ホリミヤ 4 (Horimiya #4) by Hero

ホリミヤ 4 (Horimiya #4)

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Details ホリミヤ 4 (Horimiya #4)

Titleホリミヤ 4 (Horimiya #4)
Release DateOct 26th, 2013
PublisherSquare Enix, スクウェア・エニックス
GenreSequential Art, Manga, Romance, Young Adult, Graphic Novels, Comics

Reviews ホリミヤ 4 (Horimiya #4)

  • Tamara
    6 starsThis manga is getting better and better :DBest Part of This Volume: Hiro-san’s father. Hiro-san’s father. Hiro-san’s father!!!Confessions (view spoiler)[MHs confessed without all the drama or misunderstandings..it was really refreshing and left a deep impact on me! (hide spoiler)]. (Realistically dealed and not over the top) jealousy, awesome bro-romance between the boys, Ishikawa's calm and mature reaction to sudden events. The end ...
  • Cristina
    absolutely blown awayIzumi is the sweetest bean i've every met and Kyoko is unbelievably adorable! i'm going crazy over their relationship, they're the cutest every!! although I do have to admit that i kind of had a thing for this long hair, made him look so artsy; he's still a snack though
  • Lauren
    Awww, this series just keeps getting better! Volume 4 is full of laugh out loud moments (esp. scenes involving Hori’s dad and Miyamura!) This volume finally sees Hori-san and Miyamura making their relationship “official” and ends on quite the cliffhanger! Excited to begin volume 5 :)
  • Nikki
  • M N
    I SHIP HORIMIYA SO HARD, I'LL SHIP EM FORVER!! They're literally the cutest couple ever. The heart-warming romance mixed with the hilarous sense of humor is just unbelievable.
  • Reina Marie
    AWWWW They're so cute! :3(view spoiler)[ FINALLY! They confessed their feelings for each otherrr! :>and OMG, Hori's dad is adorable! :D (hide spoiler)]Hurry up and release volume 5 already :)
  • Rennie
    Lots of character development in this volume! Really loved that Izumi cared so much about Hori that he changed a part of himself. And that kiss though... Real smooth! On to the next.
  • Lona
    This volume wandered a bit from the main story line, so it felt a little unnecessary. Which is super strange because I guess Miyamura and Hori are now officially dating. But it was so anticlimactic. It was like all of the sudden they were officially together, so I am a little let down by how that all happened. Also, Hori's dad is the weirdest character ever and I kind of hope he isn't in the next one. Still loving the characters and will continue...
  • Miriam
    I enjoyed this slightly less than the prior installments because I liked how well the kids got along and was sorry to see them having a generic teen misunderstanding and worrying about dumb stuff like being overweight or uncool. However, it was still good, and it was interesting to finally meet Hori's absentee father and get another dimension to her personality (or rather, her facade).
  • Michael Schmid
    Habe ich gestern tatsächlich in einem Rutsch durch gelesen xD Ich liebe die beiden zusammen einfach und dann immer diese Situationen xD xD Aber am besten an diesem Teil war wirklich der Vater. DER VATER! Ich feiere ihn so hart xD ich musste nur noch lachen xD xD xD
  • **Sognatrice di libri**
    La presenza del padre di lei in questo volume è uno spasso il rapposrto tra lui e la figlia è inimagginabile.
  • Mike
    Quick thoughts (vol 4 & 5): Certain things could be more explicitly explained, but the presentation suits the characters and overall this series is simply great.
  • DonutKnow
    Cuteness overload! 😍😍
  • Sarina
    Ich shippe Kyoko und Izumi total und bin daher super gespannt wie es mit ihnen weitergeht. Naja und ein Ereignis zu Ende es Bandes sorgt dafür, dass ich es gar nicht abwarten kann Band 5 in die Hände zu bekommen. (view spoiler)[Warum hat sich Izumi seine Haare abgeschnitten? Die langen Haare standen ihm soooo gut (hide spoiler)]
  • Dorothy
    I freaking loveeee how Hori is this super smart, super cute, very popular girl... But also has this hilarious sadistic side. It's the funniest!! Miyamura too has interesting parallels in his personality. *MINOR SPOILERS AHEAD*---TOO BAD HE CUT HIS HAIR.
  • Rachel
    Loved this volume!! 💗💗💗
  • Perla Villa
    4.75 her dad is funny!
  • Kate
    And...just like that I'm all caught up. At least I only have to wait a month for volume 5!In this volume, we meet Hori's dad, who is not only hilarious, but is able to finally move things forward a little bit for our star couple who wasn't sure they were a couple (though everyone else was pretty sure). The volume ends on a bit of a cliff hanger, though what brings us to this point isn't all that surprising. Miyamura has shown to be sensitive to o...
  • Yue
    So cute!! This couple is killing me with cuteness overdose. Because yes, they are finally a couple! It was all so easy and natural how they become one... Hori's family treats Miyamura as another member of the family. In fact, her father is so happy with his new son-in-law that he is thinking in children's names for his future grandchildren! And sharing a bath O_O which I guess is pretty normal in Japan, but still...Dear Miyamura, no... Izumi cuts...
  • Anali
    Al fin!!! Este es definitivamente el mejor volumen hasta ahora :3 Realmente me gusta como se ha desarrollado la relación entre Hori y Miyamura, tan natural y sin dramas. Sus actitudes son bastante agradables y compatibles. Además Shindou y el padre de Hiro son geniales. Yuki y Toru también me encantan.
  • Zaz
    This is just over cute! My heart is totally melting, Izumi is really really sweet. And the drawings are great. Really glad I tried this one, it's a heart-warming story and it's hard to stop reading :)
  • Paula
    El papá de Hori o_O
  • Monrucha▪♡▪
    First impression : Who's that hottie on thpe cover?Afterward : HGfdsgsfsggfffgggghfhgdfggggggggOTDUOGDI am decresed.Good bye world.This volume is tooo much.I can't.I'm crying/screaming/rolling on the floor.Okay.I'm calm(no I'm not)now.So apparently Hori's father is a hottie.And very eccentric yet really nice person??I love this man.I said this about every character(but one),I can't help it.Everyone have a personality that jumbed off the page(and ...
  • Anjaly Augustine
    Another great edition to the Horimiya series! I was very glad that Hori and Miyamura got together, but I was a bit disappointed that I didn’t get to see an actual confession scene. Actually the only way we new about it was when Miyamura explained it to Tooru, and when he cried I knew something had happened. Then a few pages later it’s actually confirmed that they’re dating. Also the relationship between Kyoko and her father kind of concerne...
  • 🌈💜SAVINA🦋✨
    Rating based on experience: 4 Stars Rating based on content: 4 Stars Spoilers Nooooo my baby’s hairs cut off 😭😭 And what they’re offical !?!? Omg I wishIt was more spectacular 😭 I didn’t realise they were actually together till a couple pages afterwards ! I loved this volume thoughThis volume explored the building tension and scenarios based around these two love birds not making it a thing, until ofcourse it does. The inevitable j...
  • Laura
    Something weird happened to me while I was reading this volume... I really liked the scene when Miyamura is so happy and embarrassed because of Hori that he bends down in the middle of the street; and some days later I thought I had seen that scene in a dorama or movie or something like that! I virtually turned the characters into people in my mind. It had never happened to me before, maybe that's a sign that I really love the manga? Who knows.I ...
  • Hana Bilqisthi
    "Seandainya aku perempuan. Aku ngga akan berpikir ingin pacaran dengan Miyamura. Aku suram, datar dan aneh. Waktu SMP dibenci oleh semua orang. Orang dibawah rata-rata yang pandai dalam pelajaran pun nggak. Sementara Hori itu bagai matahari yang selalu dikelilingi orang-orang. Dia pandai, menarik, dan populer di kelas. Dia nggak pantas untuk orang seperti a..."- MiyamuraShindo memukul Miyamura. "Ini bagianku dan ini bagian Hori. Itu kamu maksudka...
  • Rakiyang
    Now I'm disappointed by Hori's behavior towards her dad.I understand that it's supposed to show the strong bond between the two. And a few years back I would have found it to be so cute and sweet, but I'm tired of this trope. I don't like it anymore.I hope the following volumes go back to being just simply cute and sweet.
  • Floreana
    leí los once volumenes todos seguidos (ese nivel de fan) y no sé ni qué decir. estoy agregandolos todos ahora y no sé en cuál volumen reseñarlos. no me acuerdo qué pasa en cada uno. es todo una masa conglomerada de amor en mi cerebro. desastre.