Notes from the Universe by Mike Dooley

Notes from the Universe

What if the Universe were to send you frequent reminders of the absolute power you have over your life? Author Mike Dooley, an interpreter for the Universe, has done exactly that in Notes from the Universe—a collection of empowering, invaluable truths that can be read front to back or opened at random. This first book in the Notes from the Universe trilogy teaches its readers to live a life far richer than they had previously thought imaginable...

Details Notes from the Universe

TitleNotes from the Universe
Release DateSep 18th, 2007
PublisherAtria Books/Beyond Words
GenreSpirituality, Nonfiction, Self Help, Philosophy, Metaphysics, Religion, Audiobook, Inspirational

Reviews Notes from the Universe

  • Anna
    This book is, at best, a pile of New Age bullshit, and at worst, heretical. The writer takes a solipsistic view of divinity, arguing that the Self is a divine being and that Selfishness is good because it attracts health and wealth and friends, and a bunch of other materialistic goodies like vacation homes and Bentleys. The book was given to me by a friend, whose views obviously differ from my own, in order to inspire me. If I apply Dooley's phil...
  • Brenda
    The material contained here as "messages from the Universe" is very much in keeping with much of the spiritual/metaphysical stuff I have been reading and studying the past 20+ years.However, I appreciate the freshness and charm with which the insights are presented. I had the opportunity to meet author Mike Dooley in November '07 at his "Manifesting Change..." workshop in Austin, Texas, and I can say that he lives this perspective with a tremendo...
  • Kara Lane
    Many spiritual books are very serious; this one is downright funny! I'm big on highlighting, and I found myself highlighting about a third of the "notes from the Universe." A few of my favorites:"Someone once said, 'No pain, no gain.' And so it became their reality. Bummer, huh?"And, "Someone bugging you? Nah, way too easy. Just like happiness, disappointment is an 'inside' job."And, "All things've never really asked for much. He...
  • Tiffany Broaddus
    I really enjoyed this book. It seems as though you can flip to any page and feel as though the book is speaking directly to you. Weird yet true. If you're looking for a pick me up then this book is great. Not really much to read, it's all filled with little uplifting quotes to get you through the day. Highly inspirational.
  • Kelli
    I get these Notes each day and Love them!
  • C.G. Fewston
    Notes from the Universe: New Perspectives from an Old Friend (2003) by Mike Dooley is one of those rare books that uplifts and propels you through a new day with such insight that it will leave you with a secret knowledge that, yes, the Universe does give a damn about you. Instead of me analyzing or interpreting what’s in this little book that can be read in an afternoon or two, or a page a day for 218 days, I will just share with you what reso...
  • Alex
    This was a quick read, but it was uplifting and gripped me like few books do. I'll not be the first to admit that I cannot focus while reading, but this book, in an unusual but delightful way, managed to keep me reading throughout the length of the book. Yes, the pages are short and the font is large, but I had a truly great time reading it. Who could say no to a book of compliments from the Universe itself?
  • Tanja
    While I find the majority of notes are a touch too New Age, there are quite a few that are worth keeping in mind. My favorite example is this one: There is no greater weapon than kindness. A smile, a compliment, encouragement, and compassion belong in the arsenal of every Time~Space Adventurer. Today, may you crush, kill, and destroy the fears you encounter, in others and in yourself. En garde.
  • Katrina
    Not really a traditional novel-type book, but more something you can dip into as you're inspired to. I love this book, and also get the TUT emails delivered every day. Fabulous.
  • Victoria Manning
    Was a tad too new- agey...would have enjoyed it more back in 2008 when I lost my job and needed all the positive affirmations I could get my hands on so I wouldn’t go crazy.
  • Pallavi
    love this book and positive inspiration it gives. thank you Mike Dooley for the lovely messages.
  • Nikotopia Nikotopia
    Reading this book, it's just makes me feel Massive to realize that i'm not alone in this Universe. and makes me feel Infinity. why? Because this book like a bestfriend that give you notes, about reaching your biggest dream that you should make it real. like a sign in our way to our authentic life. i read this book, many times, now i know what should i do with my Life and my authentic dreams.just read this book, you will feel infinity. and believe...
  • Natalia
    I was disappointed by this... I could get this from a daily email. I would have liked for it to be more than just a book of quotes... oops... or "notes". I was hoping each 'note' would have had some sort of prologue or discussion and finish off with the 'note'.. but, it was just the note.Quirky, simple, fun... sometimes profound but, not much more than 'clever'. I felt like it ripped off the greater good for a cheap gimmick. Sort of an extra doll...
  • Steven
    The book has a positive and uplifting message. Basically we need to visualize what we want, don't think about how to get it, and not get upset at the little setbacks in life, and we'll achieve our dreams. That's fine, and may well work! However, the message is delivered in such bite-sized chunks of pithy aphorisms that might be suitable for putting on t-shirts, but don't really persuade or prove the point of the book.
  • Kristen
    I didn't get much out of this book. It reminded me of a middle school guidance counselor. I expected it to be more intellectual and therefore my rating is low. It left a lot to be desired for me, given that I think the universe has a lot to give us, but unlike this author, I doubt it cares about the details of our lives.
  • Jessica
    This book was not what I was expecting. Of the 200-some pages, there were but seven quotes that I enjoyed. I anticipated this book to be God-driven, whereas it wasn' was beaconing the reader to appeal to the forces of the Universe for favored outcomes. On page 99, it actually likens God to the Easter Bunny and Santa Claus. Not my type of book.
  • Ken Baumbach
    Great advice. Dooley ranks up there with Wayne Dyer when it come to motivational speaking. Two minor criticisms: it was a little too short for me and the live production was only okay.~Ken Baumbach, author of Mayageddon 2012 and The Heretics' Power
  • Karen Okamoto
    There were a few little gems of advice from "the universe," that make sense and reaffirm that everything is great right where I am. I like that. Not sure if the cost of the book is worth it; but if you get it from the library, ...nice short read.
  • Scherry Siganporia
    Readers!! If you ever ever come across this gift of little notes from the universe...pick it up!! A must read but more importantly, very interesting to internalise each of the little notes...I know you will love it, we all will...Much love,Scherry
  • Sherry Conrad
    Uplifting and humorous messages. I love how quick and easy it is to glean the nuggets of wisdom. You can read one note or a chapter and absorb the message. Every time I revisit the notes I seem to receive another message.
  • Jeremy
    “Notes from the Universe” reflects little tidbits of inspiring phrases and thoughts that should give anyone a positive uplifting. Originally, the phrases were sent out by email to a list of subscribers. If you are looking for a little inspiration, this is a great start.
  • Elizabeth
    Inspiring. I will read this again and again!
  • Erika Schlemmer
  • Fotografer
    to be more optimistic in life
  • Maria (Ri)
    This book is perfect for a little pick me up. It is nice to open to a random page for a needed message of the moment. I like to have it in my office to use with patients as well.
  • Evi
    get one note each day to make me feel worthy, why not?
  • Denise
    The audiobook is definitely the way to go! I absolutely loved Mike Dooley's upbeat narration. Notes from the Universe is the perfect antidote to a stressful day...and Monday mornings!
  • Lunar Snowflake
    Oi vey. At least it was a quick read....This was just a little too fakey-fake for me, and a tad too sweet. Almost like a spoonful of cane sugar in a diet coke. No thank you, my dears. No thank you.
  • Erica
    Listen t the universe. It has much good news for you! Would recommend this book to anyone. And a very quick read too