Outcast (Defiance #0.5) by C.J. Redwine

Outcast (Defiance #0.5)

A thrilling, dangerous adventure, this prequel novella to C.J. Redwine’s Defiance and Deception features Quinn, a popular character from the series.Quinn Runningbrook knows a hundred ways to kill a man and make it hurt. He can track, ambush, and torture his prey with terrifying skill—just like his father taught him. But every kill consumes another piece of him, and Quinn longs to stop, to save himself and his sister Willow from becoming like ...

Details Outcast (Defiance #0.5)

TitleOutcast (Defiance #0.5)
Release DateJul 1st, 2014
PublisherHarper Teen
GenreFantasy, Young Adult, Science Fiction, Dystopia, Novella, Short Stories, Fiction, Romance, Young Adult Fantasy, Paranormal

Reviews Outcast (Defiance #0.5)

  • Jenn
    Quinn is hands down one of the most intriguing characters in this series. Him and sister, Willow, seemed to have come out of nowhere with a questionable past but also with a fierce loyalty to Rachel because of her father. When I saw that there was a novella centered around Quinn, I knew I had to read it. Hints of his father's brutality are scattered throughout the first two books, but we really get to see it here. Charged with the protection of t...
  • Pili
    Outcast is the very much awaited novella featuring our dear Quinn and his sister Willow's story before they meet Rachel and Logan and become allies. This is the story of why Quinn understands how broken Rachel can be and how both he and his sister got exiled from their tribe and came to meet Rachel's dad.Quinn has always been a very interesting character and we knew there was a lot more to his past than what he himself or his sister had revealed ...
  • Jodi Meadows
    All of CJ's books are magic.
  • Amit
    AH! WHAT A TRAGEDY! AN ABOSOLUTELY OUTSTANDING READ…1. I don’t know who is foolish enough to approach our village, but I’m sure of one thing: None of them are going to survive the night.I’m also sure that Eliah was wrong. I’m not brave at all. I’m trapped, Willow is trapped, and every time I give in to my father I come a little bit closer to losing what little I have left of myself.2. Then I turn a page and read a poem whose last line...
  • Morgan F
    “‘Put your arms out to help you keep your balance,’ Willow says, lifting her own arms to demonstrate.” That was good. A nice short story about Quinn and his sister Willow, and it was exactly what I was looking for. It’s the story about how they got cast out by their tree village and also shows what they went through when they lived there. Quinn Runningbrook has been trained in many different ways by his father to kill in many different ...
  • Elyse
    2.5 starsShort story from Quinn P.O.V. This happen before Defiance. Willow & him still live with the Tree people, their father is still alive and is a total asshole. I mention in my review of the books series that the villains are all the same, well this happen again here.We get to learn how the two met Jared Adams and why Quinn doesn’t want to carry a weapon.I found this little novella pretty useless since this is all things we learn in the bo...
  • Katie Sue
    I'm SO glad the author wrote this novella because the moment these characters are introduced in the first book (Defiance) you are wanting to know their story!!! I love Willow, Quinn & Jared and I'm so glad this book was written to fill in some blanks! I really enjoyed this quick read. :) Now this series is officially over for me, which sucks because I really love this whole world!
  • Kelly
    Great background story. Wish ir had been longer.
  • Kaka_shi
    Intriguing. Caught enough of my interest to read on.
  • Joti
    Willow & Quinn Runningbrook have family honour to uphold in their Tree Village & their father is a fucking monster. And all the Village people are bloody scared of them so they’re outcasts in their own home, without friends and everyone looking at them in fear. They teach the children in the schools during the day but after, they’ve gotta do their real job; hunting the intruders that’ve been spotted too close to their village. So they kill ...
  • Ruthsic
    Quinn Runningbrook knows a hundred ways to kill a man and make it hurt. He can track, ambush, and torture his prey with terrifying skill—just like his father taught him. But every kill consumes another piece of him, and Quinn longs to stop, to save himself and his sister Willow from becoming like his father—a man who kills for entertainment.But when Quinn refuses to torture a group of trespassers caught too close to the Tree Village where his...
  • Erika
    FINALLY. A book about my favorite, favorite, favorite character of the Defiance series: Quinn Runningbrook! I was more than thrilled when I found out that there was a prequel about Quinn. He was easily my favorite character in the series. I just loved everything about him!Before Rachel and Logan's world got turned upside-down, Quinn's world was equally as painful. From the Deliverance series, we already know that Quinn was raised to be an assassi...
  • Kat Mandu
    Kat Mandu says…The novella follows Quinn and brings up the backstory of his former tree-life hell. Quinn and Willow’s father is a bloodthirsty hunter who knows Quinn doesn’t really have the heart to kill an innocent. However, once his vicious dad sets his sights on bringing his young daughter up to speed, completing things her older brother won’t do, Quinn decides to step up and it puts him in a world of hurt.Quinn crosses paths with Jare...
  • T.J. Day
    Can't process my feels. This is beyond one of my favorite series to read. Incredible world building, fierce and loyal characters, the fight for love and freedom... Excuse me while I do my fangirl dance. And Quinn, you are violently adorable. This is the kind of story that lets you know you'd better not screw around with siblings. Because with a very abusive father and a practically absent mother, brothers and sisters will take care of each other,...
  • Coralie
    I LOVED this novella!!! I enjoyed it more than the first two novels (I haven't read the third yet), and I liked them a lot. I loved everything about this story. I loved the Tree Village, getting to see inside of Quinn and his family. I loved the backstory, and BOY did I LOVE Jared! Gosh, I wish we could see more of him alive. He completely melted my heart. There was a very good man. I would love to see how he met Rachel's mother. That would be a ...
  • Katie (ReadiculousGirl)
    I really enjoyed reading from Quinn's POV; I had liked him before this novella had been released, but reading it helped me understand and like him even more as a character. There are a lot of layers to Quinn, and I am so looking forward to seeing him again when Deliverance comes out. Outcast was a fantastic novella!Check out my full review at:http://booksandwonderfulthings.wordpr...
  • Kim
    It's been about 2 years since I read Defiance and I'll be starting Deception soon, so I decided to read this little novella. It is about Quinn and Willow's life in their tree village before they met Rachael. I liked these 2 characters, so I figured I'd enjoy reading more about their past. The novella wasn't anything special, it was predictable and didn't tell me anything I didn't already know or had assumed.
  • Jessica
    As Quinn is one of my favorite characters in the series, I absolutely loved this short story! It tells the story of Quinn and Willow, and how they came to be with Jared, and why they were cast out. This was an awesome look at how Quinn thinks and who he is. It also explains in much more detail why he refuses to use a weapon. If you're a fan of the Defiance series, I highly recommend reading this!
  • Lisa
    This book was very sad. I mean Quinn is a very strong charecter in the whole series so hearing about his life with his family was very heart breaking. I mean his dad was an A**hole. He was a horrible person to his whole family making them do things that they didn't want to was not awesome or good. I hope the ending of the series will be a good one!
  • Tiana411
    I liked Quinn and I'm happy to read more about him and his sister. It was nice to learn more about their background and what happened to them. I really enjoyed it even though it was so short. It made me like and respect him even more. I'm a fan of this series and I'm really looking forward to the next book.
  • Stephanie
    This is a short story from the Defiance world. The story focuses on Quinn and Willow before Defiance begins. Up til now we only knew the basics of how and why Quinn and Willow had to leave their village, but this story gives all the details. Quinn is one of my favorite characters from this series, so I loved getting a story about his background and from his POV.
  • Laura
    This is a prequel to the series, but provides background for some secondary characters. We get to understand the WHY he never fights with weapons, but he is just as deadly.Also we got a preview of the first four chapters of Deliverance!!! Yes!
  • Melody
    Loved this! So much pain and emotion. Wow. So good.Favorite Lines:My plan has to work. If it doesn't, the echoes of what I've just done will haunt me for the rest of my life.I'm finished doing the wrong thing because I'm too afraid of you to say no.
  • Jo Oehrlein
    Quinn and Willow's back story. There are some things that are duplicated in later books, but this lets you get a sense of what life is like in a Tree People village and how it felt to be in Quinn and Willow's family.
  • Amberly
    I thought this was a neat little side story to the trilogy. There were so many points throughout the trilogy that made me wonder about this so it was nice to finally have it provided.
  • Myra
    3.5/5Basically I want an entire novel from his pov.
  • Elena-Loredana
    Interesting story. Since Defiance, I wanted to know how the siblings met Jared Adams and how they got exiled from their village (which it did not seem fair to me).
  • Lia
    Just bow down to the Runningbrook's because they're bad ass, a little scary and hella lethal with or without a weapon. I fucking love them.
  • Diane
    I enjoyed this read and getting to know the characters better.