Gamble Everything (Gamble Everything #1-7) by Cari Waites

Gamble Everything (Gamble Everything #1-7)

Eighteen year old Danny sells himself to Peter Archer to repay his father's gambling debts.This 36,790 word novel includes explicit content, including: m/m, dubious consent, oral sex, anal sex, sounding, plugging, fisting, BDSM, and ass play. All characters are 18 years or over. Note: This is a complete compilation of all 7 volumes of the Gamble Everything series.

Details Gamble Everything (Gamble Everything #1-7)

TitleGamble Everything (Gamble Everything #1-7)
Release DateJul 18th, 2013
PublisherCari Waites
GenreErotica, BDSM, Romance, M M Romance, Dark, Adult Fiction, Sociology, Abuse

Reviews Gamble Everything (Gamble Everything #1-7)

  • Julio Genao
    this.I have to go back and cobble together my notes, but if you're into dub-con and skullfuckery and daddy kink, don't wait— twice.ETA: so, i've collected my notes.i have helpfully arranged them in chronological order as i read.see below for the complete progression:01. OMG02. OMG03. OMFG04. OMG05. OM—06. G!!!07. O NOES08. WAIT—THAT TEDDY BEAR THING IS JUST FUCKING EEEEEEEEEVIL09. NGNGNGNGNGN10. BUT Y U NO...?11. O12. O!13. O...
  • LenaRibka
    I don’t know who is more impressed here: me or a little part of me.Probably both of us.Yep, exactly, both of us are deeply impressed. *and it is absolutely not what I expected*and it is simply much better than I expected*and it is exactly WHY both of us, I mean me and this naughty part of me, ARE DEEPLY IMPRESSED. Archer holds up the dripping sound. “So you did like it, hmmmm? I knew you would.” I think like is the wrong word. Frighting. In...
  • Kynthos-the-Archer (Kyn)
    5 full stars cos I floated in subspace I blame my swollen bottom lip on this piece of mindfuck extraordinaire. It had me nibbling on my lip every so often trying to distract myself from the fierce intensity of the mind-blowing scenes and ocean of feels it invoke.Overall, the story has a nice flow to it and promotes smooth reading experience. The characters stays in character, how nice is that. I love all the mindfucking Archer did to poor Danny a...
  • Vanessa North
    What the fuck did I just read?okay, so Julio's review popped up in my feed yesterday and even though i could tell from his review that this would be totally depraved...Yeah, so I have this policy about not rating or reviewing unless I would honestly recommend the book to someone. And, I cannot imagine who I would recommend this book to. BUT...This is some crazy-well-written mindfuckery. And the ending is perfection. If you're going to read barely...
  • Rosa, really
    First of all--that ending was totally fucked up & AWESOME. Second of all--I think I'm a bit weird 'cause Gamble Everything’s blurb first put me in mind of a short story by the late, great Georgette Heyer (“Hazard” in Pistols for Two ). And that's really what I loved most about Cari Waites’s book—she took a clichéd plot from the romance genre (whether on purpose or not, I’m not sure) and TURNED IT ON IT’S FUCKING HEAD. Gamble Every...
  • Shelley
    This is where I draw the line!Fisting, sounding, enema's, humiliation and yes even partner sharing I can deal with easily. No problem, bring it on!What I don't like and never have, is 'Daddy' Kink. It engages my gag reflex faster than attempting to swallow down a slimy oyster. But this books takes the Daddy kink to a whole new level; bordering on pedophilic fantasy in my mind. “You are so fucking tight, baby boy.” ......“God, Daddy!” “...
  • Kol Anderson
    Man, this was such a good ride. Not even all my kinks but they were done so well. I have no problems whatsoever. The plot it had a significance and well, yeah the ending was right IMO though I'm sure some people might have felt that it was unrealistic or something, I don't know. It's just fantasy, you know?Didn't exactly fall in love with Archer, but had fun regardless.SO. MUCH. FUN.
  • Vivian
    I think if I read this in seven parts I would have been annoyed or pissed off, but as a whole novella, it's entertaining. Some serious psychological and physical conditioning. This is definitely not a book that will appeal to most readers--it's intense, cruel and frankly shows just how ugly life is sometimes. The Daddy kink alone will scare off a bunch. Overall, a freakish combination of horror and optimism. Not sure about the ending, but happy e...
  • Isabel
    I have this feeling that I shouldn't have loved this book, but I really love it!!!! This story is so wrong and yet so hot... so arousing... Geez... I want to read this book again... Daniel daddy issues are freaking awesome!!! This books is disturbingly exciting!Lena, thank you so much for the recommendation!!!
  • Rissa (an M/M kinda Girl!!)
    HOLY SH*T this was so fricken messed up, I shouldn't have liked it. It's one of those that you should be totally squicked out over but really you are totally enjoying the fuckedupness of it!
  • Silkeeeeeereads
    WARNINGS: Rape, Daddy Fetish, Sounding, Fisting, S/M, Humiliation, MurderYes, this book is overflowing with the above warnings.  A young 18 year old man is sold by his father that has a gambling addiction. What happens to the young man after he has paid his father's debt in full?  How has it changed him?  You will be very surprised. Do Not take the warnings lightly.  This book is intense.  It's also a damned good plot.  Yep, that's what I ...
  • Kat
    I'd say this hit about 3 out of the (approximately) 10 kinks for me. Enough to feel quite pleased, mwuahahaa. Thoughts to come.
  • Chelsea
    Re-read - May 2016 - This book is totally hot, if you enjoy dub-con and mindfuckery. Which I do :-D Loved this more the second time round. This was a twisted twisted story and I am on the loving it side of the fence.Archer is a bad guy, let's make that clear! He has no redeeming features, other than what Daniel starts to see in him, and he's like... completely brainwashed so his opinion doesn't really count. I was somewhat prepared for this befor...
  • Jo * Smut-Dickted *
    Yep. Pretty twisted allright! Kid sells himself for his Dad's debts. Not because he's been any sort of great father (the dad) but because, still, he's "Dad". Sad. Training ensues which has an unexpected outcome. Lots of hot sex, non-con type situations including fisting, enema, sounding. Since those kinks aren't covered a whole lot this one is for all the rest of us depraved minds! Those who want fluffy bunny's and chocolates - look elsewhere. No...
  • JustJen
    Wow, this little gem doesn't waste much time getting down to business! Danny is traded by his lowlife gambling addicted father in lieu of his latest $12,000 gambling debt. Danny accepts believing he can endure a month of basically being a whore. Unfortunately, Mr. Archer has other, much bigger, more devious plans.Even though Danny's transformation occurs in an amazingly short time, nothing was ever really that unbelievable, and most even seemed q...
  • Bev
    Well, before we go anywhere, I should point you in the direction of the warning at the top of the page, and if you still think this is the sort of story you want to read after the blurb, then you will find it disturbing but gripping and the ending makes you want to sort of weird does that make me?? 4 starsDanny has been sold by his gambling addict loser of a father for $12000 to Archer, owner of the casino, in payment of a gambling de...
  • Catherine
    A LOT of my GR friends have read this one and enjoyed its sheer twisted, porn with plot fuckery. Some of them told me if I could just "get past" the daddy kink, the story was super hot. So I gave it a try. Now, I don't mind some mild daddy kink when it's between two consenting adults and no one is actually pretending to be a child, but that just wasn't the case with this one and I found that aspect of the story literally stomach-turning. My rage-...
  • Di Covey/TwistedBookReviews
    This collection of shorts is the first part of Stealing Innocents. I need to rate and review this one on its own. I have to let my feelings out before I move on to the next part. "Those who dare to scratch the surface of ordinary, everyday life may be horrified to find a sick underbelly beneath— a nightmare world populated by villains and victims, predators and prey, where the rules of society no longer apply." 5 Shocking Stars!It takes somethi...
  • Debra
    I can't help but love these depraved, twisted, mindf*cks that push my level of comfort. There is so much here that makes me cringe, I don't generally care for Daddy kink and even though I don't have the equipment I have a tough time reading through sounding scenes, yet I couldn't turn away from this one. The fact that Archer gets so far so fast with Danny's transformation should have bothered me, but being in Danny's head the whole time had me ac...
  • Elizabetta
    The blurb says it all. Oh, except for the very good writing and the savvy ploy of dragging this out over several follow ups that you'll just have to have on hand. Put this on the hot tamale train.Gamble Everything part 1/Sold = 3.5 starspart 2/Punishment = 3.5 stars part 3/Preparation = 4 stars (enemas! oh my!)part 4/Obedience = 4 stars (candy caning)part 5/Submission = 4.5 stars (sssssounding)part 6/Pain = 4 stars (fisting gesticulating)part 7/R...
  • Amy
    I feel like I should *not* have liked this book, but I so totally did. It’s not an easy read, it’s dark and disturbing, and not for everyone. But I was captivated from the very first page and could not put it down. It’s very well written and I found it quite educational. Apparently I’m not very knowledgeable in the world of kink… sounding, fisting, etc.Poor Danny, his father sells him to a casino owner to settle his $12k gambling debt. ...
  • ~ Lei ~ Reading Is An Adventure ~
    My friends in the DMC brought this to my attention and it was very interesting. Didn't expect the ending but it worked. I guess this was written as a serial - this edition was Chapters 1-7 altogether so I recommend you get this edition.Virgin Danny sells himself to Archer for one month to pay of his drunkard, gambler father's debts. He doesn't realize what he's signing up for, that's for sure. Check my tags and other's reviews to make sure you do...
  • ~✡~Dαni(ela) ♥ ♂♂ love & semi-colons~✡~
    Proceed carefully. This is a fine read if you're into daddy kink, humiliation, and sub sharing, as this was plain fucking twisted on so many levels; total and complete mind fuck, particularly the ending. I didn't hate it, but it didn't titillate me either. Mostly porn; some plot.
  • Shannon
    This is one of those books that you can't believe you just read. And enjoyed. Not in a "this turns me on" kind of way but a "goddamn, that's just wrong but I can't stop" kind of way. It was depraved and sick and twisted and I still had to read it all in one sitting. I'm a little ashamed of myself. :)
  • KatieMc
    2 rounded to 3 stars. Definitely the ticket for those who enjoy some intense daddy/boy kink. Somehow the story and the kink did not mesh perfectly for me. I can’t quite put my finger on it, but either the story was too good for the kink, or the kink was too over the top for the story. 2 ½ rounded to 3 stars. Definitely the ticket for those who enjoy some intense daddy/boy kink. Somehow the story and the kink did not mesh perfectly for me. ...
  • Jan
    I loved this dirty/kinky series.
  • Anna Goerlitz
    This book is a mind fuck. I do believe this is the only book I have ever read, that have made me feel like a pervert, because even though this is seriously dub con it is clearly written to titilate and I have to admit, that I do enjoy it. Everytime I re-read it.Danny is 18 and agrees to be sold as a prostitute to Mr. Archer as payment for his fathers gambling debts. His new world is one of submission and obedience, with a new 'Daddy' who wants to...