The Batman Chronicles, Vol. 3 by Bill Finger

The Batman Chronicles, Vol. 3

Batman stalked the night, using his frightening appearance, supreme physical training and incomparable detective skills to bring criminals to justice. This book collects early adventures of one of the world's greatest heroes.

Details The Batman Chronicles, Vol. 3

TitleThe Batman Chronicles, Vol. 3
Release DateMay 1st, 2007
GenreSequential Art, Comics, Graphic Novels, Dc Comics, Batman, Comic Book, Superheroes, Graphic Novels Comics, Fiction

Reviews The Batman Chronicles, Vol. 3

  • Patrick
    I'm surprised how great these early issues of Batman and Robin, the boy wonder, are! I'm really enjoying these!!
  • Gary Butler
    64th book read in 2014.Number 268 out of 407 on my all time book list.Follow the link below to see my video review:
  • Jay
    The third volume of The Batman Chronicles is mostly Batman and Robin clearing the city of small time crooks and gangsters. Some of the classic villains, like the Joker, Dr. Strange, and Clayface (who is a pretty lame villain) make returns, but that is only about 25% of the stories. But even though many of the cmoics are very similar, the third installment is an improvement over volume two. I'll give a short review of each story.1. Dr. Strange's F...
  • Matthew Lloyd
    I considered trying to write this review from the perspective of a child in the early 1940s. A time when these comics would have become available monthly, when superheroes were less ubiquitous, when there was less on television (but it might have been less terrible, I don't know) or other forms of entertainment, when there was a war on (but the US hadn't joined yet, so maybe the American child could ignore it). But that's not the context in which...
  • Adam Graham
    This book collects the early Batman stories from Detective Comics #46-50 and Batman #4 and #5, as well as World's Best Comics #1 as it continues to collect Batman stories in order. This book covers the period from December 1940-June 1941These stories are not as good as those in the previous two Batman volumes. Outside of two battles with the Joker, one with Hugo Strange, and one with the Golden Age Clayface, the book mostly features Batman battli...
  • Jennifer
    The art is crude, hasty to the point of expressionistic and radically dark but the stories are still compelling. They retain a freahness, portraying a world of 1940's America that is gone but salted with some fantastic elements like the fairy book world, witches or devil thieves. There are probably too many pedestrian criminal stories although the noir atmosphere is fun, the criminals are no match for the mantled pair. The Joker shows up several ...
  • David Bales
    Wonderful Batman and Robin comic book stories from 1939 to 1941, with the dynamic duo primarily mixing it up with gangsters, but also with Nazi spies, Clayface and naturally, the Joker. Why no one was ever able to figure out that the gormless playboy Bruce Wayne was actually the Batman, no one can say. And with the amount of smoking that Wayne does, why didn't he die of lung cancer in 1957?
  • Tosh
    Batman and the troublesome Robin vol. 3. Again, it's fascinating to see how the Batman comic book changed over the years. In vol. 3, the stories and the drawing became more proto-pop art lookin'. Oversize sets, more Bat-equipment of all sorts. One is starting to lose the uniqueness of Batman's personality - and Robin, what is that about?
  • Daniel Butcher
    This volume is a whole lot of Batman fighting petty crime; theft with the occasional murder. In addition there are some fantasy stories that fall a little flat for me.The Batmobile makes its appeareance and is no longer red.Bruce Wayne smokes!The best stories are all Joker related.
  • Dax
    Good collection, really showed Batman's feelings towards Robin.
  • Geri
    Still enjoying these issues compiled from the 40s. They are so much fun and remind me of the 60s TV show.
  • Ron Sadowski
    Read 1/30/08
  • Robert Ferguson
    Robin sucks.