The Dante Connection (Genevieve Lenard, #2) by Estelle Ryan

The Dante Connection (Genevieve Lenard, #2)

Art theft. Coded messages. A high-level threat.Despite her initial disbelief, Doctor Genevieve Lenard discovers that she is the key that connects stolen works of art, ciphers and sinister threats.Betrayed by the people who called themselves her friends, Genevieve throws herself into her insurance investigation job with autistic single-mindedness. When hacker Francine appears beaten and bloodied on her doorstep, begging for her help, Genevieve is ...

Details The Dante Connection (Genevieve Lenard, #2)

TitleThe Dante Connection (Genevieve Lenard, #2)
Release DateFeb 25th, 2013
GenreMystery, Fiction, Thriller

Reviews The Dante Connection (Genevieve Lenard, #2)

  • Rohit Enghakat
    I didn't like this book at all. The start was interesting. However, as the pages turned over and time flew by, I started losing interest in the book and the plot. The book is about how the main character Genevieve Lenard, who interestingly is a genius doctor afflicted by ADHD and OCD (was it bordering on autism ?), solves a case of a series of burglaries in homes of the rich and wealthy influential people. Soon the plot turns out to be a case of ...
  • Tulay
    Was hard to finish.Only thing kept me reading this story was paintings and Mozart. Googled the painting, and listened the Mozart on my Echo Show.Dr. Genevieve Lenard, with multiple PhDs or , misfit friends didn't interested me or couldn't relate to them. Three stars is for music and paintings.
  • Steve
    Dr. Genevieve Lenard returns for a second installment. Doctor Lenard is a fascinating character, with multiple Ph.D.s and social challenges from being “non-neurotypical” as she calls her autistic self. Following her debut in The Gauguin Connection, she finds herself adapting her set, isolated ways to the return of some of the folks whom she worked with in the first book, and who showed up again after they had disappeared from her life for a w...
  • Tripleguess
    This was good, better than the first book. The conversations are all interesting and relevant, the scenes better fleshed out. The characters and their relationships and interactions with each other are more fully explored, and because of that parts of the book are genuinely funny. We learn more about everyone's backstory, which is both poignant and fun. The only character who is sidelined is Philip, the protagonist's boss; he is present for only ...
  • Liz
    This series is like a Dan Brown novel, with lots of symbolism and obscure clues. The main character, Genevieve, is a fascinating non-neurotypical individual. She reminds me of the Bones character, Dr. Temperance Brennan. All the characters are interesting and I have quickly become enthralled with them. Anxious to read the entire series.
  • Arnaud
    Oh boy, what a series!Okay, I'm hooked and it took only two novels in this (very?) long series! Great great characters, most excellent plot and I love where the dynamic between each characters is going. The presence of a very believable arch enemy to the group is definitely an addition to the enjoyment... 8 more to go that I know of... Oh goodness!
  • Tanya
    The reviews for this book are crazy. They're cracking me up. Who are all these people with their delicate ears that cannot handle the *gasp* "F" Word. Oh, you guys are too much. This is a book about a woman who works with a hit man, a thief turned agent, and an old cranky interpol guy to solve art thefts. They're not going to say "Oh, gee wiz" and "Gosh darn it!" all day long. They didn't even say (dare I say it?) fuck all that much in the book. ...
  • Stephanie
    This is an incredibly well written and well researched book. I did not read the first book of the series; Barnes and Noble had this one listed for $1.99 for Nook a few weeks ago so I grabbed it. After finishing it I do plan to go ahead and read the rest of the series (although I intend to read the rest in order then go back to book one when I'm finished).Genevieve Lenard is a brilliant PhD with non-neurotypical behavior. Ryan never comes out and ...
  • Penny Watson
    I see some very good similarities between this series and the Gamache series by Louise Penny.Excellent storytelling, lovely writing, and characters who are unique, well-developed, and jump off the page.I am well and truly addicted to this series now.
  • Niki
    3.5/5 - couldn't wait to start reading the 2nd instalment after the first thriller - again the "team" is together, after a few akward moments at the start when genevieve lenard has her friends back in her life - she is a really nice character, a good find from the writer - this thriller is even better than the first one, however there are moments when ms. ryan insists a bit much on the personal problems of dr lenard, which makes the story feel a ...
  • Lyn
    Great story - lots of action and suspense. Just got tired of the foul language throughout. The first story in this series had a few bad words, this one got much worse. I don't believe you need to use swear words to get your point across in a good story - it adds nothing to the plot or story line. It ruins the joy of reading for me.I did not finish this book. The 2 star rating is because of the language.
  • Neil Plakcy
    I really enjoy this author's voice and her ability to construct intricate plots and great characters.
  • Kate
    Dr. Genevieve Lenard finds herself at the center of an art theft again, and again, her autism makes life challenging, especially when she finds herself having feelings for people. Along with her usual perplexities over idioms, she has to get inside people's feelings to determine what's happening.I was afraid this book, like many second books, wouldn't be as good as the first one. I'm happy that I was wrong! This story is just as good, if not bett...
  • Amarelys
    DNF at about... 20%? Although I did skim to about 60%, at which point I am writing this blurb. May still skim the rest.I don't know if it's because it's been waaay too long since I read the first book of this series, but I just never got into this second opus. If I had gotten used to Jenny's peculiarities, the way they came back to hit me in the face were too much too handle this time, and I never saw a plot line start to develop.
  • Jacqueline Evans
    After reading the first book n the series, I was anxious to read this one. However, I found some of the descriptions of Dr Genevieve Lenard’s “atypical neurology” repetitive and tedious. The story line was interesting and the character development was decent. I don’t feel that this second book was as good as the first but it was worth reading for the art and literature references.
  • Skk28
  • Stewart
    Well, that was... disappointing.The first book had a very interesting premise. A high functioning autistic woman who works for an insurance firm investigates forgeries. It was well done, interesting and entertaining. I had wanted to read more.This second book in the series has abandoned a fair chunk of that. (view spoiler)[Yes the woman is still autistic, but even throughout this book that gets softened and diluted down. The insurance job aspect ...
  • Paula Howard
    In the Dante Connection, Genevieve is feeling betrayed and rejected by Colin and Vinnie who have seemingly dropped off the face of the earth. She hasn't heard from them in months and have now idea why or where they are. As hard as it was for Genevieve to open up to people, this is harder yet to feel rejected by those who had become her friends.Genevieve is once again facing danger from the dark part of the art world. Francine comes to her beaten ...
  • BRT
    Another fast-paced mystery with Dr. Lenard, an autistic expert in non-verbal communications. The small group of friends & colleagues from her last mystery appear to have abandoned her. As she struggles with the loss, they reappear and upset her equilibrium again. Their presence also signals a new plot by an old nemesis that targets Dr. Lenard. The story is interesting and keeps you guessing but I wondered after the first story how much longer the...
  • Kiran
    This is the second in the utterly rubbish Genevieve Lenard series (and it will be the very last of her books I read - even though she's churned out many - too many! - more); apart from there being more activity such as bomb threats and people getting beaten up or injured, to be honest for the most part it felt like just reading the first book again. Most of the scenes and even quite specific dialogue and narration are just so interchangeable. The...
  • Carrie
    I didn't enjoy it as much as the first book in the series. I think it suffered in this case from its first person point of view. We could have used a bit of simple narrative to transition at times in filling us in on historical information. One would think with the time she had to get to know the other characters, there might have been a little more acceptance of the status quo. The story was good and kept me turning pages, but I found Dr Lenard ...
  • Rona
    In this book, there are too many times when Genevieve succeeds at behaving as if she is magically neurotypical. I don't buy it. She is turning into a super-woman with an occasional flaw. I may try one more of these, since I really like Genevieve and her band of misfits.
  • Santhiya
    3.5 stars. One thing I want to point out is, as a reader I shouldn't feel like screaming at the characters to make the connection. As I mentioned in first book's review I will continue to read the series for the characters despite this flaw.
  • Brenda
    really enjoyed this read, unique protagonist and enjoyable puzzles. I also enjoyed the team with their special skill sets.
  • Anne (Booklady) Molinarolo
    It's been 6 months since Dr. Genevieve Lenard has seen Colin, Vinnie, and Manny. True, they were thrown together to work on a case, but they had told her they were friends. Genevieve is a non-verbal expert and is what she calls "non-neurotypical.” She feels betrayed, but has gone back to work feeling comfort in familiarity of her daily habits until late one night, a knock on her door awakens the Autistic brilliant Genevieve. Francine is bloodie...
  • Anne
    I have mixed feelings about this series (I also read the first book, The Gaugin Connection). On the plus side, Ryan knows how to construct interesting plots, the main characters (the good guys) and the relationships among them are interesting, and the books are fast-paced reads. On the negative side, the author doesn't know much else about writing fiction. There is no sense of place—the series is set in Strasbourg, France, but might just as wel...
  • Lawrence
    This is the second outing for Dr. Genevieve Lenard, fraud investigator for a high end insurance company. Self described as having non-neurotypical behavior, she has returned to her routine, slightly bitter that all but one of the people she had worked so hard to work with as a team six months ago have now seemingly abandoned her. When that one remaining teammate arrives at Dr. Lenard's door severely beaten and admitting to the killing of two men,...
  • Ammy
    This is the second book in the Dr Genevieve Lenard series. She is an insurance investigator on the autism spectrum.I liked the first book as the character was quite different. SPOILER ALERT – This entire book is spent identifying and hunting the villain from the first book. Based on the ending, the plot will carry over into yet another book. Can we just move on here! Also, several points I found hard to believe. Three snipers trained on Genevie...
  • Julia
    Filled with likeable characters, Ryan developed a mystery series that portrays autistic people in a positive manner. With Europe as the setting, watching a group of societal outcasts evolve in their friendships with one another, partly due to their unique, individual skill-sets, and partly due to how they choose to treat one another with respect, is both refreshing and adds a complexity level to how they problem-solve. Additionally, Ryan's abilit...
  • Serena
    Things move incredibly quickly in this sequel. I am not sure that that is good thing even though it does move the story and the series along. I miss the unique way the main character looked at life and reacted to it and the other characters in the book. She has adapted to all of the changes much too quickly especially given the upsets to her routine that occurred during the 6 month interval between this volume and the first book in the series. I ...