A Woman of Fortune (Texas Gold, #1) by Kellie Coates Gilbert

A Woman of Fortune (Texas Gold, #1)

Texas socialite Claire Massey is living the dream. Her world is filled with designer clothes, luxury cars, and stunning homes. But her Neiman-Marcus lifestyle comes crashing down when her charming cattle broker husband is arrested for fraud. Suddenly, she finds herself facing attorneys, a media frenzy, and a trail of broken hearts. Betrayed and humiliated, Claire must start over against incredible odds to save her family–and discover a life wor...

Details A Woman of Fortune (Texas Gold, #1)

TitleA Woman of Fortune (Texas Gold, #1)
Release DateJun 3rd, 2014
PublisherFleming H. Revell Company
GenreChristian Fiction, Romance, Contemporary, Christian, Fiction

Reviews A Woman of Fortune (Texas Gold, #1)

  • Melanie
    A Woman of Fortune is a book I was drawn to by the cover alone (it's so gorgeous!) and I decided to read it because the story also sounded interesting. Unfortunately, it wasn't for me and I didn't like it.I disliked the characters. There were glimpses where they were likeable, but for the most part I couldn't relate to them and didn't like how spoiled/selfish some seemed. I also didn't like the whole situation involving Brian - I really disliked ...
  • Cathy Daniel
    I really loved this book so much! It takes extreme talent to take these characters and make them sympathetic but that's exactly what this author did. I don't believe in gray when it comes to morality. It's right or wrong, black or white. So the fact I felt sorry for these damaged and even criminal (Tuck) characters says much about the writing. I'm so glad for the epilogue which made me happy. I really wish there was a sequel!
  • Lynne Gentry
    Really great characters. Loved this book and the Texas setting.
  • Sarah
    I didn't finish this book but I will go ahead and leave my review at three stars because the author had a lot of talent. I like the characters and she did a great job of weaving the story, however, I could only take so much of this.Oh my goodness, is this how the author views Texas? Nobody drinking anything other than sweet tea and Dr. Pepper? Comparing a bad day to "I felt like and Armadillo hit by a Ford Truck"? Reminding me every other paragra...
  • Jolina Petersheim
    Kellie Coates Gilbert’s background as a legal investigator sets a Woman of Fortune apart. Countless times throughout this harrowing story, I found myself not only engrossed in the plot and characters, but in the detail given to the Massey family’s tumble from fortune and subsequent rise to the true meaning of life and love. The heroine, Claire Massey’s decision to embrace forgiveness after such an intense betrayal will resonate with readers...
  • Wanda
    "Any woman can slip into a remarkable dress, Claire. A woman of fortune makes sure her shoes perfectly compliment her outfit. Always look at a woman's shoes." ~Claire's MotherClaire Massey lived every woman's dream. She had a husband that still loved her completely. Three grownup children she adored. Legacy Ranch, her home that spanned acres. A highly successful business. A life that put her square in the middle of the most elite circle in Texas....
  • Jalynn Patterson
    About the Book:Texas socialite Claire Massey is living the dream. Her world is filled with designer clothes, luxury cars, and stunning homes. But her Neiman-Marcus lifestyle comes crashing down when her charming cattle broker husband is arrested for fraud. Suddenly, she finds herself facing attorneys, a media frenzy, and a trail of broken hearts. Betrayed and humiliated, Claire must start over against incredible odds to save her family–and disc...
  • Andi
    Kellie's sophomore book, A Woman of Fortune is ripped from today's headlines, and I dare you to be able to put this book down. I couldn't and I know I will continue to think about these characters long after I have closed this book.Claire's husband Tuck is charged with cattle fraud, selling cattle that are on paper, but not on his land. The Massey's are Texas socialites, and in one day they go from living on a spacious estate, to their father/hus...
  • Linda
    I took note of Kellie Coates Gilbert with the release of her stellar debut novel last year (Mother of Pearl, reviewed here), and her sophomore release is just as impressive. Although the utter opulence of the Massey family's life in the opening chapters frankly made me cringe, Gilbert's skill at character portrayal gradually caused my heart to warm toward Claire and sympathize with the plethora of emotions she experienced during the upheaval of t...
  • Kimberly
    This book was impossible to put down!! I was hooked from the start and it is definitely a new favorite. If you are looking for a spoiler...I'm not going to give it away. A Woman of Fortune by Kellie Coates Gilbert is filled to the brim with romance, inspiration, intrigue...you become deeply invested and will not want the story to end - I know I didn't!Ms. Gilbert's realistic writing style makes you feel like you know the characters personally, th...
  • Carla Stewart
    A Woman of Fortune is a page turner that plunged me into the lives of the rich and privileged from the start. While I agree, like other reviewers, that I couldn’t personally relate to the opulent lifestyle of the Massey family, I was drawn into their dilemma of “losing it all” overnight. Kellie Gilbert’s legal experience added a rich texture to the drama, but it was her treatment of the characters and showing their growth in what seemed a...
  • Sarah
    I opted to read this book because it sounded a bit different--and it was. Not your typical romance or feel-good women's fiction story. Although I can't relate to the kind of wealth Claire had and lost, I can relate to feelings of betrayal, abandonment, and complete lack of power. LOVE how none of Clarie's decisions were clean-cut or tidy. She had to muck through the mess in her life just like, well, we all do. Since the author opted to include a ...
  • Leslie aka StoreyBook Reviews
    This book has it all: love, betrayal, redemption. While the book focuses on all of the family members, I think the primary focus is on Claire which is what I would probably expect. She has been through a lot and it shows that when push comes to shove, women can overcome any obstacle facing them.This book is very well written and I felt a variety of emotions which is what a good book will do. I like that the book is tied up in the end and nothing ...
  • CarolynB
    I really liked this book. I had delayed reading it because I like to wait until I can read the entire series, but I learned that the books in the Texas Gold series can stand alone. I'm glad I didn't wait because I really enjoyed this first book. Claire, the main character, is such a strong woman, though if she were "a real person" she would probably think of herself as weak. I'm so proud of the way she handled the tragedy in her family. This is m...
  • Staci
    Well done! I very much enjoyed Claire's story. Her character development was delightful to watch as she went from fortunes and seemingly having it all to losing her fortune and having her husband in prison. Claire's three children also added a great deal to the story. I especially enjoyed Max.The actual events that inspired this novel and how the author added some adjustments were interesting to read.A satisfying contemporary romance novel. I hig...
  • Amy
    A Woman of Fortune was a passable novel that didn’t quite live up to its Texas-sized potential. While offering glimpses of brilliance in its happily-married hero and heroine, as well as a unique, behind-the-scenes look at legally prosecuting a widespread financial fraud, the overall construction and execution of the story left too much to be desired.
  • Janice Sisemore
    Unexpectedly Claire husband is arrested and convicted of fraud. Everything is taken from her. She survives and decided to wait for him to get out of prison.
  • Tracy Renfro
    What a beautiful novelThis happens to be my first Kellie Coates book, and let me tell you it's most definitely not going to be my last. This was so interesting and so unpredictable. I was not able to put the book down, until I'd finished it. This story has serious depth and detail, a real page turner. The characters lives are so realistic and the emotional rollercoasters are profound. You can't help but feel how each individual is feeling and why...
  • Janice Leavins
    I hated it until the end added family valuesSorry in advance to the author worldliness striving and social notoriety suck the Ife out of this book for meI sincerely hated every part of designer name dropping. Along with every other sort. Book two 'sneak peek' serves as exhibit A to the contrived & shallow money wallowing of these books"She let her lips part in a wide smile, showing off gleaming (and costly) white teeth. “ which far outweigh the...
  • Katy
    Claire's world comes crashing down when her super-successful husband is arrested and ultimately found guilty of building a Ponzi-type scheme on buying and selling cattle. For two years, she is separated from him, looking at a total of 20 years in prison with no chance of a suspended sentence. She watches as it changes not only her life but that of her her three children, and she has to make hard decisions---divorce perhaps, starting over, rebuild...
  • Cmadler
    I don’t know how or why I found this book, and probably if I’d gone in with expectations of it as a Christian book I would have experienced it differently while reading it. For about 3/4 of this book, I thought it was going to be like a modern Texas version of The House of Mirth by Edith Wharton, and I was enjoying it in that vein. Needless to say, the positive turn it took near the end threw me for a bit of a loop, and I didn’t really care...
  • Linda
    Claire Massey seems to have it all: family, wealth, prestige. Then her husband "Tuck" is arrested, convicted of massive fraud charges, and sent away for twenty years. The family has fallen apart, the wealth is gone, and people spit on her in the street. Can Claire find the strength and the faith to rebuild her life and her family?Claire's final decision surprised me. I thought her life was going in a completely different direction.
  • Barbara
    Past vs PresentA great story of wealth acquired at the expense of others. Tuck and Claire had it all or so it seemed. Multiple homes, cars and planes. Then the truth came out and Tuck was arrested and sent to prison for twenty years. Claire and her grown children will struggle to find new meaning. Claire loves Tuck but 20 years is a long time to wait. God has a plan and each family member must seek His will.
  • Audrey Grant
    PerceptiveVery encitefull and more easily true than many of us would like to think... Not the riches so much as the ease of getting lost, in life, in our walk with God, in right decision making. I could almost wish I had read this book over 20 years ago...
  • Linda J Dungan
    Great readingWhat a wonderful insight into some of the struggles families have during one of the increasing crises of the modern age. Ms Gilbert seems to capture the nuances of the hurt.
  • Sandy
    A Woman of FortuneExcellent storyline about a family who had it all and lost it all overnight. How each one dealt with the change in their lives is fascinating. Learning to lean on God who loves us and learning to make a new life is a lesson we all need.
  • Cynthia
    TerrificClaire met Tuck while in college and it was tight the first few years but they made something of themselves. Now they had money, multiple homes and three beautiful children. But Tuck has done some bad things and got arrested. Now they all need to find their way
  • Jane Spears
    This was a very good plot.The characters were like many rich and famous from in actions. Then the positive side shows up when they allow The Lord to help them and seek him
  • Deb Shank
    Decent readDecent read. About a family that through trials are still a family .what you can do under the trails, love being the most important.