Let the Tornado Come by Rita Zoey Chin

Let the Tornado Come

From an award-winning poet comes this riveting, gorgeous memoir about a young runaway, the trauma that haunted her as an adult, and the friendship with a horse that finally set her free.When she was eleven years old, Rita began to run away. Her father’s violence and her mother’s hostility drove her out of the house and into the streets in search of a better life. This soon led her into a dangerous world of drugs, predatory older men, and the ...

Details Let the Tornado Come

TitleLet the Tornado Come
Release DateJun 24th, 2014
PublisherSimon Schuster
GenreAutobiography, Memoir, Nonfiction, Animals, Horses, Health, Mental Health

Reviews Let the Tornado Come

  • Kate
    I used to walk to and from work in Boston, and on my way, I noticed this tiny garden plot in the space between the sidewalk and the road. A small tree was starting to bud and some early spring flowers were blooming. The next day, for some reason, a crew of city workers were cutting down the tree and by the time I walked home again, the plot had been covered with blacktop. But around a week later, a tulip shot straight through it and bloomed. I ha...
  • Morgan Lee
    Read this review and many others on my blog For Such Love We Feel.I received this book free from NetGalley and Simon and Schuster as an advanced reader copy.Let The Tornado Come is a beautifully written, thought provoking novel that anyone can relate to. Rita Zoey Chin delivers a raw look back at her own life that is simultaneously sad and triumphant and left me wanting more of her insight and wisdom. Her narrative voice spoke to me in a way that...
  • Canadian
    When Rita Zoey Chin moved with physician husband, Larry, to a spacious, light-filled colonial-style home in rural Massachusetts, she felt she was finally putting a very difficult childhood and youth behind her. Her husband soon started a new, high-pressure job as director of neurosurgery at a Boston hospital, and Rita’s plan was to write at home. Alone in the house during the day, Rita felt her heart begin to race at such a clip that she made a...
  • Michelle
    A brave and courageous memoir: "Let the Tornado Come" authored by Rita Zoey Chin recalls her abusive childhood, her life on the streets as a teen runaway, later to find services in residential facilities. As a happily married wife, she faced an unrelenting panic disorder, as she was forced to confront her troubled past. An estimated 40 million Americans are affected by an anxiety disorder during their lifetime.Convinced she was having a heart att...
  • Shannon
    What a beautiful and heart wrenching story! As a fellow panic sufferer, I felt the author's pain as I read through this book, but I also felt myself grow stronger in the process. I think panic sufferers are actually braver than most people, because in order to get better, we are forced to confront our own fears--whether those fears are tangible, such as the fear of crowds or elevators, or intangible, such as our own thoughts (as in my case). Pani...
  • Rebecca
    (3.5) An affecting memoir of the author’s unstable childhood and adult anxiety disorder, this book reminded me of Once in a House on Fire by Andrea Ashworth or Take This Man by Brando Skyhorse. After a home life filled with physical and verbal abuse, Chin became a teenage runaway, trading sex for money, drugs or a place to stay. She bounced between detention centers and mental hospitals in suburban Maryland before finally kicking her cocaine ...
  • Suzan Bond
    I really meant to savor this book over the long weekend. Instead I tore through it, staying up late to finish it the first day. It was *that* good. Though the story itself isn't an easy read, the writing is beautiful, almost lyrical. For instance: On the day of my birth, I'm sure they were there--thunderous, rhythmic coming and and coming: hoofbeats.In short, this is an incredible memoir. While there are plenty of hard moments, the author's resil...
  • Karen & Gerard
    In Let the Tornado Come by Rita Zoey Chin, we are told about Rita's childhood which was rough to say the least. Now a married woman, she suffers panic attacks at every turn. This read like a novel only it's true! I loved this book and highly recommend it. I was drawn into her stories and found myself rooting for her to get help. Turns out an animal was a big help. What kind? You will have to read the book to find out! (Gerard's review)Let The Tor...
  • Catherine
    How a book about fear, about running away from a home filled with anger and hopelessness and despair becomes a story of courage, of truth and beauty and will, and of always reaching toward love--speaks to the prodigious talent and heart of the author, Rita Zoey Chin. Gorgeous and unflinching, this memoir tells the story of a harrowing journey through childhood into wisdom, into strength, and into joy. This is an incredible, compassionate, and abs...
  • C. E.
    Confronted by seemingly unrelenting challenges, an extraordinarily courageous woman remains loving and hopeful in the face of dark forces that would incarcerate those with less spirit. With her astonishing voice, Rita Zoey Chin weaves an exquisite tapestry from the narrative threads of her life in this redemptive memoir as she heals herself, her horse, and her reader all at once.
  • Sherry Elswick
    This was a stunning portrayal of Rita's harrowing childhood and her redemption. Stop what you are doing and read this book. If you are already reading a book right now, set it aside and start reading this book instead. I stayed up until 1:17 am reading this book because I was that enthralled. I haven't done that in a long time. Great, great read!
  • Katrinka
    There were moments when I almost decided to put this book down due to the graphic details and heavy nature of her abuse, yet it is so well written and threaded with the power of resilience and hope throughout that I could not leave her story.
  • Bob Walenski
    Just started the book, recommended by Jennifer, and I love it so far! It's completely captivating and engrossing.....Rather than try to follow her life in chronological order, Rita switched back and forth, which saved her very sad story from getting too overwhelming. I couldn't help but feel empathy for her, her pain and betrayal by her parents was horrible. I couldn't feel anything but anger at our systems, that don't listen to the abused, but s...
  • Deb J
    "Let the Tornado Come" by Rita Zoey ChinI just finished reading this wonderful book. Rita has a way of bringing the reader "in". I am pretty good friends with her sister (Joanne) which is how I initially learned of the book. A notoriously slow reader, a week into reading, I jokingly -- but not so jokingly -- told Joanne that the book feels so intimate that I felt like I was having sex with her! She laughed. But my point was, Rita has a prose that...
  • Jess
    In equal measures gut-wrenching, heartbreaking, humorous and inspirational, this memoir moved me in ways I could not have expected. I was drawn into Chin's story when I heard her interviewed on NPR. Though it took me about 6 months to actually pick up the book, I was amazed at how her courage, gusto, and fierce love and determination for something better came across just as clearly in writing as it had through her spoken word. Reading a poet's me...
  • Justina
    "Let the Tornado Come" is Chin's memoir of a childhood filled with abuse, her struggle on the streets as a runaway trying to survive, and how a horse named Claret helped her overcome her panic as an adult. I really enjoyed this book. I won it as a first reads giveaway. It is beautifully written. Chin's story is a sad one but one filled with hope. Chin endured a horrific childhood and came out the other side even stronger. Her story is inspiring. ...
  • Kathy Penny
    A tale of an abusive and heart-breaking childhood at the hands of two really awful parents. In her adult life, the author continues to suffer from PTSD and finds solace in riding horses. I have to admit that the horse-racing pieces (the "now") left me a bit lost. Not because the author isn't eloquent or details - she was both, but mostly because I just can't relate to horses as a way of therapy. That being said, it's a remarkable story. I just wi...
  • Esther Bradley-detally
    A compelling story and fascinating about the condition of panic disorder and all the layers of life inbetween. I couldn't put the book down. I have had panic attacks in the past; not full blown, but now there is the matter of the freeways I don't drive. Hmmmm.A brave young woman, as I reader I loved her immediately. Her writing is excellent and the story is fascinating. Several women have been about the healing power of horses, and one at least b...
  • Joanne
    I hesitated to read this book because of the difficult subject matter but several people recommended it so I took a deep breath and started reading. I finished it in two sittings. Right away I was struck by Rita Zoey Chin's beautiful writing and the skillful way she weaves the various threads of her story together. Rita Zoey Chin's story is one of survival, not just of the body but also of the spirit, and what a generous spirit she has. Though sh...
  • Stella
    Written in lovely lyrical prose, Let the Tornado Come is a book about despair and joy, about fear and triumph. After one of the most horrible childhoods imaginable - both physically and emotionally - Rita struggles with immobilizing panic attacks, but with the help of her horse, Claret, and the kindness and patience of others, she learns to trust in herself and slowly overcome her anxieties. I thought this might be a slow read, but I finished it ...
  • Dina Keratsis
    Beautiful prose and wonderful structure. Ker story is special because it is hers but this book really is for anyone who struggles with fear and panic. "Sometimes I have to be louder than the fear." Have been there myself, as have countless others. The detail in her struggle to overcome panic is inspiring and full of hope and her ability to see that love (for self and others) is stronger than fear is a tangible prescription. Well done.
  • C. E.
    Confronted by seemingly unrelenting challenges, an extraordinarily courageous woman remains loving and hopeful in the face of dark forces that would incarcerate those with less spirit. With her astonishing voice, Rita Zoey Chin weaves an exquisite tapestry from the narrative threads of her life in this redemptive memoir as she heals herself, her horse, and her reader all at once.
  • C. E.
    Confronted by seemingly unrelenting challenges, an extraordinarily courageous woman remains loving and hopeful in the face of dark forces that would incarcerate those with less spirit. With her astonishing voice, Rita Zoey Chin weaves an exquisite tapestry from the narrative threads of her life in this redemptive memoir as she heals herself, her horse, and her reader all at once.
  • Maureenney
    I loved this book!! And, so eloquently written! It is amazing to me that the writer had so much hope coming from a miserable, abusive and hopeless situation. The author is a true testament of the power of the human spirit.
  • Fidelia Stables
    Amazing what the human spirit can overcome - my heart goes out to Rita . Her childhood was a train wreck and I'm interested in knowing more about her experiences . She has stories to share and she is amazingly honest . What a brave soul .
  • Josephine
    Excellent memoir from a brave soul healing from a panic disorder.
  • EBirdy
    This book is about listening to your inner voice, never giving up and the power of love. Really an enjoyable read.
  • Tori
    Gritty, heartbreaking and real. It's a miracle that she was able to escape the abuse and end up with only panic attacks. Hard to read at certain times, but that's what kept me interested.
  • DW
    I found this book strangely compelling. Unlike other thoughtful memoirs I've tried to read, this one was positively salacious. The descriptions of the author being abused as a child are can't-look-away horrifying (how could anybody treat a child like that?) Later, her life as a runaway with whoever would house her in exchange for sex, was cop-show dramatic. She is lucky to be alive, and her misadventures are certainly page-turning. (I really enjo...
  • Brenda Reiland estal
    I had to write a review of this wonderful book because when a book lingers with me for days it is worth sharing a review with the world. I would like to say that I wish I had a Claret and a Larry :) Each are a rarity to have in one lifetime but both? Both are well deserved blessings!Ms. Rita, your childhood story is difficult to read and difficult to move on from after the last page of your book. Then there is the panic disorder. As if the childh...