High Tide by Maureen A. Miller

High Tide

A couple locked in a struggle to protect the coast...and their lives.U.S. Geological Survey expert, Nick McCord, cannot account for the strange phenomenons plaguing the Windward coast of Oahu. Breaking waves on a windless shore. Dead fish washing up on the sand. The only viable culprit for these anomalies is the new housing development, Manale Palms, and its attractive contractor, Briana Holt. Try as he might to find blame with Briana and her sit...

Details High Tide

TitleHigh Tide
Release DateJun 20th, 2013
GenreRomance, Romantic Suspense, Mystery, Fiction, Suspense, Contemporary Romance

Reviews High Tide

  • Maria
    Maureen Miller’s Rogue Wave is a romantic suspense that takes place against the lush, exotic backdrop of the Hawaiian Islands. Ms. Miller’s style reflects that beautiful background, bringing an almost lyrical feel to the narrative, despite the harsher realities of the storyline, which includes conflict between modern beachfront developers and conservationists, along with some present-day pirating.Ms. Miller presents her setting with a deft ha...
  • Amanda
    Words melt across the pages like butter in this romantic suspense. The writing is clear and interesting, never once was there a desire to skip a sentence, let alone an entire page. The characters have the most smug, yet playful relationship. Troubled pasts and the possiblity of an electrifyng futre keep the story intriguing. A very enjoyable read if you are a fan of the genre.
  • Amy
    Very enjoyable read recommended by The Only Trick In The Book and it didn't disappoint. Romance, a mystery, a hot guy...
  • Kevis Hendrickson
    Rogue Wave is the second full-length novel I've read written by Maureen A. Miller offers. Like her other titles, Rogue Wave offers up a tale ripe with suspense, mystery, danger, and of course romance in an exotic locale. Though I have not perused this genre extensively, I feel I've come to know the archetypes found within. As such, the form of said books remain the same, even though the players and setting change.In this book, our heroine is Bria...
  • Cindy
    The visuals the author gives during the course of this book of Oahu - Hawaii are nothing short of stunning. From the moment the two main characters meet on the beach you are swept away. There is so much more than just the beautiful location. Even though Nick and Briana meet as strangers on the beach and are instantly attracted to each other once they find out who the other is that’s nipped in the bud. Nick McCord is a U.S. Geological Survey exp...
  • Diane
    I won this book from Goodreads. First time I have read one of Maureen A. Miller's books. I found her a wonderful writer that will make you feel you are right there with her character's This was a easy read and keep you interested right from the beginning.The story is set in Hawaii where we meet Nick who is a geological survey expert and Briana you is a beautiful contractor for a building site of new homes being built. Right from the start when th...
  • Theresa Scarangella
    Brianna Holt while at the site waiting for the survey, she saw a man talking to himself, he turned and she jumped. They chatted until she was called to go back to work. she was in charge of the construction on Hawaii, one she lived on for her whole life. Brianna couldn't fail.Nick McCord was the geologist discussing with Naoli, her associate, she turned it was him. Nick wanted her to stop construction and give the land back to the native resident...
  • Amy R
    This was another great book by Maureen Miller. Even though her books are all so different you can be sure you receive the same great writing. I love her descriptions of the surroundings. You truly feel like you are in her books. You feel what her characters feel. What I really love about this book (and her other ones as well) is the dialogue between the characters. For me, that is what moves the story so well. Nick and Briana are one hot couple w...
  • Ruthie Taylor
    "I received a free copy of this book to read and review for Wicked Reads."This action packed mystery based in Hawaii is both steamy hot, and plot rich. There are some clever twists and definitely the hands off policy fails in the end - just as we knew it should!If you like a proper story to surround the romance, then this will definitely fit the bill.
  • Sierra Rose
    A huge fan of Ms. Miller's other works, I'm excited to say that Rogue Wave hooked me just as quickly and just as deeply.Nick and Briana are characters that attract the reader and make you want to turn each page with drawn breath. It's thrilling, touching, romantic and everything that will make you go back and read it again.She makes you see the scenery described and at times you will smell the water, feel the breeze.This is another wonderful book...
  • Merle
    Good one. This has a backdrop of developers vs ecology in Hawaii. Not what you think, though. The duo in question have a lot more going on in their minds than that struggle. They both have deep-seated fears and hangups about relationships and trust. Good resolution, if a little improbable. Worth the read, though. Miller uses description very well and metaphor even better.
  • Whispers From
    Bree is a land contractor building a cul de sac. Nick is a geologist who thinks Bree's construction was causing tides and dead fish to come up on shore. But when they find explosives on a boat, they must save themselves and stop them for destroying the ocean.Great story. A couple of the words confused me where it takes place in Hawaii. Good strong characters and excellent story line.
  • Robin Van Auken
    What can I say, I like sexy scientists.
  • Maria
    Nice story. It's very true that sometimes we have to face our demons and fears, not only to conquer them, but to survive.
  • Larry Cook
    Really good book. Hard to put down once you start.
  • Jessica
    It was a quick read but nothing that really stuck out about it.
  • Teri Heyer
    'High Tide' is an entertaining, fast-paced, contemporary romantic suspsense set in Hawaii. I have to say I love all of Maureen A. Miller's books.
  • Jen_C
    Good. Loved the location. A little too much desriptive wording and do not drink everytime you read foam or foamy or you'll get drunk!
  • Carol
    A little predictable and unbelievable - but a story that held your attention
  • Jeanne
    Too much of the main characters panting after each other and at the same time trying not to give in but then of course they are put in danger and realize how much they mean to each other and BAM