I Am That Girl by Alexis Jones

I Am That Girl

In a crazy, media distracted world the important questions often get lost like: What’s your passion? What’s your purpose? Who do you want to be? Alexis Jones has built a career listening to and helping girls around the world figure out those questions in order to inspire them to think for themselves, to speak their truth, to discover their purpose, and to dream HUGE! Alexis believes that you’re not broken nor do you need to be fixed. You al...

Details I Am That Girl

TitleI Am That Girl
Release DateMar 18th, 2014
PublisherEvolve Publishing
GenreNonfiction, Self Help, Personal Development, Feminism, Business

Reviews I Am That Girl

  • Nicole
    I very rarely spend time reviewing books I dislike, but I feel that this one deserves at least an explanation for the two stars. I appreciate the sentiments Jones is trying to get across about empowering women and supporting one another through tough times, however it seems that she is blinded to the barriers that face women without her privilege. Jones seems very blind to additional forms of societal oppression that face women who may live in po...
  • Lisamarie Landreth
    What was set-up to be the community building manifesto for generation Y delivered little more than a fluffy pep-talk comprised of pedestrian quotes and cliches with the attribution errors of a tumblr feed.Disappointing and skippable, however the cover looks gorgeous on my bookshelf!
  • Miss.lilly
    I loved reading "I am that Girl" because it really inspires! Throughout the whole books there are a lot of ideas and perspectives to rethink your goals and current status, to find ways of improving. Only minus: some of the the storys shared by Jones are "too perfect". Although she says she is making mistakes as well, her actions and examples seem way too flawless and over the top (like when she "saved" the waitress and the way she talked to the g...
  • Kerstinloves
    I absolutely LOVED this book and am kinda sad that I already finished it. Really, this is one of those books EVERY girl should have read at least once in her lifetime. This book is so encouraging and authentic. I feel like I own the world and am able to do/achieve whatever I desire. Alexis Jones made me gain confidence and respect for myself during that book. She taught me to believe in myself and that I should pursue my dreams. What I loved most...
  • Jessica
    As I have been feeling out of place and a little lost the past few months I so happen to run across this book and preordered it through Amazon because one of my favorite actresses Sophia Busch writes the forward.. I found myself each day following helpful steps from the book and also found that the deeper I was reading the more motivated it made me for day to day living as well as pushing me to pursue my passions/dreams. I feel blessed to have st...
  • Kelli
    Best for a young 20 something starting out.
  • Davinia
    This book is literally one giant pep talk. It took me forever to finish, because it's not really binge reading material, but rather something to read a chapter here and there. There are not many groundbraking new realizations, just a lot of positive energy. Alexis really emphasizes the importance of hard work and I agree that this is essential, but her work ethic is something else (and I don't necessarily agree with some of her suggested practice...
  • Jessi Huenink
    This book is best suited for young women, late high school or college. I love the message Alexis shares of loving each other and being cheerleaders rather than competing. And also about gracefully failing.
  • amilliontotwo
    I don't usually write reviews but for this book I have to make an exception. Because this book? It's a game changer, ladies. Every girl/woman (no matter which age) should take the time to read this book at least once in their life.This book will help you find your path, teach you how to appreciate the little things, show you how even changing little things can go a long way and mostly to dream big and never stop. It encourages you to put yourself...
  • Emily Hopkins
    In I AM THAT GIRL, Alexis Jones helps you find your purpose, what you want in life and who you want to be. The book is separated into two parts with different chapters in each section. This book is funny and very inspiring. There needs to be more Alexis Jones' in this world.As you read, Jones discusses how to live your life to the fullest, to find your purpose and be that girl. I really liked how Jones added in stories from other women. I also lo...
  • Erica
    I was clearly not the target market for this book. Before reading I had no clue who Alexis Jones was, or that there was an organization called "I Am That Girl." All I knew was that it was under my Amazon recommendations, and Goodreads hadn't steered my wrong with books that had a rating higher than 4.0; this just made the cut. The description also said Alexis helped women "ages 8 to 80" so I gave it a shot. If I were under 20, I might have enjoye...
  • Samantha Greer
    I LOVED THIS BOOK! Alexis Jones helps girls of all ages find their carve their own path in life. Its a book for girls to harvest their passion and run with it. Throughout the book the language is as empowering as the message. The words stick with the reader and follow them around. I have caught myself several times in moments of weakness thinking, “Be Hard-Core”, “Soak it all up”, or “I am enough”. These little phrases stick with me t...
  • Andrea
    I couldn't do it. I had to give up on this. I had a hard time reading it. I liked the premise of it and I found many useful concepts and quotes, but the author's voice was unbearable. Her perspective was narrowminded, entitled, and privileged. I couldn't bring myself to appreciate her points of view and I couldn't take her seriously. I really wanted to get through this book and give it a chance, but I did not like how I felt when I read it. It's ...
  • Tracy
    I really, really enjoyed this book! As a 40 something woman it really gave me back some of the drive and confidence we can lose as everyday life takes hold of us. Like many of you here I to have highlighted throughout this book. Very inspirational. A big thank you to the Paper and Glam Book Club because I would have never picked this book up if not for you.
  • Kristy Pavlichko
    I finally did it. After following Alexis Jones and her nonprofit, I AM THAT GIRL on social media for so long, I finally sat down to read her book. Inspiring, eye opening, and magnificent are just a few words to describe this book. While I don’t believe Alexis represents all girls because some may never experience the privilege that Alexis has, I do believe that all girls of any age should read this book. Alexis talks about being “that girl”...
  • Nicole
    This book was very inspiring and I believe every woman could relate to some, if not all, of this book. I would even consider it to now be my “woman’s bible” as I have so many quotes/sections marked, highlighted, and dogeared that spoke out to me the most, so I can continue to refer back to them. Alexis does an amazing job of carrying you through this book, along with countless stories and quotes from so many different kinds of relatable wom...
  • Sarah Guarini
    I skim-read this as fast as possible, hoping there would be something to help with a potential career-pivot for myself (because the title suggests that it will do so). But all it was was fluffy pep-talks and repeated phrases like “you can do it! Don’t make excuses! Just eat healthy and exercise and you’ll fell better!” There were two pages about career exploration/ expansion, and even those had the super-obvious advice to explore and spen...
  • Eileen
    A sweet, really encouraging book that makes me want to be my best self and to connect with other women to support each other. Even though it's filled with personal stories not just from the author, but from many other very successful women, it's not just feel-good rah-rah content.My best takeaway was the concrete explanation and tips for getting a mentor/mentors to help you on your personal journey because that's something I'm personally lacking ...
  • Angie Karsama
    This book took me a looong time to read, but mostly on my own account and distraction. Maybe the book wasn’t as intriguing to consistently pick it up? I feel like overall it is worth reading if you’re just starting your career, college, or young adult self. I’d say that I resonated with a lot of the stories overall! I tried to research this women empowerment movement post reading and didn’t find much recent news...so not sure if this book...
  • Heidi
    The book was one giant pep talk that was super disappointing to me. It took me three months to get through it because it was very difficult to read because it wasn’t engaging. I would not recommend this for women in their twenties but I think it is more applicable for teenagers. I didn’t really learn anything, it was mostly fluff. Also several misattribute quotes which comes off as very unprofessional. I did enjoy the section about learning t...
  • Lisa
    This one took me a while to read, but I think that's mainly because I had to get my mind in the right place first. When I picked it up in May I was at a very low point in my life...I wanted a book that would "fix me" or tell me what I was doing "wrong." As time has passed I've gotten stronger and this time when I picked it up I was ready to receive the message it sent, and I breezed right through the second half of the book with ease. Geared towa...
  • KelliJo 🌺
    "I Am That Girl" is well worth the read. This is a book that every woman should own. I found this book to be one I couldn't put down. Inside this book's pages are wonderful life lessons, and positive affirmations that have the power to change your way of thinking, build your strength, & remind you of how special you are. I really enjoyed this book.Comment
  • Katie
    Not original content, while I loved the idea of this book, I just couldn't get all the way through some of the rough writing, without feeling like I was receiving any new ideas or impact from the book. I had hoped to find in it something to the serious pump up like You are a Bad Ass, but I wasn't even able to finish this book without feeling a bit bored.
  • Tracy
    As someone who doesn’t typically read this genre of books, I found that I enjoyed it more than I thought I would. There are many different stories from different women included, which was what I found most inspiring. Overall a great, quick read that leaves you feeling inspired. A good way to kick of my 2018 reading list!
  • Rebecca Viner
    There are plenty of good lessons in here and would be great for a teenager or someone in her early twenties. Whilst it certainly would be a “feel good” book, some of life’s challenges (such as discrimination) aren’t covered. My 3-star rating is because I’m almost 26 and just felt I was a bit out of the target audience.
  • Alaa Alsharif
    I have read this book at least 5 times at this point. Every time I’m feeling sad or frustrated with my life I read this book and learn (again and again) how to manage my expectations and how to do things I want to do the right way. I highly recommend this book!
  • Regina
    A great book for women to grow into a personal growth stage. Being a women power, finding out what you want in your life and who you want to become. Also - showing the world what you are capable of doing but, also being humble.
  • Diah R
    4 starsI Am That Girl was your next door neighbour compared to the wildly popular cheerleader #girlboss. It was more down to earth, imo, and 8 reckoned I got more inspiration here to my day to day life.
  • Kristina
    I love the idea behind I Am That Girl but thought the book was only okay. Not my favorite "empowering book". The advice given is a little bit shallow and overall I didn't find the book hugely inspiring.
  • Whitney
    A lot of this was motivational and a lot of it was not applicable to a mom in her 30s. however I did appreciate the comments about how to create a tribe of supportive women and how to be the one who changes the dynamic of a group trajectory.