Finding Paradise (Paradise, #2) by Gwendolyn Field

Finding Paradise (Paradise, #2)

The captive Josef's story...

Details Finding Paradise (Paradise, #2)

TitleFinding Paradise (Paradise, #2)
Release DateJan 1st, 1970
PublisherGwendolyn Field

Reviews Finding Paradise (Paradise, #2)

  • Georgia
    I'm giving this story a five even if its not out, because of his bravery through out the first book makes me want to save him. -spoiler- his punishment of having sexual 'encounter' with Angela. I wish there's more hope and luck in this book. Sweet Josef, he's a loving and attractive character even though hes been through a lot, he gives positive vibe around people that's why I've warmed up to him. even if Jill likes him... what to know more about...
  • Ida
    Ohhmygee! Ohhmygee ohmygee!! I knew it! I knew Josef wasn't going to be left behind! My gosh I'm sooo excited!!