Unspoken (The Vampire Diaries: The Salvation, # 2) by L.J. Smith

Unspoken (The Vampire Diaries: The Salvation, # 2)

Death is only the beginning...Elena Gilbert’s entire world has shattered in a single moment. Her true love, Stefan, is dead, staked through the heart by their so-called friend Jack. Now the only thing Elena cares about is destroying Jack and his race of scientifically created vampires.But Jack’s creations are impossible to kill—immune to sunlight, stakes, and every traditional weapon against vampires. Elena and Damon set out to uncover the ...

Details Unspoken (The Vampire Diaries: The Salvation, # 2)

TitleUnspoken (The Vampire Diaries: The Salvation, # 2)
Release DateNov 12th, 2013
GenreParanormal, Vampires, Young Adult, Fantasy

Reviews Unspoken (The Vampire Diaries: The Salvation, # 2)

  • Bridie-No excuses. No apologies. No Regrets Jones
    FINISHED THE SON OF A BITCH! SPOILERS!Alright, hold on to your top hats people. This book is very good for Delena fans. Not that Elena goes running into Damon's arms as soon as Stefan dies. Their bond grows subtly. I think we all expected that. Anyway, Meredith becomes one of Jack's science vamps. She spazzes out about that obviously. A hunter becoming a vamp, irony with pants on.Matt and Jasmine are together. Which is nice for Matt, to finally h...
  • Carol [Goodreads Addict]
    Oh how I love my Vampire Diaries. Unspoken is the second book in The Salvation Trilogy. And, it was fantastic!Stefan is gone and Elena is heartbroken. He was her life, her future. All her plans for the future were with him. Now she and the rest of the group want revenge. Jack is hiding along with his band of synthetic vampires and they are trying to find him. But when they do find him, what will they do? No matter what they try, they cannot figur...
  • Annette
    It's weird how reading a the vampire diaries book always feels like coming home. Even though it was years ago since I read the previous trilogies, it's like the characters are still very vivid and present in my mind. My love for them never disappears, never falters, never weakens. And this book once again does not disappoint. I love how the story focusses on so many things, without it feeling all over the place. I love how it focusses on love, on...
  • Heatherv
    Though this book is sad in some parts, I felt that we took some much needed steps forwards. Instead of back peddling. Which is good!! I'm glad Elena stayed true to Stefan until she knew in her heart it was finally ok to move forward. I believe she always loved Damon since book 1 but bc Stefan came first it almost became a loyalty issue and not so much a love issue. Hey who knows maybe Katherine and Stefan are living it up on the other side LOL I ...
  • Denielle
    Soooo I finally gave in to all my better thinking and I bought this book yesterday and just a few minutes ago completed it and boy am I pissed!!!!SPOILER ALERT!!!!The book started of as expected Elena being being sad over Stefan and Damon wanting to be close to Elena that sort of thing. Meredith is a vampire because of Jack blah blah blah... The main reason I wanted to read this book is because Stefan is out of the picture and I wanted to see Dam...
  • Nicole
    This book was al about Damon for me. Damon Damom Damon. And I loved it! Man that ending!! Perfect! "You would have helped her if she'd wanted you to.' she said, sure that this was true. The corner of Damons mouth turned up in a half-smile. 'For your sake, Elena.' he said softly 'Anything I do for any of them, for anyone, it's for you. Always. You know that.'I could tell all the things I loved, BUT I'm not going to spoil anything. I actually lik...
  • Jasmine
    Stelena forever
  • Felicia [Felicia's Ink(t)]
    What a rollercoaster that book!! Had to start the last book immediately after =]
  • Khalia Hades
    Stefan is gone and Elena is heartbroken. He was her life, her future. All her plans for the future were with him. Now she and the rest of the group want revenge. Jack is hiding along with his band of synthetic vampires and they are trying to find him. But when they do find him, what will they do? No matter what they try, they cannot figure out a way to kill these indestructible vampires.Damon is back. Through his bond with Elena, he knew somethin...
  • Jennifer
    Yikes. I have very few positive things to say about this one that aren't related to the characters. The only reason I am still reading this is sentimental value - I have loved these characters for over 20 years. Damon was my first fictional character crush as a preteen/teen girl, discovering the first of these when I was 12-13 years old. While L.J. Smith is no literary genius, she is a good story teller, and she really created a group of characte...
  • Marjolein
    I was really surprised where this book ended. Yes, the entire book was a build up to the Damon/Elena relation, but it was a nice surprise that they went all the way. Just as it was a nice surprise to find out that Stefan really doesn't return (except for one beautiful scene as a ghost). Don't get me wrong, I like Stefan, and I'm still sad that he died, but I am surprised that they dared to leave him dead. That gives death more impact, and I like ...
  • Kacey
    God, This series always breaks my heart. It's really just a long series of people dieing and fighting monsters. But some how I love it. I love the history of this series. How the Salvatore brothers have seen so much in their years and the history of the town is awesome. I wish it would have ended with Destiny Rising though.Like WHY DID THEY HAVE TO KILL STEFAN. WHY. DID YOU WANT TO BREAK MY HEART? WELL MISSION ACCOMPLISHED.Anyways, this book is a...
  • Angel
  • Nacole Peterman cortez
    GreatLoved this book as much as I hate that Stefan is gone it was beautifully done and I can't wait to read the final book
  • Jarčík
    Four stars just for Damon and the end with travelling Elena with Damon
  • D.L. Smith-Lee
    Eeeehhhhhh...I legitimately wanted to hate this one but really couldn't bring myself to do so. Admittedly I wasn't a fan of The Vampire Diaries before it became a television series (when I was 17) and the end of the television series left me hungry for more so I picked up the books. I'm also admittedly NOT a Delena fan...like...at all. But if you are then this book is for you. The thing that sort of turned me off about the first two books in this...
  • Kristie
    I DONT know WHY i bother buying new ones of this series. Must be my obsession for the characters. Anyways, I am NOT a Dalena fan, more like Stelena but still I shld hv not hated this book as much as I did. Damn Alloy Entertainment and harper teen for employing thid ghostwriter
  • Kate’s Book Spot
    More paranormal drama from Elena and friends. I loved the thread of romance and the cliffhanger that left me in shock!
  • Keikii Eats Books
    29 points/100 (1 stars/5) 29 points/100 (1 ½ stars/5)
  • sherry young
    I enjoyed the series.I like books about vampires & black magic.You can let yourself go.Get into the books.The characters in the series are good.A nice imagination for a writer.
  • Ange Mogni
    Me rompió el corazón. La historia super interesante , como siempre, pero el final... Tengo que leer el próximo, pero si llega a terminar todo así me resigno. Muy bueno.
  • Yusra
    3.5 stars ending made up for it, story was intriguing however could’ve been written better thou.
  • Γιώτα Παπαδημακοπούλου
    Μπλα, μπλα, μπλα, η Elena πάλι τραβάει πάνω της όλα τα δεινά του πλανήτη, και μπλα, μπλα, μπλα... Τα ίδια Παντελάκη μου, τα ίδια Παντελή μου.
  • MelM
    http://story-of-books.blogspot.com/20... Un dixième tome qui, après les événements finaux du tome précédent, marque un tournant dans l'histoire ainsi que dans l'intrigue. Tout est bouleversé...et ce tome ne déroge pas à la règle. L'auteur repose clairement quelques bases nécessaires pour rappeler les événements du neuvième tome, avant d'entrer directement dans le vif du sujet. Et il est indéniable que ce tome est bourré d'action d...
  • Carly Fries
    Before I Read the Book...So...Stefan's coming back right? I mean, everyone who dies comes back somehow. It's Vampire Diaries, for fuck's sakes...it's what they do.Edit: (view spoiler)[Nevermind. They're gonna let Stefan rot. (hide spoiler)]Summary of the StoryThings are just bad once again. Seriously, these people's lives are like one big life-threatening roller coaster.(view spoiler)[So Meredith is now a fake vampire, and Zander's being all secr...
  • Alice Chimera
    Stefan è morto. È inutile girarci intorno ora la strada alla storia è incentrata sul rapporto Elena-Damon e soprattutto alla vendetta. Ebbene sì Meredith è divenuta un vampiro “sintetico” e Damon, per quanto ami Elena e provi per lei un grande amore, desidera che Jack, che ha trasformato la cacciatrice e che ha ucciso suo fratello, muoia.Ormai temo di essere una delle ultime persone che ancora segue attivamente questa saga (e ha lasciato...
  • R.
    As you might be able to tell from how long it took me to finish this book (2 months), this series is failing to hold my attention horribly. Sad considering that I loved the originals. The further these ghost writers go, the more it feels like they are warping the characters and just keep beating it to death so it keeps going in line with the TV series. Disappointing to be sure.Stephen is dead, but that can't exclude him from a final all-understan...
  • Hannah Almond
    I haven't been able to put any of the vampire diaries books down and this book was no exception ! It ended leaving me in absolute suspense and itching to read the next book ! I have so many questions ... Will Elena die ? Can Damon save her ? Can they bargain with the Guardians for her life ? Can and will the guardians really let her die, when her blood is so previous to them? Or now that the old ones are all 'suposably' dead will she and her spec...
  • Ryan
    This book I have mixed feelings on. Okay so I will do the bad points first, a little moody I know but it means that I can end the review on a good note.So first off it took me a while to get into this book, I have had it on my bookshelf in my bedroom for a while and have attempted to read it previously however I could just not get into the story. Before finally sitting down and forcing myself to read it I had tried three times before this without...
  • Sophie
    Mon Avis : C'est avec un goût amer que je dis au revoir à cette saga. Après le changement d'auteur, le prolongement de la saga et le virement de cap de l'intrigue... Tout fut bouleversé et sans cesse répété.A chaque tome se pose les mêmes problèmes : mort d'un personnage puis son retour, transformation de l'un et tout recommence et chaque personnage ne se rappelle de rien. Ils pleurent, ils sourient... Bref, aucune surprise. J'ai adoré ...