Anything Goes by John Barrowman

Anything Goes

From his Glaswegian childhood and American adolescence to his starring role in the Doctor Who spinoff Torchwood, this memoir traces the life and career of actor John Barrowman. John made a name for himself with remarkable West End achievements, including an Olivier Award nomination and success in the movies The Producers and De-Lovely. Television success was also assured when Torchwood won a Best Drama BAFTA. John also lays bare his personal l...

Details Anything Goes

TitleAnything Goes
Release DateApr 28th, 2008
PublisherMichael O'Mara
GenreNonfiction, Biography, Autobiography, Memoir

Reviews Anything Goes

  • Meghan
    Reasons to listen to John Barrowman read his autobiography:He laughs.He sings.He does funny voices.He does his own Scottish accent.He gets emotional.It's a very anecdotal book, and it's lovely to hear him tell these stories himself. The audio book is abridged and I do plan to read the complete hard copy version, but this reading is delightful.
  • April
    *this is a gif infested reviewPlease don't judge me for the three star rating! Three stars are the maximum I award to anything that's biographical in any way because truthfully I'm not that interested in reading constant facts - even when it is someone I've adored since I was around nine years old. Anyway, moving onMY PRIMARY DESIRE THROUGHOUT THIS BOOK:Pivotal moments (and stuff I remember the most): 1. John first finding out he is going to be C...
  • TL
    1st read: March 8th-10th, 2014Re-read: November 2015---Author's acknowledgements:I've always thought people would find a lot more pleasure in their daily routines if they burst into song at significant moments. So, if you're reading this while travelling on the Tube, standing at a bus stop, queuing at your local bookstore, or even sitting on the loo, don't resist the urge.As Mama Rose famously said in the musical Gypsy: 'Sing Out Louise!'To be ho...
  • Gena
    What can you say about John Barrowman that he doesn't say himself? Nothing. The man is shameless - but in the best possible way ever. For those of you not familiar with John Barrowman, he is a Broadway musical star, a TV star, a frequent talk show guest (in the UK) and an all around amazing talent. His autobiography reads like a list of "fun things you should try". Really. I think he's embraced every aspect of his field and tried to do each and e...
  • Richard Derus
    The Book Report: The life and times of fabulous Captain Jack Harkness, I mean I mean JOHN BARROWMAN of course I do, silly me to get the two confused, he of the TV show Torchwood, in all his dimpled and smiling glory. With butt shots. Two.My Review: One knows what one is getting with celebrity memoirs, right? Whitewash, excuses, justifications, and a little catty score-settling. It takes a pretty damned big ego to write an "autobiography" (which t...
  • Dina Roberts
    Entertaining memoirs.To me though, Barrowman seemed a bit full of himself. Most of us are. It's just some people wear it much more prominently on their sleeves.There's a lot of talk about Barrowman's handsomeness, his talent, how wonderfully fun he is, the famous people he's known and met, and the expensive things he's bought and experienced. But I found him most endearing when he talked about his poop accidents and farting. I also liked the bits...
  • Su
    Lots of grins & laughs in this book. I have a deep love for Glasgow, so the description of the early part of his life in that city and the Glaswegian expressions that persist through the rest of the book were probably my favorite things. I'm also fond of the musical Anything Goes, so the fact that John has been in it so many times is delightful.Edited to add: this book is heavy on his musical theatre experiences and lighter on his TV & film work....
  • Melenia
    I love this book! Such a great read!
  • Jeremy
    John Barrowman's a hoot. Sure it may have a touch of self-aggrandizement, but so does my blog. That's the balance between autobiography and regular biography - one-perspective best-light autobiography, or dry, impersonal 3rd party bio. Which would I rather? The one with the most life.John's a pleasure to listen to (which is why I got the audiobook, even though it was abridged), and I sensed a wonderful concern for his family. Even though he may h...
  • Sandra
    Re-reading this about a year after I first got into this man and his work, the book probably impressed me more than before. Part of this had to do with the fact that I now know nearly everyone & the works he mentions, which helps drive this book home just that bit more. John (or actually his sister, Carole) writes easily, with wit and charm. She really makes the autobiography come to life in what definitely sounds like John speaking. He just tell...
  • Ashley P
    I don't know what I was expecting when I picked up this book but it certainly wasn't this. This book is cleverly written, amusing, heart tugging and wonderful. John Barrowman is charming, outrageous and possibly certifiable in someways, all of which show up in this book. I loved learning the stories about his earlier life, his relationship with Scott, his wonderful bond with his nieces and nephews and his reaction when he first got the role on To...
  • Heather
    I gained a greater respect for the amazing actor, and I love him a bit more. This book had me laughing out loud quite a few times; it was as entertaining as he is and very inspiring. If you're a fan, or even just beginning to be one, this is definitely worth a read!
  • Rex Brampton
    John Barrowman is very good looking and sings well, which is just as well because I don’t think I’d have been interested in reading this to the end otherwise. His story is interesting enough, but his limitations as a writer show through when he explains that he visited the Dome on the Rock, which he helpfully explains is “an Islamic temple in Jerusalem”. And the constant footnotes are amusing enough to begin with but the joke wears thin a...
  • Kristina
    I thoroughly enjoy John Barrowman's performance as the dashing and handsome Captain Jack Harkness of Doctor Who and Torchwood so when I stumbled across this memoir I thought, what the hell. I have no obsessive love of Barrowman but he seems to have an engaging personality. So....This book was written collaboratively with Carole Barrowman, John's sister. Each chapter is a song from a musical that represents a particular time in Barrowman's life. T...
  • Shelley
    John Barrowman, how are you so awesome? It surprises no one that I had mad love for this book. It was extraordinarily funny in many places. He has a great sense of humor as well as a great ability to laugh at himself - I wager that most people, let alone famous people, would not tell some of the embarrassing stories that he had no problem sharing. It was dishy, gossipy, with mentions of backstage shenanigans at Who and Torchwood, but it was also ...
  • Tony
    My Grade = 88% - B+Found this in a London Thrift Shop for 4 BPS ($7.00) a few years ago.Wow! This book hit me on so many different levels that I can't believe it!I first encountered John Barrowman in 1989 when I saw his performance as Billy Crocker in Cole Porter's Anything Goes at the Prince Edward Theatre on Shafterbury Avenue in London.I bumped into him a few days later at Old Compton's Pub on Compton Street just a few days later. On stage he ...
  • Lizabeth Tucker
    An autobiography of the star of Torchwood and the West End theater in London. I was expecting to enjoy the book as I love to read and adore biographies in particular, but I didn't expect what I got from this book. The set up of John's reminisces give you the impression that you are sitting in his living room listening to the man's stories. I found myself laughing uncontrollably at certain sections, snickering at others, and going "ahhhh" once in ...
  • Mahra_m_145510
    This book was my first autobiography that I have ever read and I really enjoyed reading it. The reason why I have chosen John Barrowman is because I am a huge fan of his work where it started from Doctor Who; this autobiography covered his career path. It talked about how he got into singing, theater and acting. What I really enjoyed about this autobiography it was funny and what I loved about him, he mentioned everything and didn’t leave any d...
  • Nick Duretta
    I liked John Barrowman in Torchwood, so when I found this in a second-hand bookstore for a good price, I decided to give it a go. It's about what one would expect from something like this. Barrowman comes across a tad too self-celebratory, but he leavens it occasionally with a bit of humility and humor. What was most impressive is how an openly gay actor can be successful these days with relatively few career speed-bumps.
  • Lynne
    Good, sort-of-clean fun. This book reads like I imagine a long, somewhat tipsy conversation over a marathon evening with John would go. It's a little all over the place, being organized thematically rather than chronologically.Cheeky, brash, fun, and completely honest about being happy with his life, which is pretty darned good. John is a natural storyteller. A ripping set of yarns about a guy who is clearly in love with his life and his work. I ...
  • Jasmiina F
    Wow. This is the first autobiography I have ever read and wow is all I can say. I've seen John Barrowman in Doctor Who (Captain Jack is a wonderful character) and I follow the man in twitter but I learned so much about Barrowman from this book.. And while I've been reading this I've also been listening him singing. He has an amazing voice. I'm in love.
  • Allie Johnson
    While I loved John Barrowman's character Captain Jack, I thought his memoir was an over the top opportunity for John to name drop and talk about his love of himself, wonderful voice and good looks. It was quirky and entertaining at times, but over all long and boring.
  • Sevia
    Od této chvíle už nejsem schopná brát Johna Barrowmana vážně.(nezapomenutelné čtení o životě a divadle očima člověka, který je povahově můj pravý opak)
  • Tara
    Not the best writing ever, but not bad either. A very conversational tale of an interesting life (so far...)
  • Zuzana
    Well, I love both musical theatre and scifi TV. And this book is mostly about these two. :)
  • Aricia Gavriel
    Here's everything you ever wanted to know about John Barrowman -- plus a lot you couldn't have imagined, and a few items you probably might have lived happily without knowing, but hey, if you're broad-minded it's all a chuckle.Most people tend to love John Barrowman just for being John. Many readers, though, would be tightly focused on a couple of aspects: it's going to be either Captain Jack Harkness who's their fascination, or it'll be the very...
  • Lalalala
    This book was one of the very first ones, if not the first one that I tried to read in english. Even though english is not my native language and at that time I didn't have an understanding of the language by all means to even attemp to read this book, I still readit. Didn't comprehend 99% of it but had the best time.I rerad this book and my rating will stay the same.This autobiography is perfect for people interested in John and his life. What t...
  • Plum-crazy
    I'm not a fan generally of autobiographies/biographies but this was very easy to read & reasonably entertaining - although I did find Barrowman is very self-absorbed. I guess to some extent in his profession that is to be expected but he is certainly his own self-appreciation society! I don't think I would be able to stand too much time in Barrowman's company I can take being the victim of a practical joke but I think it must be very...
  • Tiffany
    This was quite entertaining with several bits that made me laugh out loud. I loved him in Doctor Who and Torchwood. That said, he's not really a writer. The chapters were disorganized and he didn't include much Doctor Who or Torchwood info. He mostly focused on his theatre days. I did enjoy the pictures he included, especially the one where he's lifting his kilt and mooning the camera.