The Nourished Kitchen by Jennifer McGruther

The Nourished Kitchen

A cookbook from the author of the popular website Nourished Kitchen, featuring 175 recipes based on the "traditional foods" philosophy of eating, which emphasizes whole grains, dairy, red meat, organ meats, and fermented foods.       The traditional foods movement is a fad-free approach to cooking and eating that emphasizes nutrient-dense, real food, and values quality, environment, and community over the convenience of processed, additive-...

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TitleThe Nourished Kitchen
Release DateApr 15th, 2014
PublisherTen Speed Press
GenreFood and Drink, Cookbooks, Food, Cooking, Health, Nonfiction

Reviews The Nourished Kitchen

  • Shelby *trains flying monkeys*
    This cookbook is flipping beautiful. Jennifer McGruther does a wonderful job of making simple foods look wonderful. She practices a traditional food lifestyle and I've followed her blog for awhile now. Traditional foods take time to make so don't expect completely simple here.The taste and the way you feel completely make up for it.I admit that I've slipped some from eating this way so when I saw her cookbook up on blogging for books I grabbed it...
  • Mardel Fehrenbach
    I spent a good part of one day perusing The Nourished Kitchen by Jennifer McGruther who writes a blog of the same name. Both the blog and the book are based on the traditional foods movement and the research of the Weston A. Price foundation. As such, the book, some sections more than others, will not appeal to everyone. I've been eating primarily locally raised pastured poultry and meat for quite some time, I buy a significant amount of what I e...
  • Lindsey
    This is a gorgeous book. We started eating a traditional foods diet a few years ago after I read Nourishing Traditions by Sally Fallon. That book is at once eye-opening, inspiring, and terrifying. It also has no pictures of the recipes, which I really want to see when I'm making something I've never made, eaten, or even heard of. This book has beautiful pictures and offers a nice, brief overview of the basic tenets of a traditional diet along wit...
  • Holly
    Yes, I read a cook book cover to cover. . .every. single. scrumptious. word! I read all the explanatory material and each recipe in its entirety. I may, or may not, have drooled a little on a few of them as I read; you'll have examine the pages of my book yourself to discern the truth. I have followed Jennifer's blog for a few years, especially appreciating it since I live in Durango, CO and experience similar (short!) growing seasons and climate...
  • Joseph
    Jennifer McGruther is one of the growing number of bloggers dedicated to eating foods in their natural and traditional state. Setting aside any kind of industrial processing, McGruther has developed an array of recipes for all kinds of foods, from breads to meat and game to fish, vegetables, and ferments. Writing in a deliberate, yet casual style, she offers many tips and insights into the traditional and artisan food movements. I enjoyed reading...
  • DelAnne Frazee
    Title: The Nourished Kitchen - Farm To Table Recipes For The Traditional Foods Lifestyle Author: Jennifer McGruther Publisher: Ten Speed Press Published: 4-25-2014 ISBN: 9781607744689 E-Book: B00F8FA8D6 Pages: 320 Genre: Food & Wine Tags: Cooking, Traditions Overall Rating: Great Reviewed For: NetGalley Reviewer: DelAnneIf we are lucky we have someone in our past that has taken the time to tell us of our family's history of a simpler time and tea...
  • Stephanie
    The Nourished Kitchen is based on the Farm to Table approach and Traditional Foods Lifestyle. Traditional foods are described as "...the foods of gardens and of farms. They represent a system of balance, emphasizing the value of meat and milk, grain and bean, vegetables and fruits." The Nourished Kitchen works with the "philosophy that combines sustainability, balance, tradition and community involvement." This cookbook won't work for everyone, e...
  • Melissa
    I received an copy of this book from the publisher through Netgalley.This is a wonderful cookbook and reference book for anyone who wants to eat a healthier, wholesome and more traditional diet. The book begins with a lengthy explanation of what they mean by a "nourished kitchen" and they explain what types of foods to buy and also where to buy them. I was happy to see an description of CSA (Community Shared Agriculture) which are becoming more p...
  • Elizabeth
    After a friend got me interested in Weston A. Price I've loved studying his studies and learning more ways to cook this way.The Nourished Kitchen; Farm-to-Table Recipes for the Traditional Foods Lifestyle by Jennifer McGruther caught my eye. "A traditional foods diet avoids processed ingredients, but allows meat, animal fat, and grains. It embraces cultured dairy, such as kefir and yogurt, that contain beneficial bacteria; fermented foods, such a...
  • Liz
    This is another library book that I’m considering for my “to buy” list. The author follows many of the same principles as Sally Fallon does in Nourishing Traditions. While Fallon’s book feels a little heavier and more dated, the recipes she includes seem simpler. This book is more attractive, full of pictures, and has a more modern feel, but the recipes seem more complex. Fallon’s book is often overwhelming, as it includes a lot of info...
  • Angela Boord
    3.5 stars. It's a gorgeous cookbook with good information, and the recipes that I have tried have been great. The problem I have is that so many of the recipes seem needlessly complicated. I was hoping for a traditional foods cookbook that would help me cook food for my family in everyday life, but this only partially fits the bill.
  • Kristen
    If you want stunning photography, recipes that read like poetry, and a wealth of inspiring information to make ancestral eating a part of your every day life, this is the cookbook for you!ONE WORD: BEAUTIFUL.
  • Melissa
    Fantastic book! I actually read this cookbook cover to cover. The stories are wonderful, recipes are fantastic, and pictures are beautiful. I've already made several recipes and have loved every single one of them.
  • Kendra
    Made me want to eat Doritos.
  • Traci
    First, I love this author. I have followed her blog for many years. I will likely buy any other book she publishes. Second, this book appeals to people who are looking for a traditional food lifestyle. It isn’t filled with recipes to throw together on a Wednesday with food from Target or WalMart. It’s directed at those of us who are trying to move away from the American diet. It isn’t a fermenting book. Or a casserole book or crockpot book....
  • Emsy Van Wyck
    A beautifully written and engaging cookbook - to treasure for a lifetime.It's the rare cookbook that reads like a life's journey, but The Nourished Kitchen by Jennifer McGruther reflects the farm-to-table approach to cooking that many of us adhere to.I wasn't sure what to expect when I requested this book for review. Would the recipes be ones I'd read, reflect on, try, and adopt or would this be more of a fad-type cookbook. I was thrown, frankly,...
  • Mary
    Simple, minimal dishes that emphasize Whole Foods. The recipes cover the gamut from beef tongue to braised beets, from home rendered lard to pan seared halibut. The beans chapter was the one i found most accessible with lentils sausage and greens that is simple but familiar and a pea and ham soup that is basically peas, ham and aromatics. The dessert chapter, not surprisingly, is dressed up fruit.
  • Jenny Preston
    Beautiful photography but a lot of the recipes weren't things my family would eat.
  • Brianna Sowinski
    I liked this one, one of those how I want to eat inspirationals.
  • Adrienne
    Beautiful pisctures, lovely sounding recipes. Didn't make anything from it, but I wish I could.
  • Sarah
    I don't know what the "traditional foods lifestyle" may be, but the library catalog returned this when searching for fermented foods cookbooks-- fermented foods feature heavily in level 2 of the Wahl's diet spectrum and my doctor has been encouraging me to try to incorporate them. Difficulties include (1) my family never ate any fermented foods growing up*, so I'm starting from scratch, and (2) all the fermented foods that immediately spring to m...
  • Pam
    I have read the Nourished Kitchen Blog for years, so I was excited when I saw her cookbook, The Nourished Kitchen was available. The book begins with an introduction to the traditional foods movement, covering Weston Price philosophy and the author’s philosophy. She combines sustainability, balance, tradition, and community involvement as the basics of her philosophy. She then discusses the ingredients she uses, from fruits and vegetables, meat...
  • Heather
    The Nourished Kitchen begins with Jennifer telling story of her traditional foods journey and then dives into some important information about the traditional foods movement. The book is then broken down into 8 main sections:From the GardenFrom the PastureFrom the RangeFrom the WatersFrom the FieldsFrom the WildFrom the OrchardFrom the LarderEach chapter begins with a tale from Jennifer’s life relating to that chapter’s theme. She’s welcomi...
  • Beth
    The Nourished Kitchen follows the new-ish tradition of blending recipes with education, in this case about the traditional foods movement as well as food foraging, prepping, setting aside, fermenting, flow-cooking, and brining.It definitely taught me a thing or two (soak organ meats in milk to soften their flavor!) as well as reinforcing things I thought I knew (let your sourdough rise for 12 hours or so each time!). The recipes are simple and st...
  • Barbara
    This book was very interesting with a variety of recipes, including many surprising ones. There were several recipes with items that would not be easy to find including stinging nettles, rabbit meat, quince, orange flower water, etc. I really enjoyed the vegetable recipes and recipes for different types of bread. I have to admit that some recipes seemed odd to me, but maybe that is just me.
  • penny shima glanz
    I first discovered this book through Netgalley, and it took me over 6 months to write up anything about it, so I borrowed a copy from the library to refresh my memory. Why such a delay? Every time I flipped through the book I’d become really hungry. The photos are absolutely gorgeous and make me want to make just about everything! I am impressed by that because most books, even those that try to cook through the seasons, tend to have a strong s...
  • Mazzou B
    I was SO excited to receive this book! I try to follow as healthy a lifestyle as possible. I'm the kind of person who reads and rereads my family's copy of Nourishing Traditions by Sally Fallon thoroughly! I use the latter constantly, and am always searching online for good recipes as well as inventing my own. I was delighted when I saw this new book, which is recommended by the afore-mentioned Sally Fallon Morell, Joel Salatin and more. Although...
  • Tina
    I was excited to find The Nourished Kitchen delivered to my gate last week as it’s book I was looking forward to browsing.What I liked:The author is a food educator so it’s no surprise that she goes into great detail about ingredients, nutrition and preparation. The detailed explanations are one of the things I liked about the book besides the gorgeous photography. The sections regarding sustainability and cooking from our gardens was good bu...
  • Robert Hudder
    Based in Colorado with 2 good months of summer, this book's approach of seasonal and homemade food reminded me a lot of living in Renfrew County. A lot of the recipes are using what you got when you have it. There are notes about sustainability and nutrition and, of course, anecdotes about the seasons and food. You could use this cookbook in the city but it would lose some of the charm of the rotation of produce. When reading these type of cookbo...