The Low-Carb Fraud by T. Colin Campbell

The Low-Carb Fraud

By now, the low-carb diet’s refrain is a familiar one:Bread is bad for you. Fat doesn’t matter. Carbs are the real reason you can’t lose weight.The low-carb universe Dr. Atkins brought into being continues to expand. Low-carb diets, from South Beach to the Zone and beyond, are still the go-to method for weight-loss for millions. These diets’ marketing may differ, but they all share two crucial components: the condemnation of “carbs” a...

Details The Low-Carb Fraud

TitleThe Low-Carb Fraud
Release DateFeb 25th, 2014
PublisherBenBella Books
GenreHealth, Nonfiction, Nutrition, Food and Drink, Food, Diets, Vegan

Reviews The Low-Carb Fraud

  • Heather Harris
    So far this book seems to be written by an angry scientist. The fact that a journalist (Gary Taubes) is getting credit for 'uncovering the greatest diet scam' to date, seems to really push a button for Campbell. I am looking forward to what he provides next....This book just keeps getting worse. He blames the public for misunderstanding him and his collegues original message. If the whole public has it wrong I don't think they are the problem.
  • Vita
    First of all, I do not think that low-carb diets are healthy just like I do not consider only-plant-based diets suitable for human beings. It‘s true that “health—not just short-term, unsustainable weight loss, but true, lasting, vibrant health—whether it be for individual people, for entire societies, or for the planet, is the goal to which we all should aspire”. And I tend to agree with both T. Colin Campbell and Michael Pollan that bl...
  • Evan
    T. Colin Campbell's anti-"Paleo" diet screed is a poorly edited, poorly written attempt to promote his own vegan diet. For reasons unknown, Campbell sees a diet dichotomy between animal protein- and plant protein-based diets. He repeatedly states that the evidence for whole food, plant-based diets is "clear and overwhelming," but just as repeatedly fails to provide any sources for this opinion. He repeatedly demonizes and assails the layperson, a...
  • Dickie
    Excellent. A very well reasoned, clearly documented presentation. I was a little disappointed that about 8% of the content was a preview of another book by the author that I have already read. I have read reviews of this book by others critical of the lack of evidence for Campbell's position and have to disagree with those reviewers. I think reading the material referenced in the notes will provide adequate evidence.
  • Goran Ovčariček
    The Low-Carb Fraud sounds like an angry scientist's rant and indeed it really is. But with a good reason. Years and years of research that this man did came only with a fragment of media hype that low-carb proponents get, that's probably enough to unnerve anyone. Especially, when you think (Campbell would use the word 'know') they're completely wrong. To be fair, the language he uses to attack Taubes and others gives that special flavour to this ...
  • Julie
    Eating a healthy diet has always been a challenge, but recently, it's been difficult to even know what is a healthy diet. Eat more meat. No, don't eat meat, eat less fat. Potatoes and pasta are good. No, they're bad. And now we know that our old standby, the food pyramid, was influenced by the meat and dairy industry. So what should we be eating? One of the more popular diet trends these days is the Paleo Diet, which is really an updated high-pro...
  • AJ
    Could be more accurately titled "All of the Ways in Which Gary Taubes Sucks." Don't get me wrong, I find Taubes's works to be full of bad science and fat-shaming nonsense, but that's not why I picked up this book. In fact, I don't really know why I picked up this book, but I figured it would be an interesting read coming from the author of The China Study. I find Campbell's arguments against "low-carb" diets to be reasonably well-stated and proba...
  • Julie
    Guess what? Carbs are good for you.Campbell says that if you eliminate or limit carbs, you are eliminating or limiting all plant foods, since carbs come exclusively from plants. Study after study (exhaustively annotated) find that the healthiest diet humans can eat is one that is heavy in vegetables (esp. leafy greens), and very light in animal flesh.Sadly, Campbell didn't find that a diet rich in Entenmann's snack cakes is at all healthy.This is...
  • Spook Harrison
    LOVED it. Just as Michael Pollan's Omnivore's Dilemma was distilled down to Food Rules, The Low-Carb Fraud cuts right to the essentials and delivers irrefutable facts in comprehensive language. I remember reading the Taubes book Campbell refutes for the most of this book, and I think Campbell does a stellar job of presenting the whole picture instead of the slanted one we're used to getting from EVERYWHERE else. If I ever teach a nutrition class,...
  • Allegra S
    Work read.Short essay on the merits and downfalls of the low-carb diet, as well as rebuttals against typical arguments against the low-fat diet. If you are interested in this line of nutrition and wish to give some information to a friend or colleague, this short book would give them complete answers to many of their questions and potentially lead them to read further into the subject.He also includes a brief section on the paleo diet, as well as...
  • Katie
    A nice (short) review of scientific literature surrounding low-carb, low-fat, and plant-based diets. Should be read after The China Study and Whole.
  • Ola
    If you've read Gary Taubes, you should read Colin T. Campbell too. Asap.
  • Ranon Spinner
    I liked The China Study and the science behind it but didn't find this book very convincing. Low-carb isn't a fraud; different approaches work for different people.
  • Megan
    A short book, but it packs a lot of information in it. What I found most interesting was the way some people slant research results, or even the way they research in the first place. This is something that everyone should know and lookout for when viewing different research outcomes.
  • J Craig McKay
    When your life work is bound to a concept, it’s almost impossible to adopt a balanced view of the alternatives. Campbell seems unable or unwilling to recognise a difference between animal-based fats and plant-based fats, lumping them all together, and maintains a consistent assumption that high fat must also include high animal protein - perhaps because he fears the distinction may shake his central idea. Sounded like an old angry scientist try...
  • Jennifer
    So I did agree with a few bits of information in this book. I agree that you can’t say a low-fat diet won’t work when nobody is really eating a low fat diet in the first place, I agree that you can’t necessarily use the diet and lifestyle of ancestors past to determine our present diet, and I agree that complex, true whole grains will not have the same poor effect in your body that simple carbs will. What I couldn’t agree with though was ...
  • Tia
    I received this book from First Reads in exchange for an honest review.This book is very well written, detailed, with real facts backing up it's denouncement of Low Carb diets. As someone who is trying to get my health in order this was an easy to understand book about eating healthy and it explains the Low Carb diets failings, especially Dr. Taube's, in extensive detail. It also gives an explanation as to why you should avoid that diet and just ...
  • Thaddius Novack
    Puts things in perspectiveSo glad I read this book because I was getting confused by seeing all of the conflicting studies and scientific data online. Now I know why the confusion exists everyone should read this book if they want to understand the truth about diets and the food we eat!
  • Kimi Cope
    This is a very interesting book. If you are looking for a book about why eating vegan and raw fruits and vegetables this is the book for you. It also dives into why other diets like Adkins are not good for you in the long run.
  • Madelyn
    It was a good read, but if you've read The China Study, I think you can skip this one, as there is lots of repeated ideas and information. The book is a great quick read for anyone interested in this sort of lifestyle.
  • Youssef Baba
    spot on
  • Wayne Taylor
  • Teresa
    Excellent insight behind the latest fad diets. Very well backed-up with numerous references to scientific studies.
  • Sally
    This very short book re-affirmed the value of moving toward a vegan diet, though it is largely concerned with countering the arguments for diets that promote as healthy eating a great deal of meat.
  • Rejsa Kuçi
    I found this book very inspiring. I loved reading it. Thank you for the giveaway.
  • Flora
    Dr. Campbell is a true research scientist who has dedicated many years of work to nutritional studies. For this reason, I have a deep respect for him and believes he is unarguably one of the most credible authors to speak about nutrition out there. This book pretty much dissects the history behind how low-carb diets became popularized, the incentives behind the promotion of these diets, and the players that made it widespread in North America. Be...
  • Jay Kruizenga
    Excellent, but short, read. The perfect companion to "The China Study" by same author. I do agree that carbs are not bad. One angry reviewer said the author was merely pushing his own vegan diet. Not true. This reviewer obviously did not read or comprehend the book. The author speaks against veganism and for good reason. Vegans typically eat the wrong type(s) of carbs: refined sugars, refined grains, etc. These are horrible for the body and the t...
  • Jeff Launiere
    Excellent book on The Low Carb Fraud and why the WFPB lifestyle is so much better. Basically, the way the Low Carb books make their diet seem superior is by creating studies that in essence are at the best deceptive. The studies of the Low Carb diets such as Atkins, Paleo, South Beach, etc., basically test against what they call a low fat diet which is at 30% fat or above, and usually very high in protein also. In one study they stated it was com...