Sniper's Honor (Bob Lee Swagger, #9) by Stephen Hunter

Sniper's Honor (Bob Lee Swagger, #9)

In this tour de force—part historical thriller, part modern adventure—from the New York Times bestselling author of I, Sniper, Bob Lee Swagger uncovers why WWII’s greatest sniper was erased from history…and why her disappearance still matters today. Ludmilla “Mili” Petrova was once the most hunted woman on earth, having raised the fury of two of the most powerful leaders on either side of World War II: Joseph Stalin and Adolf Hitler.B...

Details Sniper's Honor (Bob Lee Swagger, #9)

TitleSniper's Honor (Bob Lee Swagger, #9)
Release DateMay 20th, 2014
PublisherSimon Schuster
GenreThriller, Fiction, Mystery

Reviews Sniper's Honor (Bob Lee Swagger, #9)

  • Dana Stabenow
    One of my favorite reads of 2014.Retired sniper Bob Lee Swagger gets a call from journalist friend Kathy Reilly, who is writing a story on a Russian female sniper in World War II called the White Witch. The scene shifts to World War II and the sniper herself, along with her boss and her target. As her story unfolds in alternate chapters, we follow Bob and Kathy in the present day as they rediscover her story, one of love and war and fanaticism an...
  • Mike
    Sniper's Honor was 4 Sniper Rounds on target, losing only a star for a slightly implausible modern day bad guy. But the part of the book that takes place back in WWII is superb. Hunter knows how to write sniper tactics and CQB, just great fights.In this latest Bob Lee Swagger tale, “Bob the Nailer” is pushing 68, retired and bored out of his mind on his western ranch. He needs something to get him interested and it just so happens an old jour...
  • Danny Tyran
    This is Stephen Hunter at his best. He gave us here three stories in one, which intertwine and complete each other:1. An historical novel about a master sniper named Ludmilla "Mili" Petrova nicknamed Die weisse Hexe (the white witch). If you Google "female snipers and WWII", you will find a Ludmilla and a Petrova, both beautiful female snipers, both very efficient with a rifle and deadly. This part of the story follows Mili’s last special missi...
  • Jon Kurtz
    Back in September I rated The Third Bullet by Stephen Hunter. I deemed that novel worthy of three stars(average), but included negative comments in my review, specifically regarding excessive detail, prolonged scenes, and a disjointed pace that switched form present to past. Thankfully, Sniper's Honor exhibited none of these perceived shortcomings. In Sniper's Honor, Bob Lee Swagger finds himself embroiled in a deadly mystery conceived nearly sev...
  • Wendy
    Stephen Hunter's "Sniper's Honor" which I won from Goodreads Giveaways is a fast-paced, action-packed history- based thriller set in the Ukraine during WWII during the Nazi regime's reign of terror. It begins when Kathy Reilly, a journalist for The Washington Post and Bob Lee Swagger, a retired expert sniper travel to the Carpathian Mountains to unravel the mystery behind the disappearance of WWII's greatest sniper. Kathy and Bob try to piece tog...
  • Rex Fuller
    This has the feel of non-fiction and maybe should have been written as such. Bob Lee Swagger takes off for Moscow–without much to justify it–and helps a Washington Post writer get the real story behind the disappearance of a WWII female Russian sniper, which in turn tells the story of the Eastern Front in an interesting and engaging manner. The author delivers his expertise in small arms and the story is pretty good. If you like Bob Lee, as I...
  • Linda Wells
    Hunter extends the Bobie Swagger series with a finely crafted tale that links a WWII Russian sniper's story with a present day quest for the true story of the sniper's fate. The scale of the Eastern Front battles of WWII, seventy years of political intrigue, and the Snipers' Code, embodied in Swagger's quest, will hold your attention to the conclusion. I always finish the series wanting more B.L. Swagger.
  • Holly
    If you are a lover of military action and drama than this is the book for you. The story is compelling and the characters are solid and believable. This book is intricately detailed and technical so if you are former military you will really appreciate this attention to detail. That being said I, being non military, found the intense description a little tedious to read through at times. But it was good enough to keep me reading to the end. 4 sta...
  • Christopher Taylor
    I enjoyed this book significantly more than the previous Swagger books I'd read, largely because of the historical information and the setting of the flashbacks in WW2. What I know about the time period and Russian culture, history, etc, was matched by the details in the book, and the story of Mili the sniper was well done. The parts with Swagger in them were less interesting, but overall the book was a quality read except for the very last chapt...
  • Dominick
    It's a bit hard to believe in 68-year-old Bob Swagger as action hero, but at least he's not quite as superhuman here as he has been in some of the other books. He does shrug off getting shot, but it was barely a graze, after all, and other than that, he doesn't do anything that's really unbelievable (like learning how to use a samurai sword--and actually defeat an expert--in a few days, as he did in one book). The plot is nicely constructed aroun...
  • Ed
    Sixty eight year old Bob Lee Swagger journeys to the Ukraine to research why Ludmilla "Milli" Petrova, a female Russian sniper, was deleted from both Russian and German records during WW2 action on the Eastern Front. Bob Lee and his journalist friend Reilly, meet resistance to their efforts at finding the truth about her last mission; to kill one Dr Groedle, a high ranking Nazi was criminal. Stephen Hunter's prodigious research on troop movements...
  • Wayne
    This was the ninth book written by Stephen Hunter with Bob Lee Swagger as the central character. This book was different than the other Swagger books. Swagger was a retired cowboy living on his homestead ranch near the Cascades. He became enamored in the story of a crack sniper in WW II who fought for the Russians and is rumored to have killed a Nazi war criminal. She was a lady who had developed a reputation for being a superb crack sniper. The ...
  • Karl Jorgenson
    I am a huge fan of Stephen Hunter, and Sniper's Honor doesn't disappoint. His prose is always fantastic, his characters completely alive, and most importantly, his tricky, intertwined plot lines are unmatched.Minor negatives: as with Soft Target, there are some leaps of faith necessary to accept the plot. Bob Swagger takes up the cause of a long dead WWII sniper by flying to Moscow and the Ukraine, risking his life, enlisting others in his cause,...
  • Tim
    Stephen Hunter is an excellent author. Unfortunately, narrator Buck Schirner performs in a flat, dull monotone without inflexion that literally put me to sleep. Consequently, I had to snipe this story long before its conclusion. 1 of 10 stars
  • Will
    SUBJECTIVE READER REVIEW WITH PLOT SPOILERS FOLLOWS: Sweet Jesus, if every novel's DNA centered around the improbable rescue and escape of a blonde-haired, blue-eyed smoking hot Russian female hero sniper, there'd be no need for the lower sixty percent of Goodread's rating scale! I mean, come on, everyone who has even tangential involvement with Ludmilla 'Mili' Petrova falls in love with her, including Bob Lee Swagger 70 years after the Wehrmacht...
  • Nate
    Hunter’s post Night of Thunder streak continues with the awfully-titled Sniper’s Honor.. Honestly, I know this is petty and doesn’t affect the quality of the book but that is seriously unimaginative titling. Thankfully it goes well with the completely bland cover! Writing this good seriously deserves better than this cheesy bargain-bin shit Hunter seems to be cool with. Anyways, although Hunter has touched on WW2 in a couple previous books ...
  • Matt Harrison
    Really cool sniper book. I have been reading Kindle Unlimited books, most of which have amazing, crazy plots with horribly sub-par execution. I am reminded yet again why Kindle Unlimited has such a huge library for so little per month... BUT I am glad to step away from it to remind me how it's really done! Like many of SH's novels, this one bounces back and forth in timelines and characters, 3rd-person limited. The historical timeline comes to us...
  • Tucker Elliot
    SNIPER’S HONOR – “the war was hungry”A quick note: I’m writing this review from the perspective of a Stephen Hunter fan and someone who has read all the books in the Bob Lee Swagger series.For readers already familiar with Bob Lee Swagger’s violent gun world I’d rate this book on par with I, SNIPER or THE THIRD BULLET, far better than NIGHT OF THUNDER or THE 47th SAMURAI, but not as good as the old classics POINT OF IMPACT or TIME T...
  • Raimo Wirkkala
    This novel greatly exceeded my, albeit, low expectations for it. It turns out Mr. Hunter crafts an effective adventure yarn featuring a very likable, aging hero. My one quibble would be the author's penchant, no doubt geared towards a particular niche element of his readership, for rather clinical and detailed exposition regarding the characteristics of this-or-that firearm. These interludes seem like 'gun porn' and really add little of worth to ...
  • Harris Niazi
    3.5/5The Russian sniper Ludmilla Petrova's part in the story was interesting, thrilling and exciting. I have always liked WW2 thrillers and the part of the story that stuck to that era was excellent. Otherwise the rest of the story was below average, too many coincidences, so may rating is for the portion of 1944 story.
  • Phil
    Fantastic read but then again what does expect from the master, Stephen Hunter. A classic that puts the modern day, Bob Swagger, goes back to Russia to trace the steps of a WWII Russian blond sniper to get the story of how she perished. This captivating story goes back in time during the war and to the present which will keep the reader in suspense all the way to the very end.
  • Alex Gherzo
    Stephen Hunter is one of my favorite writers and I look forward to his books more than most, never more so than when he's bringing back Bob Lee Swagger. Sniper's Honor, his latest Bob the Nailer adventure, is certainly better than previous series entry The Third Bullet (probably the only book of his I flat-out didn't like), but it makes some of the same mistakes and just isn't as good as most of his other novels. In World War II, Mili Petrova was...
  • Djj
    Swagger investigates a female Russian sniper who disappeared during WW2. naturally somone wants to stop him. it's ok. I think Swagger has just become an excuse to sell books. Hunter knows if he adds Swagger to a story it'll bump sales. the WW2 story is pretty good. The modern Swagger part less so.
  • Lorrie Nesbitt
    Great read, with a great unique story telling techniqueI thoroughly enjoyed the story, but I really enjoyed how the author told it. He mixed “past” with “present” to keep the story flowing. Well done!!
  • Vicki Klemm
    My first Bob Lee Swagger book. I've read a couple about his father and really liked them, the history, etc... Liked this story, however some parts a little far-fetched. Really liked the female sniper. Always disturbing to read about the Nazis.
  • Douglas Richey
    Enjoyed every moment ! Well written, with so many twists and turns. Going from the present, back to 1944, developing their figuring out the story of a woman Russian sniper. Sure enjoy Stephen Hunter's books.
  • Jeff Ulmer
    Sniper’s HonorA great story. Not as much Swagger heroics in this one as previous but an excellent read and one of his best. Loved the style of it, switching from the past to present.
  • Tom Corry
    Loved it. Great historical fiction.
  • Todd Haines
    Excellent series. Another 5 Star. I really like the accuracy with the Ballistics info and the creative story lines.
  • Bill
    Either my tastes have changed or this is not up to the standards of previous Stephen Hunter books.