Radiant, Tome 1 (Radiant, #1) by Tony Valente

Radiant, Tome 1 (Radiant, #1)

Il pleut des monstres... Châtiment divine? Attaque démoniaque? Colère de Dame Nature? Une chose est sûre, ces némésis ne sont là pour notre bien !Mais des et des femmes organisent la lutte... Des infectés, mis au banc de la société et souvant aussi craints que les créatures elles-mêmes. Ils représentent le seul rempart contre la menace......Ce sont les sorciers.

Details Radiant, Tome 1 (Radiant, #1)

TitleRadiant, Tome 1 (Radiant, #1)
Release DateSep 11th, 2019
GenreSequential Art, Manga, Fantasy, Comics, Graphic Novels, Magic, Comics Manga

Reviews Radiant, Tome 1 (Radiant, #1)

  • Mangrii
    Seth es un aspirante a mago que habita en la región de Pompo Hills junto a su poderosa maestra Alma. Como todo mago y persona con el don de la Fantasía, lucha contra los Némesis, unas criaturas caídas del cielo que destruyen la vida de todo lo que tocan, excepto la de los magos, los cuales son odiados por la gente en general y perseguidos por la Inquisición. Pero Seth no quiero solo terminar con los Némesis que aparezcan, quiere recorrer el...
  • Selena
    Good in theory but not put into practice well.Radiant has some fascinating magic and lore and an interesting world behind it all that feels a bit like a combination Mashima (Fairy Tail) meets Kato (Blue Exorcist). The problem comes with the execution. There is a lot packed into this first volume with a lot of telling rather than showing. I felt my eyes glaze over a few times and I started skimming large portions of text because there were walls o...
  • Fei
    Premier tome en demi teinte pour moi.Pour ce qui est du positif, j’ai adoré le style et les dessins, Tony Valente est extrêmement talentueux c’est clair. Il est français en plus ce qui ne change pas grand chose a notre affaire mais qui fait tout de même très plaisir^^ L’humour aussi a fonctionné sur moi (j’ai souvent gloussé au cours de ma lecture ce qui est très bon signe haha)Après pour le “négatif” ayant déjà lu un paqu...
  • Jenna
    An fun enough start but it still feels very typical and familiar to anyone who might’ve read fantasy and shonen manga before. Drawing style was nice even if some of the fights were hard to follow. It also has me recalling Ranma 1/2, with it’s shockingly short senior characters...Don’t think I’ll continue but I’m sure it must become more original and exciting the further you read.
  • BumfuzzledNerd
    Ein unterhaltsamer erster Band mit echt genialem Zeichnungsstil. Macht definitiv Lust auf mehr!
  • Jessica
    3.5 ★
  • Jill Kenna
    Good first volume
  • Isak+Even
    That was fun! I'm interested to see where the story goes.
  • Marc
    Très bonne surprise. Un joli trait et un univers original.
  • Lucille
    3,5/5 On sent bien les inspirations derrière ce titre, mais de façon légères et sympathiques.Le héro semble être une sorte de chosen one, quelqu'un de spécial. Le petit cliché de la tête brûlée attachante qu'on ne peut pas détester!J'aime la présence de sa mentor et j'espère qu'on la verra encore dans les prochains tomes. La phrase "On ne naît pas humain, on le devient" m'a un peu fait lever les sourcils...Les thèmes de la série ...
  • Yuki Ark
    Sin duda se siente la pesada influencia de dos autores: toriyama y mashima. La historia es entretenida y aunque el protagonista es torpe, no termina siendo molesto.Los personajes son diferentes y entretenidos y aunque a veces se sienta fofo el humor, resulta divertido su mundo y situaciones
  • Cornerofmadness
    There are some interesting ideas in this, like the premises. Evil creatures fall from the sky called Nemeses and they spread a corruption. If you survive it, you have 'magical' abilities and are able to fight the monsters. However, the rest of the villagers will tend to think of you as a monster too so instead of seeing saviors they see people to mistrust.Seth is a young wizard who's never actually seen a nemeses but is sure he's going to be grea...
  • Tar Buendía
    Coge los elementos clásicos del shonen y lo hace un poco más europeo. Es una maravilla. No es que te vaya a cambiar la vida por su profundidad, pero es el tipo de historia que es y cumple muy bien. Además el dibujo es sublime.Alma tiene pinta de ir a ser tan maravillosa que me muero un poquito de la felicidad.Relectura post Heroes Con, donde pude comprar los cuatro primeros en español. ¿Por qué la primera vez no me molestó tanto el persona...
  • Evelyn
    I’m pretty sure this review is going to feel more like an episode of cinema sins, but here we go.THIS ENTIRE BOOK IS A BAD RETELLING OF DRAGONBALL WITH FAIRY TAIL AND ONE PIECE MIXED IN! What fight scenes there are were lackluster and the story dragged way too much trying to flesh out the world. Anyway, let’s begin.Giant monsters fall from the sky and wizards (ooh Fairy Tail) can kill them. These monsters are called Nemeses and any human who ...
  • LinguisticFanatic
    The story itself isn't bad, but it's nothing that hasn't been done before. As I was reading my brain kinda went like this:Main character - Naruto (Naruto)/Goku (DB/DBZ) mixtureAlma - Genkai (Yu Yu Hakusho)Nemeses - Hollows (Bleach)/Akuma (D.Gray Man)Magic - Fairy TailInquisitors - Black Hawks (07 Ghost)Yaga - Master Roshi (DB/DBZ)Bravery Quartet - Ginyu Force (DBZ)All I was missing was a One Piece representation and I would've had the Big Three a...
  • Sandra Girard-Demontigny
    This isn't the best manga, but the story is still very good. I can't wait to read more, because it's still mysterious. I can't wait to know a little more about the story. I loved the bonus at the end. It was very funny, I was laughing out loud, luckily I was at home Hahaha !Ce n'est pas le meilleur manga qui soit, mais l'histoire est tout de même très bonne. J'ai hâte de lire la suite, car c'est tout de même mystérieux. J'ai hâte de connaî...
  • Adam Spanos
    I like the art of this manga. I bought this volume because I thought the art looked really cool. That’s all I liked though. The writing was pretty bad and the story failed to hook me. Didn’t like any of the characters and don’t really care what happens to them. I hope Tony Valente is given more opportunities to illustrate, because his illustrations are unique and really nice to look at. Hopefully this series improves with the upcoming relea...
  • Ginny
    Le début était un peu lent, mais c'est typique pour un manga shounen. Il écrit au type. Alors, on voudrait lire un ou deux tomes de plus avant de former une opinion sur le série entière.
  • Nicole Westen
    Fairy Tail meets Blue Exorcist.
  • Jana Denardo
    The art was nice and while the story wasn't half bad, I am so over stories with the obnoxious young fighter who runs around screaming about how good he is in a fight and him training to get better.
  • Isaac
    Laaaaaame. Promising idea, lame execution.
  • Emma
    Quick thoughts: RadiantInteresting magical world Our MC reminds me of Black Star from Soul Eater and Natsu from Fairy Tale Would maybe continue the series
  • Babeth
    L'amorce de l'histoire me fait penser à One Piece, ce qui ne peut être qu'une bonne nouvelle. Le dessin et le design des personnages sont top!
  • Whitney Hitt
    Solid start.
  • Alex Richey
    The art is incredible, but I'm not really invested in the story. It uses a lot of the same tropes I see in other manga. I'll pass on this series.
  • Haylee Huddleston
    The main character is Black*Star. And extremely stupid.
  • Zian B.
    More so 3.5 stars; It started out a bit slow for me but the set up for what to expect in the future, is pretty interesting. i’m not entirely sure if i’ll become more interested in it as more english volumes get produced, but i’ll definitely keep an eye out for it