Don't Shoot, It's Only Me by Bob Hope

Don't Shoot, It's Only Me

Bob Hope has been cheered and loved by two generations of America's fighting men and women. He has counted among his friends an amazing group of notables--from Rita Hayworth to Brook Shields, from Franklin D. Roosevelt to George Bush. In this honest and touching book, he recounts the laughs and heartaches of his exceptional show business career.

Details Don't Shoot, It's Only Me

TitleDon't Shoot, It's Only Me
Release DateMar 1st, 1991
PublisherThorndike Press
GenreNonfiction, Biography, Humor, Biography Memoir, Autobiography, Memoir

Reviews Don't Shoot, It's Only Me

  • Jean
    This was a fun book to read. I found myself laughing frequently. As I was reading I began to realize that this might be a generational type book. Most of Hope’s monologues and jokes were about current affairs as well as about politicians, actors and current movies. Therefore, younger generations may not relate unless they are interested in the history of WWII, Korean and Viet Nam Wars.The book contains lots of photographs. The book ranges from ...
  • Jon
    I was skeptical about reading this because, at 42, I am not really in Bob Hope's fan base age range - in other words, he was at the tail end of his career when I was a young adult and, though I had nothing against him, he wasn't someone I was really drawn to. Thinking that, for a dollar (!), it would be worth it for the pictures and to skim through, at least, I picked it up. Well.... it was utterly delightful and surprisingly touching. Bob's styl...
  • Anna Ligtenberg
    ISBN 0515105651 - Bob Hope is always funny, even when he's not being funny. And, oddly, he's always sappy - even when he's being funny. I cannot imagine anyone reading this without laughing out loud with a tear in their eye.From 1938 to 1990, spanning a career that spanned the globe and a lifetime, Don't Shoot, It's Only Me tells a story that literally touches everyone. From Pearl Harbor to the Korean War, battles that have shaped both this count...
  • Patti
    Bob Hope says: "One of the reason for writing this book is to tell a whole generation that what happened before they were born does matter."And that's exactly what he did for me. I went page after page saying "Hey - did you know that Thanksgiving was moved up a week at one point?" "Did you know that 'Charlie' came from VC (Viet Cong) - which has the handle of 'Victor Charlie'?"The book is written with the set up/delivery that I love so much from ...
  • Tim
    I picked this up at a yard sale a few years ago. I’ve always enjoyed Mr. Hope’s movies and TV appearances. In 1970, while I was stationed in Cu Chi, Mr. Hope gave a show. While I didn’t get to see it, it was broadcast over AFVN TV. He and his troupe went on nonstop for two hours or more, typically pared down to an hour for network broadcast. His monologue was a good 15-20 minutes and had a healthy number of, well, let’s say, “adult” j...
  • Bev Murphy
    I really enjoyed this book written by Bob Hope about his experiences from his first radio show on the Pepsodent Hour to all his shows for the troupes from WW1 through the Persian Gulf. It brought back to mind many wonderful entertainers that I grew up watching on TV and some of the not so wonderful events in history of the 60's and 70's. If you enjoyed Bob as an entertainer and like history this is a book for you.
  • Armelle
    This is a memoir of Bob Hope's years of presenting shows to service men and women. It's interesting, but choppy. Like his shows, which mostly consisted of one-line jokes, this book is a long series of "one-line" (okay, two or three line...) stories.
  • Rebecca O'Donnell
    I love how he uses humor to heal and stay sane.
  • Liberty
    Bob Hope is definitely one of the most overrated comedians of recents years. However this is incorrect. Despite his huge fame, he is in many ways one of the most underrated comedians of recent years. People know the name, Bob Hope, well. But I feel like most of them (whether they love him or hate him) have absolutely no idea of the impact he had on American culture during the 20th century. It was simply massive. In this book, you get a good glimp...
  • KennyO
    For an older generation, say pre-Viet Nam, add a star. This is Hope as told by Hope, i.e. zinger by zinger. There's no question about his great contribution to military and Naval morale from WWII into Viet Nam. Hope and his entertainment troupers gave yeoman service offstage as well as on and he gives us his POV of that here. Hope was an exceptionally talented and active man in many fields throughout his life. He surrounded himself with genuine t...
  • Shane
    Wow! It really gives you an appreciation for what entertainers went through to give our troops a little morale booster. Though they could have stayed safely state-side, so many of these great people went into the belly of the beast in every conflict for DECADES. I suppose spending a few months out of the house, travelling abroad with Frances Langford or Raquel Welch might off-set being shot at or bombed, but that could just be me. Sometimes these...
  • Tlingit
    I grew up watching Bob Hope. My Grandfather liked him probably because he did many appearances with Bing Crosby. This book though is really more interesting than I thought it would be. It takes the reader through WWII through the Vietnam War since Hope traveled to entertain the troops extensively. Hope started out in Vaudeville and worked his way into radio before television was even born. I actually find this book to be a piece of history that a...
  • Lance
    I bought this book expecting it to be a standard autobiography. But while it is autobiographical, it sticks to the half century Hope spent touring with the USO. The most remarkable thing about the book is Hope's ability to recall his experiences down to the smallest details, including which jokes he gave at which locations. Throughout the book Hope is the eternal optimist, confident that each war, conflict or "police action" was taking us another...
  • Sharon
    One of Bob Hope's many biographies. I picked it up because something I read recently piqued my interest in him. This was largely a history of the twentieth century told through one-liners. This one focused on Hope's work with the USO. He toured military bases through all of the armed conflicts of the 20th century. His respect for the American soldiers comes through every line - especially the hospital scenes. His false modesty was a bit wearing, ...
  • Cindy
    Wow! History and Humor all on the same page and in the same book. Fascinating. Loved it.
  • Marilyn
    Ultimate Reading Challenge 2016. A book by a comedian.This book is primarily about Bob Hope's work with the USO during WWII, the Korean War, and the Vietnam War. He talks a great deal about those who accompanied him on these trips and a bit about the danger. There is also a little bit about his work on radio, his movies, and his TV show.
  • Darlis
    THIS IS THE FUNNIEST HISTORY BOOK I EVER READ!!I used to have it as an option for my history class. Of course if they don't know Bob Hope's timing, they don't really get the humor--but it is laugh-out-loud hilarious
  • Shae
    Good, It captures Bob Hopes comedy so well but I just wasn't totally in the spirit and only got about half thru. I am setting it to the side for later. It did get me on a Road Movie kick though. Seriously, Road to Bali...Comic gold.
  • G.
    My daughters been watching alot of Bob Hope movies (go figure) but the guy was king of the one liners. Here is a fascinating look at the evolution of the USO shows he helped create and as a result, a fascinating look at the different wars of the 20th century.
  • Queen
    Adam read this book before bed for a few months instead of watching MASH when I was really tired and needed quiet. Adam said he liked it so much that he'd read it again!
  • Jay
    Got it from the library along time ago and it was good. Will read it again.
  • Heather
    I've read this book at least 5 times!
  • Mary Catherine
    If you enjoy history, you will love Bob's comical commentary on the 40's through 60's. He entertained U.S. service men and women for nearly 6 decades.
  • Curt Raymond
    Fantastic read. Hope really did a lot for the USA, 40 years of USO shows...
  • Steve Cawelti
    A nice read. A little too jokey for me, but still brought some of the history to life from a legend's self-deprecating perspective.
  • John
    this book is about bob hopes comedy tour of the allied base's in wprld war 2. it is a funny and sad account of bringing light to a dark time.
  • Mike
    This is a tremendously funny and poignant look at Bob Hope's journeys with the USO from WWII through the Persian Gulf. Really good stuff for any history buff or comedy fan.