Legend (Area 51, #9) by Bob Mayer

Legend (Area 51, #9)

Book 9 in the Area 51 seriesDonnchadh and Gwalcmai were birthed on a far-flung planet in the Milky Way—a human breeding colony with the purpose of churning out disposable foot soldiers. But the masters of the colony, the Airlia, created humans with one fatal flaw: an insatiable thirst for freedom.Though Donnchadh and Gwalcmai become God-killers in the bloody revolt against their seemingly omnipotent creators and captors, their planet is already...

Details Legend (Area 51, #9)

TitleLegend (Area 51, #9)
Release DateDec 11th, 2012
GenreScience Fiction, Fiction, Fantasy

Reviews Legend (Area 51, #9)

  • Benjamin Thomas
    Technically, this is the 9th and final novel in the Area 51 series. I say “technically” because the actual series ended with the 7th book while numbers 8 and 9 are more like separate but supporting novels for the larger series.This one really amounts to a victory lap for the whole series. Given that “Area 51” is part of the title of every book in this series, I don’t think it’s a spoiler to say that aliens are involved. Presumably any...
  • Tim Coleman
    One of the most intriguing series I have read to dateAfter reading the Area 51 Nightstalker series, I stayed reading The Area 51 saga.I was carried away into this vast world of myths and legends that were not as they seem our so I thought. I was riveted from the first book Area 51 and drawn through every epic mythological, (religious), and legendary relic of history and time. Every, story or legend has some basis in fact. This saga explores the p...
  • Gary
    I thought the concept behind the story was great - two different alien races fighting it out on planet earth w/o humans knowing about it. The plot ties in the city of Atlantis, King Arthur and the Knight of the Round Table, Merlin, etc. I haven't read a science fiction story in a while, so it was a nice change of pace. That said, the story concept was probably better than the actual story, but a fun/easy read anyway.
  • Kellyanne
    I really enjoyed this book. Being the 9Th in the Area 51 series, it tied up loose ends. It takes you through the lives of the central characters Donnchadh and Gwalcmai from the beginning from them leaving the own planet and arriving on Earth.
  • Nai Wang
    A great post story to wrap up loose ends and to see another perspective on the war with the aliens.
  • Elizabeth Adkisson
    An amazing LegendI have read all previous eight books in this series. Even though it is another side story to the main Area 51 series, I think it opens up and expands the overall Area 51 saga; I think more so than the previous book. This particular book seems to eerily connect the Arlia to many real myths and legends. After reading it, you can imagine that the book could be a history book instead of fiction. This, I'm sure was the author's intent...
  • Steve
    Books 8 and 9 = TOTALLY UNNECESSARYOMG — I am SOOOOOO glad this Series has finally ended; Books #8 and #9 were simply collateral damage and unnecessary efforts.This Series started out well, and the first few books were a good tale and amusing SciFi stories. After THAT, they started to go downhill, and just dragged out (and ruined?) a good plot.I am numb from having read all 9 books, and can only recommend others NOT do so ... stop when you unde...
  • Robie Trites
    Everything the reviews said it was--filler (the last two books). A perspective explaining the Watchers and talking about Duncana's and Mr. Guacamole's background. If the previous story had had less myth and was more spread throughout the solar system, I'd be happier. But, the straw that broke the camels back was early in this book, when they were talking about the Swarm trying to do a slingshot maneuver and the author had the audacity to write F=...
  • Bill Bowne
    Creative, but felt like the author was trying to squeeze just one more book out of a series that's already gone on long enough.
  • John
    So after struggling through Nosferatu and being really, really disappointed in it, I thought I might as well see if Legend carries on with the fun that (in my memory) the Area 51 series had. Short answer: Nope. It's basically the same exact story of Nosferatu, just from another perspective. Ugh.Really, I remember the Area 51 series as being a lot of fun. Brainless fiction, sure, but some people (like myself) really like that. I'd recommend readin...
  • Blain
    It would be nice to give this only 2 1/2 starts but I'll let it be bumped up to three. An interesting Si-Fi concept which was a quick read, but there are just gapping plot holes that are never addressed, which if you put any thought into the universe being presented to you tears the who thing apart. (which I guess maybe could be addressed one of the other numerous books in this series, it however doesn't change the fact that this book doesn't sta...
  • Stacy
    Sadly, I really didn't enjoy this Area 51 book. It just seemed to have no purpose. I kept waiting for something new, something interesting - anything to add to the overall series, but nope. Sadly, this just felt like the author writing one more book to bilk some more money out of the series. The Arthur re-hash is so overdone that even though I love King Arthur tales, I found this version to be plain silly. And, the Moses/Aaron stuff was frankly i...
  • Pruitt
    The ninth book of the Area 51 series. With the completion of the main storyline ending with book seven of the series, this book is really a self-contained novel that tells the real story of the character Dr Duncan. It begins on another planet, and continues on Earth beginning first with the Airlia civilization at Atlantis, and ends with the events that take place in England during the time of King Aurthur that were partially described in the earl...
  • Campbell, c
    A culmination of the series into one book.From book 1 to book 9 this book gives an overview of the other books. Airlia ruce comes into being. Donnchadh and Gwailmai ( spelling may not be accurate) help to deliver their planet from the Airlia and travel to earth to help humans progress to the point of delivering themselves from same fate. Great book as are all the others. Must read for sci-fi buffs.
  • John Walkenford
    Once again the rating is more a matter of preference. I read this book for series completeness before moving on to the new ones. But although the stories in this book are interesting, I already know the total end result from having read the rest of the series, so it is more filler than anything else.
  • Jonathan-David Jackson
    Loved it, although starting with book #9 probably wasn't a good idea; I hope it doesn't ruin the previous 8 books for me now that I want to read them. All credit goes to my brother Michael-Andrew for letting me borrow the book.
  • Tom McCaffrey
    The backstory to the rest of the series. Good tie in and it explains a lot
  • Annie
    Terrific series. Loved the way he tied events and places around the world together.
  • Thomas Roth
    Enjoyed very much as this connected a lot of the dots for me. This series has been very enjoyable. Quite a concept.
  • sheila nielander
    Legen(area 51 series)Story line is very interesting and the fact s could have been true. In another time line. I recommend the whole series to read. It's a non stop read.
  • Jim
    An interesting book. At times the plot was drawn out. But, a fascinating mix of sci-fi, history, literature, and religion. Helped me to make sense of the previous Area 51 book I read.