Dead to Me (The Heir Chronicles, #3.5) by Cinda Williams Chima

Dead to Me (The Heir Chronicles, #3.5)

Peace just doesn't work for some people.Dead to Me is a 10-page short story that connects The Dragon Heir to The Enchanter Heir. It picks up with Leesha Middleton on, as she would say, "the blind date from hell."The date gets worse when she encounters the magically damaged, undead victims of the Thorn Hill Massacre for the first time. Cinda Williams Chima's new book The Enchanter Heir (10.1.13) is the first of two new Heir Chronicles novels in wh...

Details Dead to Me (The Heir Chronicles, #3.5)

TitleDead to Me (The Heir Chronicles, #3.5)
Release DateSep 1st, 2013
GenreFantasy, Young Adult, Magic, Short Stories, Novella

Reviews Dead to Me (The Heir Chronicles, #3.5)

  • Tressa (Wishful Endings)
    I really love these books. This is more of just an excerpt, but I still really enjoyed it. It's only 12 pages and gives a little bit of an after to the last book and introduces a new character and a new danger. I forgot what happened at the end of the last book, so I might need to go back and read the last couple of chapters to get back up to date. Clean.
  • Preethi
    (Originally posted at**Actual Rating**: 4 stars**Book Format**: PDFDead to Me is a 10-page novella linking The Dragon Heir to The Enchanter Heir. I'm very grateful for this because, as you might recall, I complained about the different characters in the two books just a while ago on one of my Waiting on Wednesday memes. So thank you so much Cinda for actually making the transition easier on your eager fans. Th...
  • KrisC
    It is a great tease to get readers in the mindset for Enchanter Heir, aka Heir Chronicles Book 4. This short story is true Cinda Williams Chima, intense and funny, yet not corny. You download it from its page in Goodreads, look on the upper right corner; once loaded, I chose to "open in iBooks."
  • Pam
    I had the pleasure of reading this early. Cinda Williams Chima weaves stories of pure gold and this short is no exception. As usual, a supremely enjoyable read.
  • Katharine
    I want to read Enchanter Heir SO BAD now!
  • A. M.
    This was great, but alas, soooo short! I cannot wait to read The Enchanter Heir, needless to say.
  • Liz
    Hard to rate something where not much happens - this is a short, 10-page PDF available for free. I read it immediately following Dragon Heir and is meant to bridge that book to Enchanter Heir (which I haven't read yet - so can't speak to the bridge).**SPOILER ALERT for DRAGON HEIR**I had hoped I might learn how Jason didn't actually die. Nope.
  • Amy
    I feel weird adding this as a "book" that I read....but I did read it.It's a quick story. A vignette, if you will. I mean, really quick. It's nice. It's fine. It seems somewhat superfluous, but maybe that changes with book #5?
  • Jessica
    A great look into Leesha's thoughts and feelings following the end of the third book, and a nice tease of the events that will take place in the future.
  • Jeannie Walker
    I can honestly say I am an award-winning songwriter (but I declined to tour and be famous) - Yes, I might have been crazy and out of my mind to turn that career down. I did not believe in fortune-tellers (until I encountered one who was actually clairvoyant). So when I learned that New York Times best selling author Cinda Williams Chima comes from a long line of fortune-tellers, musicians and spinners of tales - I had to check out her work.I thin...
  • Sarah
    Classic. This was honestly the definition of just the classic connector between two stories, honestly. The story is over, wrapped up, done. But your fans don't want it that way (they never do) so you continue your series. And of course, also you need to do is add some creature we've never heard of before. There you go, a new story. I wouldn't necessarily consider this a bad thing, just a... Predictable thing, you be the judge. Despite the classic...
  • Janelle
    This is a 12 page itty bitty lil’ bite- size novella. Well, actually, its ten pages as two of them consist of pictures. Any-who, although I adore Miss Cinda Williams Chima, I was never a particular fan of her Heir series because of how it changed the main character every book. However, this itty bitty lil’ bite- sized story has once again kindled my Chima-loving soul! Which means I get to go through and read the first three books again! Wahoo...
  • Emily
    I was never a big fan of Leesha, but after The Dragon Heir's events I felt some compassion for her. After all, feeling guilty all the time and having your sort-of-boyfriend dying isn't the best thing in the world. Dead to Me makes me like her more, even if it's just 10 pages long, and I'm super curious about the vampire-zombies sucking magic out of wizards and also the dudes who show up at the horror-boat to make it stop. Also, I really like Cind...
  • Meaghan R. (YA-aholic)
    fast paced and a nice little intro to what the heck is going on in the next book, ITHOUT giving anything away...i really liked coming across this scene in The Enchanter Heir...the only thing that would have been better: some sort of brief summary of what happened in the previous's been about 8 years since i read these last...i remembered some things, but definitely not a whole lot...i actually spent a day researching what major things ...
  • Maggie
    I read all of the books in the "Heir" series. This short story was written to tie the two stories. I honestly think she should have started a new story. The last installment goes way off the main story. The introduction to the the Enchanted Heir connected by Leesha? Leesha is investigating the whole seen from the kids from the Montessori incident... Hello! You would think she should have connected the whole zombie thing after being witness to it ...
  • Leanne
    Leesha is my favorite character in this series so it's great to have something in her voice, even a short story like this. And it makes me very excited for the Enchanter Heir - I hope there's more how she's handling life after the Battle, and after Jason. But wtf this needed some editing. I'm not sure if it was my format, but there was more than one punctuation typo, and some of the structure felt unpolished. But it was enjoyable.
  • Scott
    This is a short story that supposedly bridges the gaps between The Dragon Heir and The Enchanter Heir (which I haven't read so I don't know how successfully it bridges the gap). It's a story about Leesha on a first date that gets interrupted by vampire zombies who feed on magic - it's not as corny as it sounds.Decent story that is recommended if you are reading the series. If you aren't reading the series then you'll be utterly lost so don't read...
  • Nina
    Though Alicia isn't a favorite character of mine's in the series (sorry but I don't think the change of her character from bad to good was written very well), this short novella wasn't that bad. Liked the chess scene with her aunt Milli, it was cute! LOL the zombie thing was sort of random though... However, seeing as it ties with the next book, I can't really judge.
  • Fatima
    Even though it's just 10 pages, this is a great excerpt to get you into the mindset for the fourth book, The Enchanter Heir. It introduces you to the main character and gives you a peek into what the main concept of the fourth book might be. Overall, this is a great, fun, and light six-minute read!
  • Kate
    While I appreciate the free short story, the quality of writing just isn't as high as I remember it being in Chima's first novels. Maybe the short story was rushed--it's obviously a marketing ploy, perhaps they gave her a short deadline--but it was a bit of a let down for me. Looking forward to the new novels, though.
  • Ally
    It is interesting, and it brings the rising of a new enemy. I like how short it is, and the introduction of some new characters. It isn't a bad thing...In November... Short books are wonderful. Rating: Four out of Five
  • The Owlery (Elizabeth)
    At only 10 pages this novvella is super hard to review! It did a great job of Connecting The Dragon Heir and The Enchanter Heir. The information in this novella was not necessary but helped certain plot points in The Dragon Heir and The Sorcerer Heir make more sense!
  •  Marla
    This is more like a chapter than a short story. I did like the Warrior series, so it did make me look for the next book.Just a quick 10 page short about Leesha Middleton encountering magic stealing zombies.
  • Tucker
    Not having read anything else in this series, the installment #3.5 free tidbit was a little bewildering, but I learned that wizards are just like regular people.Quote: "What's more disgusting than a zombie? A vampire zombie that feeds on magic."
  • Kathryn
    I am all for short stories. I love the way that they compress a timeline and get to the heart of both character and plot in so few words. But I HATE teasers disguised as short stories. And no matter how much I love Cinda and her writing, this “short story” had a critical lack of “story.”
  • Carson M.
    Very short of a story, but that makes sense because it takes place right after the 3rd book, the Dragon Heir, which I just finished reading. This really makes me interested in reading the next book, the Enchanter Heir.
  • Ellie Dynek
    An extremely interesting short story written between two books of one of the most interesting series I have ever read. I absolutely can't wait to start reading the "Enchanter Heir"!
  • Alex