Lost Weekend (Rocked, #3.5) by Clara Bayard

Lost Weekend (Rocked, #3.5)

When Joe surprises Liss with a trip to New York for just the two of them, she's over the moon. He's thought of everything, and a little time alone is exactly what the couple needs. But when the trapping of his fame intrude and the reality of dating a rock star hits her again, Liss risks falling into bad old habits - running away when things get hard. But a chance meeting with an old friend changes everything and provides new perspective, remindin...

Details Lost Weekend (Rocked, #3.5)

TitleLost Weekend (Rocked, #3.5)
Release DateSep 5th, 2013
PublisherRising Books
GenreMusic, Musicians

Reviews Lost Weekend (Rocked, #3.5)

  • Emma
    2.5 stars
  • LaDonna
    I suppose I should read some more of this series to really make an informed review, but I just had an urge for some rocker romance, and picked this one off amazon for "similar" to one I had read and loved. This is a very short, very quick read and honestly doesn't have a lot going on in this reader's opinion. I can sympathize with Liss, but in this brief novella, I didn't really get much of a chance to know her at all and found her body obsession...
  • Erika Hoemke
    Too shortSuch a sweet little snippet of a story about Liss and Joe. It was great to see Beth and I hope to read more about her as well!! Maybe there still is a future for her and Rick. We shall see when his story is told. I hope to read more about Liss and Joe soon!!!
  • Amanda
    It was great to read about Liss and Joe again, and we got a glimpse into Rick's fling with Beth. Kind of makes me excited to read more about Rick. I have a feeling his story will be an emotional one, and high tension.Anywho this was a cute short story of a weekend get away for Joe and Liss.
  • Natalie Townsend
    It is always great to read about the members of Dream Defiled. I liked how we got a little insight about Rick. Hopefully we get to read his story later on. Liss and Joe make a great couple and hopefully we get to hear more about their story through the other guys in the bands books.
  • Lora J.
    You know what I'm going to say, I love ur books it was a very good short read for me thx lol and I can't wait til u get ricks story done I'm so excited now he may finally find love with his grumpy self
  • Dawn Marshall
    joe and liss seem to be finally sorting themselves out. easy read.
  • Dawn Pressel
    This wasn't even a complete story just more Liss being immature and the girl has zero confidence.
  • Dawn
    Now I only hope Liss and Joe make it. This little snippet was nice to read and without the band being around :)
  • Thara
    Not needed to end the series on a high note.
  • April-lynn Brandt
    Great readI just can't get enough of Joe and Kiss. This was a short but great read. I can't wait till the next!!
  • Susan Dashner
    September 2014
  • Sue Brooks
    Loved it...
  • Gabby
    Nice, shorty...