Beyond the Door by Maureen Doyle McQuerry

Beyond the Door

With his love of learning and the game of Scrabble, Timothy James feels like the only person who understands him is his older sister, Sarah, and he’s fairly certain nothing interesting will ever happen to him. But one night, while his parents and sister are away, the door opens, and mythical creatures appear in his own living room! Soon, a mystery of unparalleled proportions begins to unfold, revealing an age-old battle of Light against Dark, a...

Details Beyond the Door

TitleBeyond the Door
Release DateMar 1st, 2014
PublisherAmulet Books
GenreFantasy, Adventure, Young Adult, Childrens, Middle Grade, Magic

Reviews Beyond the Door

  • Pop Bop
    The Gold Standard for Middle Grade Celtic Myth-Based AdventureThis has better characters, better writing, a better plot, more information, and a generally more compelling and coherent presentation than just about anything else I've read in the "Celtic mythology" genre for early middle graders. It isn't as complex and multi-layered as Susan Cooper's "Dark is Rising" sequence. It isn't as true to the old stories as Jenny Nimmo's "Magician Trilogy",...
  • Kadie
    This book had a great premise and some really interesting visuals and pieces but the stupidity of the characters really got me sometimes. It is middle grade and the main characters are middle schoolers so I’ll cut them some slack but this definitely isn’t my most favorite middle grade book I’ve ever read. I may still read the second book, however, since it has better reviews. Overall, this book took awhile to get going and the characters we...
  • Emma
    Review by Jack - Year 8Beyond the Door is based on Celtic mythology. It tells the story of Timothy, his new friend (and ex-bully) Jessica and his protective elder sister named Sarah. They meet many varied mythological helpers such as Gwydon the wolf, Greenman of the woods, Cerridwyn who they know as Mrs. Rosemary Clapper and Julian the librarian who becomes the storyteller. Together they face the foes of Herne the Hunter, Balor the one-eyed and t...
  • Jennie Castaway
    This book was amazing. I won a free copy of it and just loved it from begining to end. It kept you wanting to no more while you fell into the land of magic and mythology. It's a great read for all ages and I can not wait for the second book. This book just leaves you wanting so much more. I highly recommend, with a wolf, a greenman and a 12 year old boy (I think he is 12 I know he is around that age.) how can you go wrong? If your Looking for a b...
  • Jodie
    This book is really the most prefect little thing I've gotten lost in. It surrounds you in a land of magic and mystery and even though i could have torn through it- I took my time to read it so i could stay wrapped in a magnificent story and it's magical abundance. This is a coming of age story and even though it can be seen as a bit young for me, i highly recommend it for everyone. I dont care if it is too young for me- it made me feel like a k...
  • Donna
    As a young girl, I became completely enamored with works by C.S. Lewis and J.R.R. Tolkien, which brought modern-day characters into contact with ancient, mythological creatures in stories with universal themes. I've read books by those two authors again and again, never having found another series as entertaining to read. Now, however, I'm happy to report that Beyond the Door may just be the first of a new series that can, once again, bring simil...
  • Holly Schindler
    Just the kind of "sneaky" read that keeps young minds active throughout the summer months. It's so engaging, they won't realize they're learning new material. I'm currently running an interview / giveaway on my MG blog, Smack Dab in the Middle: http://smack-dab-in-the-middle.blogsp...
  • Suzanne
    In the first installment of the Time out of Time Duet, McQuerry blends Celtic and Medieval mythologies, contemporary issues and an epic conflict of good vs. evil. At times the novel reminded me of Neil Gaiman's Stardust. I think this is best suited for grades 4-7 and will appeal to serious mythology and fantasy fans. Love the cover, too!
  • Lynn
    Loved this!!! Would give it 4 1/2 really. Reminiscent of the Dark is Rising series. I couldn't put it down and am ready for the next installment asap.
  • Fikah
    I'm giving this book two stars, because it was just okay.While the story itself was interesting, the plot was not developed that well, most of the time I was left with me asking, "What happened? What has just happened?"The relationship between Timothy and her sister, Sarah could be better. In fact, I felt like, the siblings relationship was just there for almost no reason. I could not feel the love and affection from them that much, even when lot...
  • Amberelix
    Usually I prefer mythology based books if I don't read the mythology first, but this one is gibberish if you've never heard of the wild hunt. The writer has a good style, I got 2/3 of the way through it before starting to feel like it was a bit disappointing. I'd recommend this for someone who likes mythology or appreciates unusual storytelling techniques (the pacing in this book is bizarre) but not for someone like me who picked it up on a whim ...
  • Nancy
    Fans of The Dark is Rising series will enjoy this bookAfter they manage to untangle the bundle of confusion that is Celticmyth
  • American Mensa
    Beyond the Door, is the first book in the Time Out of Time series by author Maureen Doyle McQuerry. The main character, Timothy James Maxwell, who is a self described nerd and not very popular at his middle school, goes on a journey through space and time. His high school sister, Sarah, and Jessica, a popular girl and bully in Timothy’s grade at school, accompany Timothy on the adventure. Through the stories of Mrs Clapper, Timothy’s babysitt...
  • Blue
    Thank you First Reads for an uncorrected proof of Beyond the Door!Beyond the Door is a mythological and magical adventure. Well, it is just the beginning of an epic adventure, really. The book ends with a "to be continued," as expected, and it left me wanting to know what happens next. Young Timothy, his sister Sarah, and his kind-of friend Jessica, and the people they get to befriend along the way have quests small and large to keep the Dark fro...
  • Sarah-Jayne Briggs
    (I received this book for free as part of Goodreads First Reads giveaways).(This review may contain spoilers).I've always liked mythology-based books and this one wasn't an exception.I felt that the characters in this book were fairly interesting and well-developed, despite being quite young (though I kept forgetting that Sarah was meant to be older than the other two). Timothy's preoccupation with Scrabble and words was a nice touch - as was his...
  • Janice
    Timothy James is a kid who loves Scrabble and learning. He is an outsider at school. His best friend is his older sister Sarah. His life is fairly predictable until one stormy night when mythical beings suddenly appear in his house. He’s not sure what to think, but the next step is definitely the library. He knows many of the old Celtic myths from his babysitter. But he needs to know more. On the next stormy night, he finds himself on an advent...
  • Beth
    I received this book for free through Goodreads First Reads. This book "Beyond the Door" is the first in the series Time out of Time. I received a advanced reader copy earlier today and read the book in one sitting. Firstly, I adore the cover design. This book is a coming of age unlike any others I have read before, the main character Timothy James is what is thought to be an outsider compared to everyone else he knows. What I liked the most abou...
  • Nicole
    Time Out of Time: Beyond the Door by Maureen Doyle McQuerryAmulet, 2014Fantasy375 pagesRecommended for grades 6+This new fantasy series begins with a hefty book 1. Young Timothy finds himself observing strange figures enter his home one night, and quickly finds himself wrapped up in world he never knew existed. Mythology reigns high in this story. Oddly, the book felt segmented to me, as though the beginning and ending were two separate stories-d...
  • Allen Murphey
    Timothy Maxwell loves reading, loves Scrabble, and is always picked on at school. Unaware of his family’s history, he becomes involved in the battle between Dark and Light. Needing assistance, he is joined by his sister and by the girl at school who bullies him most. Constantly threatened by agents of the Dark, the three begin their quest to keep the Dark from harming their loved ones and changing the world they know. I can not wait for Timothy...
  • Jacqueline
    I liked the main character's obsession with Scrabble and the very real portrayal of adolescent insecurities. The relationship between Timothy and his sister Sarah was strong and loving. I enjoyed the mythology and the many references to the power of stories:"Chaos theory is finding the underlying order in random data or events.""Myths are just stories people make up to explain the way the universe works.""If you're afraid in the dark, it's becaus...
  • Laura
    A must-read for readers who are not quite, but almost, ready for "The Dark is Rising" series. The addition of old British myths, like the Greenman and the Jack, along with Welsh figures like Cerridwyn to an American landscape may leave some readers, those who know the myths, confused. Consider this a melange and move keep reading. Timothy and Sarah seem to be left alone a lot by their parents, but as with the best blended-world stories time moves...
  • Maria Dodd
    I received this book from Goodreads, First Reads.This was a beautifully written captivating book. It seemlessly tied together mythology from the Greek Gods - Artemis, with the old British/Celtic - Cderridwyn. The Green man brought back a few memories of stories read. As a lover of Greek mythology I felt guilty that I only knew the basics of my 'home-grown' mythology, something I will now try to improve my knowledge of. I realise now that my knowl...
  • Louma
    shamelessly taken from Amazon to test the review function for the ROBS literature committee...weaves a wonderful coming-of-age story with elements of fantasy and mythology. With his love of school and the game of Scrabble, Timothy James feels that the only person who really understands him is his older sister, Sarah, and he’s fairly certain nothing interesting will ever happen to him. But one night, while his parents and sister are away, he see...
  • Lynda
    Timothy says nothing happens to him and then it does. He and his sister become involved in a fight against dark - twice. There are 2 parts to the story and two different adventures to go along with them. Unfortunately, the second part ends with a cliff hanger so to know what happens you'd have to wait. I wasn't that enthralled with the characters or storyline, so I probably won't think to get the next book. I was interested in this because the sy...
  • Ludmila Marton
    Although for me not amazing, still quite an enjoyable read. There were some beautiful ideas that deserved deeper exploration ("Light wants to be free, dark wants to control"), but none came. I struggled at times to keep my attention up. The biggest problem I had with this book was the structure. It was divided into two parts that felt like two completely different stories with no conclusion, nothing that could blend together in the end. I managed...
  • Yapha
    When Timothy James leaves his front door open on a spring evening, he can't believe his eyes at the guests who come in. Straight out of Celtic mythology and into his living room come creatures he only imagined to exist. Now he, his sister, and the school bully are caught up in an adventure of mythic proportions, as they follow the cycle of the Celtic year. A little more slow moving than the Percy Jackson books, this mythical adventure will appeal...
  • Aleshia (Mad Scibrarian)
    I received a free advanced reader's copy of this book from Goodreads First Reads.I hated this book. It was incredibly dull. I did not care for the characters nor the plot. There is nothing fun or exciting about any of the main characters. It ends in a weird spot and would continue in the next book, but the problem is not resolved. Series typically should have some sort of reason for ending a book and continuing in the next, but this does not. The...
  • Polly
    I wanted to like this more than I did, but it comes off as kind of a poor man's Dark is Rising to me, and that's a shame. Partly I didn't like it more because I found the protagonist pretty annoying, but there were also some mythological bits that made me go "huh?", maybe because I'm less informed than I think I am, but anyway, some things didn't feel right to me. That said, it's very exciting, there is some good use of British mythology (mostly ...
  • Dandelionsteph
    There's a significant time gap between the first part of the book and the second part of the book, as well as a significant change in setting. Characters introduced in the first part are expanded upon in the second part, and new characters are introduced. These traits give the impression the first and second parts of the book were meant to be separate books. Mashing them together messes up the pacing. Instead of the typical pyramid-shaped dramati...
  • Dimity Monroe
    The cover is so dynamic, that I kept coming back to this book and finally read it. One of those books where just as you're about to put it down with an eye roll the author throws something at you that mildly engages your attention again. I found myself asking if it was worth reading this book to learn about Celtic mythology or should I just Wikipedia the gods and goddesses mentioned. Still debating reading the second installment, but once again t...