Fighting by Cat Phoenix


New Adult Romance/Action-AdventureAlex used to be a bit of a thief, but now she pours coffee and sells books for a steady paycheck. Until a man walks in and offers her a job at his private security company. A job where she has to be a bit more than a thief. Will she join his crew? And if she does, can she get over how much she doesn't like his absurdly attractive right-hand man, Ethan?**Story ends at the 90% mark, includes sneak-peek of the seque...

Details Fighting

Release DateJul 28th, 2013
PublisherCat Phoenix
GenreRomance, New Adult, Contemporary, Did Not Finish, Contemporary Romance, Action, Humor, Funny

Reviews Fighting

  • NiCoLeTa E.
    Whoa!!! That was really soooooo.... good!!!!It reminded me of a good movie with much action, much love... much of everything!!!!I was reading it and it was like i was sitting in a movie theater and i was watching a movie on the big screen!!!I'm so thrilled that i finally read it!!!!Well, our heroine Alex was a lonely girl that after she had drop college cause she couldn't afford, she was working and sometimes she was stealing... One day, Brooks a...
  • NMmomof4
    3.5 StarsOverall Opinion: This was a unique story and I did enjoy it. I had some major issues with the pacing by the end (see below pacing section) that brought my rating down. I felt like the book would really improve if (1) it was shorter (I typically like longer books, but some of this could've been edited out since it lagged at times), (2) they got together sooner, and (3) the author didn't cram all of the sex scenes at the end in pretty muc...
  • A. Bookzilla.
    I LOVED THIS BOOK SO MUCH!!! Although, it's more of a 4.5 than a 5 for the simple fact that it could have been cut short by a LOT, but whatever. I LOVED IT.It's got a lot going on for it.A swoon worthy hero - Yep. ETHAN IS PRETTY MUCH AWESOME PERSONIFIED. He's protective, but not overbearing and controlling. He's alpha just enough to make him sexy but not creepy. He's not a womanizing douchelord (and we all know how much I love a hero I don't hav...
  • Radmila
    4 STARS!!!Spy/thief school?AlexAlex is 21 year old collage drop out and a thief. She is working at a coffee shop. One day she meets Brooks. Brooks has a proposition for her. He wants her to became part of his thief team."I work for an organization that trains and utilizes talented young people like you."Eventually, she accepts the offer and leaves with him. In the cabin she meets others.OliverAugustSpencerandEthan <3!!!When first Alex met Ethan s...
  • Belle
    ACTION, DRAMA, ROMANCE, HOT LEADING MAN, COMEDY, SPYING, THIEVERY, LYING, MANIPULATING, SMOKING KISSES, INSANE SEXUAL TENSION, FRIENDSHIP AND THE BEST PART OF ALL…NO LOVE TRIANGLES What more can a girl ask for?Honestly the summary for this book on good reads had be intrigued but I had my reservations about how the spy/thief book would pan out, but boy did this exceed my expectations in a good way. I am a major fan of action, romance, drama etc....
  • Mikaia
    First of all I cannot for the life of me fathom how this book a) Isn't more famousb) Doesn't have a higher rating c) Has such few reads. This book has everything I look for in good a romance - Action✓ Badass female protagonist✓ An intense sexy hero who's sweet & not into bdsm✓ (thank you very much) An actual plot development & a build up towards a romantic relationship ✓ A love hate relationship & then friendship & then a relationship! Th...
  • Bree
    Started off really well but it went downhill from there. There wasn't enough thievery. It felt like the author was setting up this cool organisation and opportunity for action, but then hardly anything happened. The "danger" part of the story felt weak and too easy to be a real threat. It also happened too late in the book for me. I feel like a lot of the relationship building dragged out longer than necessary(particularly with Ethan)so that ther...
  • Jamila
    I thoroughly enjoyed this book! It was just everything, action drama love teasing... What made it so great where all the characters and I loved each an every one of them. The plot line kept me hooked and invested. The writing was smooth and the stye carried the story line well.Such a satisfying read!can NOT wait to read more about their stories!
  • sara j
    1.5 Soooo boring....beginning ng of story is gud...but a lot of story dragging is involved....I was skimming throughout the buk...
  • Merril Anil
    Oh There is definitely a fight!!… A fight to find a story With the title as hitting as fighting, ( pun is intended..if there is one) one would think that the book would be a romantic read where the couple would fight through to fall in love eventually or it would be an adrenaline teaser with blood and bones raining everywhere or if for nothing it would atleast be about a fighter. Well let me gladly disappoint you because the book is none of t...
  • Nalu.chan
    Sorry, gave up.The book was going so well. I really liked the main character, I could understand her aloofness and, later, when she begins to get closer to the others.I really liked her initial relationship with Ethan – I know that sometimes you don’t like someone just because (here in Brazil we say that our “saint” didn’t get along with the other person’s “saint”). The evolution of their relationship from that to best friends, an...
  • T.S. Pagan
    YES!!!! This!!! This is what I'm talking about!!! This book is what I've been looking to read for a while!Ninjas and badass female lead and a male lead that DOESN'T act like an asshole.Need I say more??Plus: Holy mother of sexual tension!!!For a while there even I was having a little trouble breathing.I love this book so much!My only criticism is that the ending was a little too long for me... After so much tension and action suddenly it's a lot ...
  • Emmy
    I'm bumping this up to 5 stars since I enjoyed this so much I read it twice this year. The romance in this is awesome, but that's not all it has going for it. It's also a story of Alex finding a family and a place she belongs. As well as a group of kick ass kids fighting some vigilante justice. It's got a lot going for it and its all done really well. I loved Alex, Ethan, Ollie, Brooks, literally most of the secondary characters. Everyone was wel...
  • Zoe and the Edge
    If you read this, treasure it. It's not every day you see a badass heroine like Alex outside of a dystopian YA. Alex is a survivor. She's all alone in the world and she knows how to take care of herself. She has keen observational skills and a knack for theft. She's not someone you want to mess with. Even though she knows how to keep her mouth shut, she can be quite ornery. When Alex moves in with the gang she likes it, but sometimes she needs so...
  • M A R I G O L D
    I loved this book. Great escapism. Kept me hooked till the last page. Awesome.
  • Mihlean
    Actual rating: 2.5 stars. This was such a disappointment to be quite honest. Fighting started out amazingly. The main character Alex gets thrown into this sort of network of thieves. Thieves for hire, only doing the "right" thing. Kind of like Robin Hood I'd say. All the characters are really cool and original and quirky, and I loved the way they all acted around each other. Even said main character with her love interest, Ethan. I started liking...
  • Tweebs♥️ (semi-hiatus)
    This book was actually so good like I had to put a pause on it because I wasn't ready to finish it. That last chapter though....WTFFFF!!!It ended like there was another chapter afterwards. I was trying to swipe the screen to go to the next page but LOW AND BEHOLD IT WAS FREAKING DONE. How can one simply give such false hope? I believed that the ending was something cliche like the girl says that entire speech about how she found what she was look...
  • Farida
    DNF at 41% I could not keep reading this. This was unnecessarily long and boring. The author provided too many details and not enough action. Even the action scenes were boring to me. The chemistry between Alex and Ethan was there, but JESUS! Just kiss already!! I just couldn't keep reading of much Alex is pining towards Ethan but won't do anything about it. Hard pass on this.
  • Karla
    3.75 stars
  • Book Junkie
    This book was just so fun and so sexy!! Action and sexual tension galore! Loved it!
  • Lucy
    I really liked this lmao, but it's because I'm such a Hate To Love diehard (they only romance I'll accept at this point That's How It Should Be) kms anywaysI liked that Alex was accepted respected and admired and that she could Whoop when she needed to, I really liked the Balance of all the genres orthemesidk thruout the book i think that was also done welli deeply love brooks and i wish he was my Uncle
  • Rebecca
    The reason I gave this 2 stars was because it wasn't my cup of tea. I don't like giving bad reviews, so it sucks that I am going to. (view spoiler)[Right off the bat in the first few pages, I saw Alex's potential to be a heroine I really liked. However, when she explained her past thievery career, I was quite disappointed in the fact that she was a thief for a little over a year and called herself a "reformed" thief who had a natural talent of pi...
  • Clau
    Cuando empezécé la lectura de este libro, no tenía grandes expectativas sobre lo que sería. Prometía ser un romance en que los protagonistas se odiaban desde un principio pero luego se enamoraban, así que eso bastó para que me llamara la atención.Es bastante distinto a la idea que podría haber tenido.Tenemos a Alex, por un lado, una mujer independiente y un tanto antisocial, de 21 años, que se salió de la universidad y ahora trabaja en...
  • JadeShea
    Reviewed by Whitney@Shooting Stars ReviewsThis story begins when Alex meets a very strange man who is watching her. She's a reformed thief, and is living bored with her life. Until this strange man offers her a job she can't refuse. Now, living in a whole new world, with way different people she's just trying to get it all together. But the instant she meets Ethan again things change. She can't stand him at first, but after a while she starts to ...
  • Catherine
    Actual rating: 4.25 starsThis book was unexpectedly entertaining and I couldn't stop reading. It was so badass with the action, exciting with the adventure, and sweet with the romance. There was a lot of humor and sarcasm mixed in with the writing, which made me laugh out loud multiple times. I was hooked from the very beginning and especially enjoyed reading the scenes where the characters went on missions. All of the characters were great, and ...
  • Natalie Dennis
    I've had this book on my shelf for a very long time. I started reading it a couple of months ago but couldn't get into it. So after it has been popping up as a recommendation I have decided to give it a go again. I really tried but half way through I started skimming and just skipping chapters. Alex is a 21 year old collage drop out and a thief. She gets recruited to join a spy agency consisting of a bunch of kids that essentially steal from the ...
  • Piseog
    4.5 starsSo close to giving it 5 stars, but I was expecting a bit more from the ending and it was just three long chapters of cute love scenes. Anyway, the rest of the books was brilliant. Strangely enough I was not impressed at the beginning. The writing is very amateurish and there are so many problems with the blurb I don't even know where to start. However, the more I got into the story and the characters the more I fell in love with it. This...
  • Kennedy
    As a novel that I had passed over a countless amount of times because I was judging this book by it’s cover, I can honestly say that I live for this book. Within this favorite of mine, the brilliant Cat Phoenix introduces you Alex, Ethan, and the gang–all interesting characters who are kind of like vigilantes, but more illegal and more badass. Alex is the newest recruit to the group, and although has a rocky start, truly finds her place in a ...
  • Jessica
    Wow, this hit all the marks with action, romance, humor, and a freshness in the concept.I've always wanted to go to an academy for something awesome, like wizardry or ninja skills. It's why I watch shows like Quantico and am still vaguely obsessed with Spacecamp. The home Brooks created meets that desire, with a tangible sense of comraderie among the misfits learning spy skills.I also genuinely liked Alex, and her growth through the story was bel...