The Crimson Vault (Traveler's Gate, #2) by Will Wight

The Crimson Vault (Traveler's Gate, #2)

As the conflict between Enosh and Damasca builds to war, Simon finds himself caught in the middle.Alin is bound by prophecy to the Grandmasters of Enosh, but he begins to doubt his fate when he discovers that their talk of freedom hides a darker agenda.Leah has never questioned her loyalty to Damasca. Now, she finds that allegiance tested as she is forced to stand against her own rebellious brother.With these two powers on the brink of open war, ...

Details The Crimson Vault (Traveler's Gate, #2)

TitleThe Crimson Vault (Traveler's Gate, #2)
Release DateAug 27th, 2013
PublisherHidden Gnome Publishing
GenreFantasy, Epic Fantasy, Magic, Fiction

Reviews The Crimson Vault (Traveler's Gate, #2)

  • Terence
    Damasca and Enosh find themselves preparing for war. Simon is torn about who to side with, Alin or his fellow Valinhall Travelers. As all this is happening an even worse threat emerges, the Valinhall Incarnation is free and intends to kill the king and anyone he deems unworthy.The Crimson Vault was a solid sequel to the House of Blades. It suffers from being the middle book in the series as it's trying to set a lot up at once. The most disappoint...
  • Book Haunt
    The second installment of The Traveler’s Gate Trilogy opens several weeks after the events in House of Blades.In the beginning, I felt as if I had missed the first 45 minutes of a film. I thought “who are some of these people?” and “what in the heck is going on now?” I admit, that could be because about halfway through the first book, my interest waned a bit. There is a nice bit of info that was missing from book one, but this book star...
  • Jason
    5 StarsCrimson Vault, book two in the Travelers Gate series is a step up from the first novel. This series has: A coming of age story. Great world building. A likable lead that is easy to identify with.A cool main plot line.An awesome magic system.To me the magic of this book sets it apart. I am always looking for the next cool thing that can stand up with The Force, Allomancy, and of course Saidin/Saidar. Travelers are the magicians of this nove...
  • Esme
    up until 5am finishing this. review to come when im conscious again.
  • Lewis Dix
    Will Wight is a God!Holy H E Double Hockey Sticks. I've just finished The Crimson Vault and let me just say that I...kind of sort of enjoyed...okay who am I kidding?! It was amazing! Several twists that I did not see coming, cool new powers, expanded lore, everything I could of wanted in a sequel. Dang, son!!No really, Will delivered in every way possible. All I have to say in closing is SHAME ON HIM FOR MAKING ME WAIT UNTIL NEXT FRIGGIN YEAR FOR...
  • Lazybee
    Excellent read. Too many twists. Loved it.
  • Ryan Mueller
    This was another fun and exciting read. It won't win any awards for being deep or philosophical literature, but it's exactly the kind of fantasy I most enjoy reading: fun and full of action with characters I love to root for. It had been a while since a read the first book, so it took me some time to get back into the swing of things. Once I did, though, I was along for the read. Wight is a very good storyteller.Rating: 9/10
  • RC1140
    This series has gotten me fairly engaged in it, while it may not be everyone's cup of tea, I do enjoy the uniqueness of each of the territories. I do feel that everyone powers up a little bit too fast and that it felt a little too much like an anime in terms of the power curve for the characters. This didnt hurt it that much because it keeps the story moving along at a really good pace. Though some fights tend to end way faster than I would have ...
  • Torstein Rødset
    Its not often I touch anything with the "Young Adult" tag from fear of overexposure to hollow powerfantasy characters and awkward romantic plots.Lucky for me, this book is such a pleasure to read that I can overlook the shallow characters and just enjoy it.The magic system is very cool and it makes me just want to read more in the same universe. And the "over-the-top-Final-Fantasy" Battles are also very enjoyable to read.This is a very easy read ...
  • Yossi
    This book is a major improvement over the first in the series. It steers away from the YA style into the realms of fantasy. The pacing is exact, the world-building is interesting, and the plot draws you in.
  • Mahesh Nakka
    Better than first one.Like I said in the first book review, Wight's first books will be normal but then he makes things awesome and awesome from the second book.
  • Jonathan Lupa
    I liked this one better than the first, probably because there was a thematic switch in how power dynamics were playing out. Anyways, it's good for what it is.
  • Jack
    I just really have fun with this series, even though I got kind of embarrassed realizing it is somewhat if not very similar to some of the animated "Japanese- style" cartoon's. Giant swords, incredible "Pokemon" type creatures... ( no I have not watched but in passing, but this takes nothing away from the story and the enjoyment of these novels. The "territories" that the people draw power from and the "house" that is a main factor in the story a...
  • Cassie Lee
    This book is a fantastic follow-up to the previous book. The main character continues to grow in a way that is believable and entertaining. The story goes easily forward without any real lulls or feeling too rushed. I'm looking forward to the third installment, which will hopefully be out very soon
  • Kristobelle
    Great Stuff! As much fun as book one, though a little darker in tone - which I appreciated! A little tighter, a bit better structured, more evenly paced. Will Wight does an awesome job narrating his own book once again, there's something extra special about an author reading their own words. Now the wait till book #3 has audio.. The anticipation is strong!!
  • Monica
    This book is even better than the previous one. I love this unique fantasy world, and the story is exciting enough that the book was extremely hard to put down. The main character was a bit whiny at first, but he grows up pretty quick. I highly recommend this book. It's indie, so it's definitely worth the price.
  • Robby
    This book was amazing, just as strong as the previous one if not better with more back-story and lore. The characters continue to be developed and change throughout the book. Simon becomes less wishy-washy, Alin becomes less of a dick, and Leah's become a bit more honest with herself. Recommended.
  • Хинић Александар
    It's getting really interesting :))
  • Simon
    If you enjoyed the first book, then don't hesitate to pick up the second. I was hoping to see if it would pick up beyond House of Blades, but it was a bit more of the same.
  • Benjamin Espen
    The Crimson Vault starts with the same scene that initiates Simon's hero's journey in House of Blades, from the point of view of one of the other participants. If anything, this initial tragedy is even more gripping, now that we know something of who Simon is. Not only that, but we now get to see something of the character of Indirial, the Valinhall Traveler who chose to save Simon's life on that rainy day.I was moved by the very human reason tha...
  • Rinaldo
    4.25/5The Crimson Vault is the second instalment of Traveler's Gate trilogy. It picks up the plot from House of Blades while introducing new threats and expanding the world..Expanded WorldbuildingWorldbuilding is one of my favourite aspect in fantasy. I can gloss over mediocre characters if the world is really interesting. In case of Traveler's Gate, it has fairly solid characters along with fascinating Territories worldbuilding. The Crimson Vaul...
  • Farrell Keeling
    Hurtles you headfirst, smack-bang, right in the middle of the action from the get-go. Will Wight builds on his debut self-pub, House of Blades, continuing a theme of fast-paced action within a confined but expanded number of pages.Now, the story: The short of it is that Simon, (son of Kalman), now a considerably deadly Valinhall Traveler (no time to go into the whole Traveler's Territory and powers... trust me), is torn between helping the nation...
  • Rebecca Morris
    The second installment to will wights travellers trilogy really brings stuff together and allows you to see more of the amazing magic that is so different to other books. Although I lost my footing a little at the beginning I soon gained it again once the action really kicked off and things where more explained. Simon really seems like he has progressed as a fighter, but you soon discover he still has a long way to go to have the power and skills...
  • Victoria
    **spoilers, for my own records**Damn. Alin, an incarnation. Leah, the queen. Her father, zakareth, still alive at the end, but the new Ragnarus incarnation?I enjoyed how there's no real "good" side -- although the Enosh are definitely bad, and super cult-y, and just want to release the incarnations to destroy everything. The Ragnarus kingdom definitely isn't good, but the sacrifices were for the greater good, to keep the incarnations imprisoned.....
  • Russell Gray
    I really enjoyed this book and I'm also very impressed by the fact that the author kept me keyed in during the Leah and Alin pov sections as well. I personally found Simon to be the most interesting character and the events surrounding him to be the most interesting as well (House of Blades > City of Elysia imo) and it's honestly a problem that I find myself having often with books that employ two or two pov characters: I couldn't give 2 shits ab...
  • Rosie Rizk
    Great magical world. Awesome action and world building. The characters aren't too complex, but they're fleshed out enough, and the action is thoroughly engaging, that you don't notice it. In the last book of this series, Simon, the MC, gains a lot more in character and purpose, so I recommend reading to the end. As for the action, I tend to skim war scenes to get the gist and move on, instead of reading my way through a slog of sword slashings an...
  • Philip Mastandrea
    An improvement upon the first book in the trilogy. Much more is explained to us. My biggest problem with this one is the two main characters, Simon and Alin, could have had such a more impactful relationship through the series, but we only got a few pages (if that) in the first book to set up their relationship. Are they friends? Are they frenemies? Did Alin look down on Simon? Did Alin ignore Simon? We don't really know and with a few more chapt...
  • Alec North
    I read Will Wight's Unsouled series before I started these books and really wanted more of that world. These books were written before that series, and I think that Wight's progress as a writer can be seen if you compare the two. The book isn't bad by any means. I'm enjoying the story and the writing isn't bad. It just feels a little flat. That being said it is still an entertaining ride and I plan on finishing the series.
  • Hannah Stoutenburg
    Fun for the most part, although it dragged at some points. Love that Wight reads the audiobooks himself -- he's very talented.Major gripe about this book? "Five minutes ago, Simon would have....but now, he.....""A week ago, Leah would have....but now, she....."Oh my god we get it. The characters and circumstances changed. That's how time works. STOP DOING THAT.But that major gripe is actually pretty minor so on to book 3!
  • Angela
    Even though I've scored this book lower then the first book I liked it more. We still don't really know what's going although we've found out who is who and what the consequences from the first book were. There were some unexpected plot twists especially with Alin's character. I'm not sure if I'm going to continue with the next book right now but will read the next book to finish the trilogy soon.