Outback Ghost (Bunyip Bay, #3) by Rachael Johns

Outback Ghost (Bunyip Bay, #3)

Stella only wanted a holiday… the last thing she expected was a love interest and a possible ghost.Third-generation farmer Adam Burton has always tried to keep his family together, but twenty years after his little sister went missing from the family farm he’s losing hope. His dad has walked out, his mum is as reclusive as ever and he still blames himself for his sister’s disappearance.When Stella Reynolds and her young daughter arrive from...

Details Outback Ghost (Bunyip Bay, #3)

TitleOutback Ghost (Bunyip Bay, #3)
Release DateOct 1st, 2014
PublisherHarlequin MIRA

Reviews Outback Ghost (Bunyip Bay, #3)

  • Sharon
    4.5Outback Ghost by Aussie author Rachael Johns is the third book in the Bunyip Bay series. I have thoroughly enjoyed this series and I’m so looking forward to the next book. This is a rural romance with an intriguing twist which I did see coming, but only in part. Rachael Johns is a very talented author in my opinion and really knows how to keep her readers glued to the pages. I have no doubt those who enjoy reading romance will love reading t...
  • Dale Harcombe
    This is an enjoyable novel. I hadn’t read the first two books in the Bunyip Bay series but it didn’t matter a bit. I was quickly drawn into the story, which starts with Adam remembering events from years earlier. Then he had been a ten year old looking after his seven year old sister. A few minutes of distraction was all it took for her to disappear. Twenty years on neither he nor his parents know exactly what happened to her and the grief of...
  • Brenda
    As Adam Burton stood alongside his mum and dad on the twentieth anniversary of the disappearance of his little sister, he wondered once again where they would all go from there. The grief which had overwhelmed his mother hadn’t lifted in the twenty years. It was the “not knowing” that was so hard – was she still alive; out there somewhere, yet to return home? Or had she died all those years ago? His mum was a shadow of the woman he rememb...
  • Jenny
    Outback Ghost is book three of the Bunyip Bay series by Rachael Johns. Stella Reynolds wanted a holiday with her young daughter decided to rent for the summer a lovely cottage on a rural property. On arrival, the owner of the property had forgotten that Stella was arriving today. Stella and her daughter tried after a long trip. How, so Stella knocks on Adam Burton's front door. Unbeknown to Stella this event will change her, and her daughter's li...
  • Kristiej
    Sometimes there is no rhyme or reason as to what prompts me to buy and or read a book. It could be a sentence in a review; it could be that it’s free – though I don’t download all free books. And sometimes it’s just because I’m shallow and love good eye candy. I was looking through my email and there was an email about the Australian RWA conference and they had a list of some of the authors with some of their books and Outback Ghost by ...
  • Shelleyrae at Book'd Out
    Outback Ghost is the third book in Rachael Johns' loosely linked Bunyip Bay series, following on from Outback Dreams and Outback Blaze.Readers familiar with the previous books will recall being introduced to Adam Burton, a former underwear model and third generation farmer, and the whispers about the unresolved disappearance of his seven year old sister when Adam was ten years old. Twenty years later, Adam's mother is still mired in her grief, an...
  • Sally906
    I literally burnt the midnight oil to finish OUTBACK GHOST, I just could not close the pages until I know what had happened. I have met the character Adam Burton before; he appeared as a support person last year in Outback Dreams and earlier this year in Outback Blaze. The first two in in the Bunyip Bay series of connected, but standalone novels. Along with Adam’s presence in the stories there was also foreshadowing of the role that his holiday...
  • Kerrie Paterson
    A great rural romance - the 3rd set in Bunyip Bay. I haven't read all of the Bunyip Bay series yet, but that didn't matter. The characters were engaging - I particularly loved Heidi, and was cheering Esther on with every step she made forward. Once again with Rachel's books, the hero is hot yet down-to-earth, and the romance between Stella and Adam satisfying. The setting is described so well you feel like you live there.Definitely recommend to o...
  • Helen
    WOW this is such an awesome story it will have you grabbing for the tissues and smiling, when Stella Reynolds and her daughter Heidi book the farm stay cottage on Adam Buton's farm for the Christmas holidays she is determined to have a great time with Heidi there is no intention of any love or drama in her life at the moment but when Adam and Stella first meet the sparks fly and when Heidi welcomes a new imaginary friend into her life and strange...
  • Bree T
    For the last 20 years, Adam’s family has been broken. His younger sister disappeared one day from the family farm while playing with Adam – he only took his eyes off her for a few minutes. He was just ten and even though he knows it wasn’t his fault, he’s carried the guilt with him. His mother has never gotten over the tragedy and the fact that they’ve never found out what happened has left her nothing but a shell. After so long trying ...
  • Roz ~ My Written Romance
    This is the second Rachael Johns book I have read this weekend, and I could keep reading her work. The mystery of Adam's sister was hinted at throughout the first two books and I was super keen to see how Rachael would have this matter resolved. Things come about in a way I hadn't expected, and it was both unexpected and a little heartbreaking.I really love the connection between Adam and Stella, and how their relationship grows and develops is s...
  • Tamara
    I'm pretty sure I just found my new favourite of Rachael's books!The story was beautifully written and I found myself looking forward to the interactions between Adam and Heidi, as much as the ones between Adam and Stella (obviously for different reasons).I think Outback Ghost was a fantastic end to the Bunyip Bay series, with the mystery of what happened to the little Burton girl over 20 years ago finally being revealed - something that I have b...
  • Angela Petty
    I recently got this book when I caught up with Rach (also a good friend) in Perth at one of her book talks! Well its safe to say that as its the middle of the school holidays my kids where running feral around our family farm and my house resembled ground zero for WWIII but I couldn't put this book down! Stella was the perfect herione for our beloved Adam, I laughed! I cried! and I grieved for young Lily-Blue. This third book in the Bunyip Bay se...
  • Alicia O'Neill
    As always Rachael Johns has left me up until all hours of the night reading outback ghost, it was a great conclusion to her outback series and I wish it wasn't ending so that I could read more about the characters in bunyip bay. Definitely one of the best books i have read in a while...keep up the good work Racheal
  • Soxie
    Oh gosh.. i would say this has to be my Fav in the series ... Loved it .. Heidi was just perfect i really got drawn into this book ..
  • Julie Steele
    Really enjoyed this book
  • Sam Still Reading
    Oh Rachael Johns, you certainly know how to pull my heartstrings! Outback Ghost is not only a bloody brilliant book; it’s also an emotional journey of loss and overcoming fear. I think it’s her most powerful work to date.Outback Ghost is the final book in the Bunyip Bay series and it’s a place that I’m very sad to leave. Why? I love the community feel of the small farming town, situated on the West Australian coast and I love the stories ...
  • Kate
    AUTHOR INTERVIEWBY KATE DZIENIS(Examiner Newspapers, Perth, Western Australia, December 4 2014)Rural romance novel Outback Ghost is Rachael Johns’ third book loosely linked to her Bunyip Bay series after Outback Dreams and Outback Blaze. Third-generation farmer Adam Burton, who also appeared in the two earlier books, is only now starting to lose hope 20 years after his little sister went missing from the family farm. His dad has walked out, his...
  • Michelle
    Outback Ghost is the final instalment in the Bunyip Bay series after Outback Dreams and Outback Blaze.For those who have read the first two books you'll already be familiar with the majority of characters from the friendly little Bunyip Bay community and I have to admit that it will be a little sad not to feel a part of this town anymore (unless the rumours are true and Rachael Johns releases a fourth instalment in the series)!Adam Burton is a yo...
  • Anne
    First up I won this book in a competition and this in no way reflects my rating of it. I have read the two previous books in the Bunyip Bay Series and have loved both of them, this is certainly no exception, I can even go so far as to say this is my favourite to date.I love Adam (who wouldn't) "smexy" as my girls would say, and lovely ex country girl Stella, living in the city with her little girl Heide who has Downs Syndrome and wanting a short ...
  • Sheree
    4.5 starsWow Rachael Johns saves the best 'til last, Outback Ghost is my favourite of the Bunyip Bay series. I love a good romance but there's so much more to love in Outback Ghost ... depth, layers, grief, loss, community; it's a really touching read. I've felt for the Burton family since the disappearance of Adam Burton's young sister was first mentioned in Outback Dreams. When single mum Stella books the holiday cottage on Adam's farm to enjoy...
  • Lyn
    Firstly, I must say I absolutely love this author and true to her form, I couldn’t put this book down until I finished it. This is Rachael’s third book in the Bunyip Bay series. The first two books are called Outback Dreams (featuring Faith and Monty) and Outback Blaze (featuring Ruby and Drew). The three books can be read stand-alone, but I would recommend reading them in order, as you will get a better feel for the characters and the town...
  • Tien
    My first ever Rachael Johns and yes, I realised it’s the third instalment but as is the norm with rural romance, it really doesn’t signify too much if I don’t read the earlier books noting different characters. The series rather refer to the rural area in terms of setting. The reason that I picked this one up is because I can’t resist ghostly romances –so yes, totally judging the book by its title ;)Stella is a very strong female charac...
  • Nomes
    My first Aussie rural romance, haha. I actually see Johns' books all the time at the shops which inspired me to download an ecopy from my library to try out. This is not my usual genre but it was mellow and breezy (perfect for reading in between academic research) with character back-story's that provide emotional depth and lingering tragedys (just look at that male model's pensive face! Tortured soul, lol). It reminded me a little of Kristan Hig...
  • Michele
    Outback Ghost was an incredible finish to the Bunyip Bay trilogy. Author Rachael Johns has given us one of the most perfectly romantic tales I have read in a long, long time. “Heidi is more than perfect, Stella.” His words choked her up and she lost the battle not to touch him. She reached out and took his hand as tears came into her eyes. “Thank you. I think so. I fell in love with her the moment I saw her.”It’s difficult to put into w...
  • Shelagh
    Outback Ghost is a touching story dealing with issues I haven't come across in a novel before, though they are certainly issues that many of us deal with every day. Stella is a single mother with a Downs Syndrome child, Heidi, who successfully captures the hearts of everyone she meets. Adam is a farmer whose seven year old sister disappeared when he was only ten. Adam blames himself for her disappearance and the strain of her loss has badly affec...
  • Cookie1
    I really loved this book and found it very difficult to put down. Rachael Johns has done it again in her third Bunyip Bay book. I feel her writing gets better with each book. I love the way the 'invisible friend' helped solve the mystery of the disappearance of Adam's sister. I almost felt an affinity with Heidi as I had an in invisible friend as a child. I felt such compassion for Esther and was thrilled with the outcome for her. As well it was ...
  • Amanda
    Oh my! This story will have you smiling and making sure a box of tissues are close by. Outback Ghost is such an emotional journey with many issues interwoven through the story including, being a single mother to a special needs child, but the journey was well worth it with the reward of a fantastic and charming visit back to Bunyip Bay. I love the small town vibe and the supporting characters in this series and i was really eager to find out what...
  • Anthea
    This book brings back some of the great characters from bunyip bay as well as exploring a new part of Rachael John's talents by adding a bit of mystery and spookiness to the storyline. After reading all of these books I think this was the perfect closure for a mystery only briefly touched on in the first two books. The characters in this are as brought to life as well as the other books in the series giving you a great picture of day to day life ...
  • Suzanne
    Another amazing read in the Bunyip Bay 'Outback' selection. Great to see an author tackle single parenthood to a special needs child. Heidi is a special gift and the research into the qualities of children of her unique nature was very realistic. I love the way in which Rachael Johns is able to keep Faith & Monty, Drew and Ruby entwined in the novels she develops.Certainly well worth the wait and had it tagged to read the day it hit the bookshelv...