The Third Option (Mitch Rapp, #4) by Vince Flynn

The Third Option (Mitch Rapp, #4)

Mitch Rapp, CIA's top counterterrorism operative, is sent on his final mission. His target, a German Industrialist who has been selling sensitive equipment to the worlds most notorious sponsors of terrorism.

Details The Third Option (Mitch Rapp, #4)

TitleThe Third Option (Mitch Rapp, #4)
Release DateFeb 24th, 2020
GenreFiction, Thriller, Action

Reviews The Third Option (Mitch Rapp, #4)

  • Matthew
    Entertaining. Not quite as enjoyable or "complete" and the last Flynn book I read. This book seemed to be a lot more back story and prep for future books than a self contained story. That being said, I did like the book okay and it read very quickly once I got into it. It is a story of government corruption and political intrigue that takes place about a year after the last book. For 400 pages the action seemed kind of limited - unlike the last b...
  • James Thane
    As a general rule, I often enjoy movies about super-stud, kick-ass spies like James Bond or Jason Bourne, who are often caught up in labyrinthian plots where everyone is betraying everyone else and you never know who to trust. But for whatever reason, I've never been very fond of books about these sorts of characters. The characters often seem very one-dimensional and the plots are so completely over the top that I just can't suspend disbelief lo...
  • Ed
    I often ask myself what is it that I enjoy about the "Mitch Rapp" series by Vince Flynn. I read these books in two or three days and feel like I've just had a proverbial Chinese meal two hours after which I'm hungry again. I guess I just flat out enjoy the simple good versus evil plotting and the predictability of knowing Rapp will win out in the end, no matter how impossible his situation seems. In this volume, Rapp is bedeviled by political ope...
  • Mike (the Paladin)
    No apologies, I'm a Vince Flynn fan. He rasies hackles in some circles simply when his name is mentioned, but if you'll give him a fair read you might be surprised. This is a frank story, Mitch Rapp has been sent on an assassination mission, only to be betrayed. Who's behind it? Who ordered it? and later in the book, who's tying up all those pesky loose ends? No all the democrats aren't bad guys and all the republicans aren't good guys. The polit...
  • Paul O'Neill
    Awesome!! Very well written. This is the closest you'll get to 24. Flew through this and can't wait to start the next one.
  • Jim
    Abridged. Ugh. I hate it when that's not well displayed. This sort of book doesn't abridge well. It just makes all the tropes that much more obvious & this series has enough trouble with those anyway. Don't get me wrong, it's a fun action series, but that's all it is. There's never a real twist, just the hero doing heroic things & rising from the sewage where he's landed into the presidential rose garden one time after another. Abridging it turns...
  • Marcie
    This second Mitch Rapp novel has got serious, annoying problems.3rd Option – I did not like this 3rd book in the series. Anna, who has become Mitch's love interest, is an idiot and gets herself taken by the bad guys. Mitch wants to quit and marry her. This whole idea of Mitch in a real romance does not work for me. Bad guy Sen. Hank Clark gets away in the end. Flynn tries to connect all the people in previous books, like a dumb romance novel. R...
  • Rob
    Book 4 in the Mitch Rapp series.This is, yet again, another ripping yarn staring Mitch Rapp.Whilst it’s an exciting read I start to see a pattern developing here. Mitch gets sent of to rid the world of a very nasty piece of work but, as before, things don’t go to plan. The nasty piece of work is dispatched but a member his Mitch’s team tries to dispatch Mitch at the same time. Fortunately for the reader, and the book, Mitch survives this at...
  • Zoeytron
    James Bond would probably kill to get his hands on Mitch Rapp's custom-made leather overcoat. Weighing in at 23 pounds, it has all manner of hidden compartments and pockets that house extra passports, money in various currencies, an encrypted radio, weapons, extra ammo, a speaker and microphone cunningly sewn into the lapel, and more. Bond wouldn't stand a chance against Mitch Rapp, of course. The overcoat stays with our guy, thank you very much....
  • Corey
    A great addition to the Mitch Rapp series. It was a little hard to follow for a while and I was quite lost, but after a few chapters it started to pick up the pace. In The Third Option Flynn shows us more of his political views, which I found intriguing. I'm guessing that Separation of Power, the next book in the series will pick up where The Third Option left off. I'm taking a short break from the Mitch Rapp series because I've read the first 4 ...
  • Ashish Iyer
    After reading Flynn's first three books, American Assassin,Kill Shot and Transfer Of Power, I was looking forward to another tale of non-stop action and thrills. Much to my surprise, however, The Third Option,was a bit disappointment. The plot was dragged out and the action was neither very exciting nor frequent enough. Further, the biggest letdown in this book pertained to it's conclusion -- or lack thereof. The Third Option ends leaving the rea...
  • Byron Washington
    Mitch Rapp or Jack Reacher? Jack Reacher or Mith Rapp? What a helluva conundrum, and in this case that's a good thing!!! You can never get enough of quality badassery IMHO. My only complaint is the authors didn't make these dudes Marines in their early lives. Now THAT would"'ve been icing on the "MUST KILL ALL BAD GUYS" cake!!!Buy it and enjoy, because I plan on reading the entire series. Mitch Rapp or Jack Reacher? Jack Reacher or Mith Rapp? W...
  • Anthony Jackson
    When it comes to Political Thrillers no author compares to Flynn. The Mitch Rapp series is to me the best. The Third Option was no disappointment. I think the series keeps getting better with each book.
  • Donna
    This is the third book that I've read in this series, and so far, this is my favorite one. I liked this. I didn't get the "dated" feel with this one, like I did with the others. It was a solid story. I enjoyed the way the plot was unfolded. I was 100% into it as Mitch tried to save the day. The characters were well done. They were unique in their own way and they each served a purpose. I also liked that the ending felt very satisfying. So 4 stars...
  • Jilrene
    More like 1.5 stars, but I'll round up because Mitch Rapp is still a favorite character of mine. This book did not work for me. (I really wanted to use foul language there.)I don't like Anna. Nope, not gonna lie. She is a fragile special snowflake and I don't think she is good enough for Mitch. Minus 2 stars right there. (by the way, I liked her in Transfer of Power - go figure)I do not like the ending. I even prepared myself for this horrible ex...
  • Eric
    The only reason I didn't give this novel five stars is that a lot of the its plot-lines carry over into the next novel, Separation of Power, so in a lot of ways this felt incomplete by itself. With that caveat, it's still a kick ass spy thriller, and Mitch Rapp is the pinnacle of a kick ass spy.
  • Molly
    Interesting, fun but Flynn either never met a woman or has the worst love life ever. Not enough action to offset the ponderous and infantile love story.
  • Lena
    ”Who is a bigger threat to my country, a terrorist ten thousand miles away or the corrupt self-serving politician down the street?” The greatest generation is dying and there aren’t enough able people with compasses that point true north. Irene Kennedy is one of the rare ones and there are people who would stop at nothing to keep her from taking over the CIA. Mitch Rapp is on his last assignment when he’s betrayed. Bad move. The Iron Ma...
  • Steve Hayman
    A really enjoyable fast moving political thriller set in the heart of the American government. Political intrigue at it's most dangerous with Mitch Rapp the only guy able to put things right way his own most lethal methods.
  • Nate Hausman
    This book was a very interesting read and a non-stop action packed book. My heart kinda sank when Mitch Rapp said that he was done after this last mission for the CIA. He is set on letting go of the dark shadowed operations that he is apart of and the shadowy killer that he has become, he wants to live a normal life, he’s done. The CIA’s number one operative’s days are thinning out. Mitch Rapp or otherwise known as Mitch Kruse by people not...
  • Richard
    Absolutely superb. His books get better and better. I have now read five of his books, four of the Mitch Rapp series and Term Limits a semi-standalone. Vincent Flynn only wrote 13 Rapp books before he very sadly passed away, so I am drawn between reading them one after the other (which I always want to do) or eking them out so I can saviour them slowly. Rapp is so much better than Lee Child's, Jack Reacher. Why hasn't a film been been made of him...
  • David Feinstein
    The novel deals with Mitch Rapp who is a member of the CIA's highly secret Orion Team. He's their top assassin. When the first option of diplomacy and the second option of military force fail, the United States turns to its third option of covert action as a way of dealing with terrorist's attacks. It is our last option of fighting back, and it usually involves assassination. Mitch Rapp is on the verge of resigning from the CIA. He has met the wo...
  • Mr. Gottshalk
    Well, I am so glad that someone recommended this series to me earlier in the year. This one starts off with a bang, as our ultra-secret covert operator Mitch Rapp is set up and left for dead. The rest of the novel reads like a revenge thriller, as he tries to put the pieces together with who could be behind his assassination attempt, only to find out that the lousy bureaucrats in Washington, D.C. would be stupid enough to do anything to cross Ame...
  • Alexw
    Flynn always delivers well written action scenes with heart pounding prose and his political back stabbing gives this book its 4 star rating.
  • Jeff
    I believe I've read about all of the Vince Flynn novels. I like to believe that people like Mitch Rapp are out there keeping me safe from anti-american enemies.
  • Michael
    Should I like a Vince Flynn novel? Well, before he died of prostate cancer in 2013 Flynn was a right winger to say the least. He was a frequent guest on Glenn Beck's programs and Fox News Channel. It should be noted that virtually all independent ratings for veracity show Fox News to be the least honest and the purveyor of fake news more than anyone other than Donald Trump. Hey, don't get mad at me, I didn't conduct those ratings studies!But I di...
  • Rachael Beverly
    I love the Mitch Rapp series. I started with American Assassin, which I found out later is technically a prequel because it was written after the original series that started with Transfer if Power. So originally The Third Option was book #2 in the series and it is much more suited as a second novel than a fourth. There wasnt much of a stand alone story, but more background to set up future novels. With that said, it was still very enjoyable and ...
  • Speesh
    To be honest, the back cover blurb sounds a whole lot better than the actual book. As it would, I guess, once the marketing department got hold of it. That's not to say it's a bad book, just that it doesn't live up to the promise. Not that I always read the back cover blurb, I seldom do actually, and hadn't in this case. So, I thought it was good, but flawed.As I say, it is mostly about Washington politics. It's a bit of a watered-down House of C...
  • Phillip III
    This was a pretty straight forward political thriller, and I loved it. Mitch Rapp is sent on a mission to take out a bad guy. Only four key people know about the detail, Mitch as one of the four. When this is done, this mission over, Mitch is done. He wants out. He is in love, and wants to get married and knows all to well working as an assassin is hardly the kind of 9 to 5 job most families are raised in.In Germany, Mitch is working with a husba...
  • Gloria ~ mzglorybe
    4.5 starsIn this the 4th Rapp book in the series - Mitch has one more mission in Germany to complete, and then he wants to call it quits and leave this dangerous life behind. He's fallen for White House correspondent Anna Reilly, (whom we met in Book 3). Now all he wants to do is settle down with the right woman and live a normal life. But things don't go right in Germany, and now Mitch thinks his own people may be trying to eliminate him. He's m...