A Change in Altitude (Eureka, Colorado, #3) by Cindy Myers

A Change in Altitude (Eureka, Colorado, #3)

In this latest novel from acclaimed author Cindy Myers, big changes are afoot in the warm-hearted small town of Eureka, Colorado. . .With local Maggie Stevens' baby on the way--not to mention her wedding to Jameso Clark in the works--spring in Eureka promises to be a time of rebirth in more ways than one. To add to the excitement, and refill the town's depleted coffers, Lucille, the mayor, has wooed a movie producer to Eureka, throwing folks into...

Details A Change in Altitude (Eureka, Colorado, #3)

TitleA Change in Altitude (Eureka, Colorado, #3)
Release DateJun 24th, 2014
GenreRomance, Contemporary, Fiction

Reviews A Change in Altitude (Eureka, Colorado, #3)

  • Haley Blain
    I love this series so much I love this series so much ❤️
  • Dona
    Wedding , mine explosion, new town members, missing son, and a new baby -- see how all this blends together in the town of Eureka, CO
  • Karyn Niedert
    I was provided a copy of "A Change in Altitude" by Cindy Myers in the hopes that a fair and honest review would be submitted. "A Change in Altitude" was a really sweet, quick read. The citizens of Eureka are welcoming newcomer Sharon and Alina into their fold, awaiting the wedding of Maggie and Jameso as well as the birth of their first child. The town also welcomes a movie director from Hollywood interested in using the town as a backdrop for hi...
  • Marissa
    Goodreads WinLocal Maggie Stevens' baby is on the way - as her well as her wedding to Jameso Clark the town of Eureka promises to be a time of rebirth in more ways than one. Also the unexpected arrival of Jameso’s estranged sister with her daughter in tow.Jameso has changed his name and living a new life. He forges a friendship with his niece as the arrival of his baby daughter is close at hand. His relationship with his sister is a bit straine...
  • Julie Barrett
    A Change in Altitude by Cindy MyersLove this series and glad there is another book to read with the same characters that I am familiar with.This book starts out with Jonesy's sister and niece coming from VT to his location in Eureka and his girlfriend Maggie Stevens welcoming her.Maggie is pregnant with Jonesy's child and it will mean changes for them.Love hearing of the townsfolk and how they help one another out and the mysteries behind all the...
  • Kathy
    This is the third book I've read by Myers set in the fictional town of Eureka, Colorado. I loved it. Her characters are quirky and fun and each book adds a few more who are sure to become permanent residents of Eureka. I enjoy them more with every book and am looking forward to the next one
  • Mackay
    I just find Myers' Eureka books so inviting and pleasing.
  • Mary Beth
    This is a really enjoyable series set in a little mining town with fun characters. I am always pleased to see a new one in this series.
  • Laurie D'ghent
    Nice, light read. Some minor swearing and adult material (discussion of a child predator), but I would definitely read more from the author.