout our entire lives. Whether y...

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TitleMaking Marks
Release DateMay 6th, 2014
PublisherAtria Books/Beyond Words
GenreArt, Nonfiction, Drawing

Reviews Making Marks

  • Shelli
    Making Marks is not really a book about drawing; it is a book about woo. If you are into woo, then you may really enjoy this book. If you are not into woo, you will think it is stupid. (I fall firmly into the latter category.)Basically, the "intuitive drawing" this book encourages you to foster is not representational, abstract, or specifically artistic in any way; it is merely a tool for fortune-telling, like tarot, or reading tea leaves. This i...
  • Julia
    Dilemma! I'm previewing this for, but it deals with the paranormal and near death experiences - subjects I'm not at all interested in (and don't necessarily support). The challenge is to read it quickly and make a fair assessment for future readers.
  • Gardavson
    How much you enjoy this, I think, will depend largely on your purpose for reading it. It was not what I expected, though that isn't necessarily a bad thing. I was anticipating something far more concrete, something that would allow me to draw conclusions about the artist, or the artist's feelings, based on the drawing. This was not so concrete as that, the whole exercise being more subjective to self, rather than, diagnosing, say, someone else ba...
  • Am Y
    Unlike what the book promises, you won't really learn how to "draw intuitively" (because, let's think about the concept here - if you could really draw intuitively, you wouldn't need this book, and if your drawing is really "intuitive", it can't be "taught" - if it is, then it's no longer "intuitive" but "suggested", "facilitated", "planted", "influenced", etc - you get the idea; in other words, the words "intuition" and "taught" don't belong in ...
  • Krzysztof
    I am no arteest. I've always envied people who have a natural talent for drawing, even if it's just making an apple look like an apple, and not an anatomically correct heart.When I was little, I was so bad at drawing that I would only ever make a series of dots on a paper and then connect them until I saw an image - sort of like looking at clouds until an image emerges.At some point in my late 20s, I decided to kick up the habit again. A friend g...
  • Samantha McGuire The Writers Web Archive
    This is a different kind of drawing book than your typical how-to book. It talks about "stream drawing" which is a more lucid intuitive form of drawing, almost like channeling. It was quite interesting to learn about such a technique.
  • Debbie
    I received this book as part of the Goodreads First Reads Giveaway.I need to start by saying I entered the drawing for this book thinking it was more of a "how to" draw/doodle for enjoyment and relaxation book. This was not what it was. Making Marks, in the end, seems like it belongs in the "self-help" pop psychology section of a bookstore. That said, there were some things I appreciated and enjoyed about this book. I felt that Ms. Clayton makes ...
  • Collene
    I selected this book because I thought it would be fun and give me some insight into expanding my doodle drawings, but what I got was much different. It’s basically a book on making stream drawings and interpreting what they mean and in some cases even predicting their meanings.The author explains what stream drawing is and how it helps capture emotions and gain deeper empathy. Then she takes it to the next step and that is how to interpret the...
  • Tom Hackett
    Wow! What a fun book! It was great to remember the pleasure of drawing for fun and to discover messages within the work. Not only did I learn about myself, but it made for great group discussion when sharing with others. I would recommend this book to anyone who ever loved drawing who wants to go a step beyond creating to using the message within the work to heal. I would add that the intuitive approach to creating drawings applies to the creatio...
  • Josh Mackey
    Intuitive drawing is a drawing in which you interpret and create to your beliefs or intentions. This book is what you want it to be. If you're reading it to learn about the basics of drawing it isn't the best for you. But if you want to learn about a certain style of drawing and how it relates to you, this is the book for you. I thought it was a good book, and had good information as long as you were willing to search through the text to see how ...
  • Lisa Hagan
    I thoroughly enjoyed Making Marks. It is a beautifully written and illustrated book. I had never thought to see images in the shapes that I was randomly drawing while on the phone or day dreaming. I loved the idea of coloring them in. I bought a box of colored pencils to make full use out of the exercises and I just love it. After reading the book, now I ask questions, draw, color, and viola, I have insight. It is quite clever! Life is full of in...
  • Diana
    This book was not what I expected which isn't always a bad thing but in this case I couldn't get into it or finish it. I thought it would inspire me to draw more but alas this book did not inspire me one iota. I'm going to pass it on to a friend who might like it and will add her opinion at a later date.
  • Jill Frederickson
    Nicely put together. This book makes me feel the need to allow myself more time to explore drawing just because and in the gaps of time in life. That said, I am interested in the book but did have trouble getting into it.