Area 51 (Area 51, #1) by Bob Mayer

Area 51 (Area 51, #1)

Book 1 in the Area 51 seriesSince before the dawning of modern man, an alien mothership and nine abandoned flying saucers have been hidden away in Area 51, a top-secret military base in the Nevada desert. There, scientists have studied the crafts, hoping to unlock the secrets of the alien technology and, perhaps, the origins of life on Earth. But now a deranged general wants to activate the mothership’s interstellar drive—and the consequences...

Details Area 51 (Area 51, #1)

TitleArea 51 (Area 51, #1)
Release DateDec 11th, 2012
GenreScience Fiction, Fiction, Thriller

Reviews Area 51 (Area 51, #1)

  • Stephen
    3.5 stars. A fun, quick read. Does a really good job of weaving into the plot most of the well known alien conspiracy theories and the story moves at a fast pace. Not deep thinking fare, but a fun ride.
  • Aldaren Nadorn
    Do not believe anyone who says that the book is not great literature!Area 51 is one of THE BEST Sci-Fi books I've read. Robert Doherty mixes the ancient mysteries on our planet and makes a new possible outcome for our future and what might happend. I enjoy very much the thin line where this can be true if just few things are different with our planet.If you enjoy different point of view for religion, science and conspiracy THIS IS YOUR BOOK.
  • Benjamin Thomas
    I wasn't sure what to expect when I started reading this 1st book in the Area 51 series. Would it be a science fiction saga along the lines of Stargate or more of a military thriller like something Dale Brown would write? The answer is...both.This is essentially a contemporary action/adventure novel that happens to have a plot that deals with aliens, motherships, etc. There is quite a bit of military thriller writing (not surprising given the aut...
  • Бранимир Събев
    Една от поредиците, на които се чудя на акъла си как съм ги изтърпял чак толкова много, вместо да спра още в началото.
  • Patrick Gibson
    Bob Mayer (AKA Robert Doherty AKA Greg Donegan AKA Joe Dalton AKA Bob McGuire).Ok, so Area51 isn't great literature, but that doesn't mean it's worthless. Sure I've read books with better plotting and writing, but that's not what I expected when I picked up this book. It was a great escape and a very fun ride. It's not meant to reveal anything grand or tell you something didn't already know. It's simply entertainment and there's nothing wrong wit...
  • Joey Francisco
    This book totally rocked this thriller writer/Air Force Brat/science geek's heart! Give me well-written action scenes, cool weaponry, government coverup, radiation (my medical specialty), archaeology, and intrigue and I'm a happy girl.It's not a quick read, and I think you'll enjoy the ride. You get quite a bang for your buck. But that doesn't mean it drags, because it doesn't. In fact I'd surmise I finished this novel at warp speed.Characters ar...
  • Tufty McTavish
    After a recommendation that this was enjoyable military-SF I thought I'd take a punt while it was on offer in a Kindle Daily Deal. And as it turns out I fair enjoyed this occasionally fast-paced action-adventure, set against a background of broadly familiar UFO mythology. In-between the action scenes are history dumps that link enough fact with the fantastical fiction to readily blur the lines between the two. I quite liked that.Overall a light, ...
  • Mary JL
    This is the first book of a series of ten. It is a fast paced science fiction thriller. UFO sightings; military action; conspiracies and lots of action. Decent plot and characters; not going to win a Hugo award but a great book to pass a few evenings reading.Suitable for age 12 on up.
  • Tommy
    Just ok - I was hoping for more intrigue
  • Olmedo Vogue
    The area 51 is really mysterious, i can believe in the OVNIS. ♥Five stars!
  • John
    I liked the Area 51 Nightstalkers book better, but this was a good book as well. It is an entertaining, mindless read.
  • Vickie
    Whew! This was a humdingah of a thrill ride. It showed up as 746 pages on the Nook, but it moved fast and the pages flew with the flick of a thumb. It's the start of a series and I can't wait to read more. Doherty writes an intriguing mixture of science fiction and thriller. There's the military, scientists, archeologists, newspaper reporters, and aliens. The action takes place all over the world and the action moves fast. Don't get attached to a...
  • James Caterino
    This is a book I have been meaning to reread.I was all over this novel when the "Area 51" series launched back in the late '90s. As an "X-Files" fan and a UFO buff this was conspiracy crack and paranormal science fiction sugar to feed my endless appetite for anything remotely related to what was a thriving sub-genre at the time.The book was not quite what I expected. While I was anticipating a "Close Encounters" meets 'Dark Skies" tale of broodin...
  • Mathew Charpentier
    When I first read the book, I was bored with it and gave up. A few years later I had to read a mystery book for school I got to choose, and although not classifed as a mystery book it certainly kepps you guessing, that and I didn't want to buy a book I would only read once. So I picked up where I left off and soon found myself unable to put the book down! So the best addvice aobut rading this one is give it time and it will grow on you. What I li...
  • Shawn Deal
    A good book with a few small problems. This book I got to really enjoy at about the half way point. Up until then, it was a bit disjointed with so many characters and so many mentions of characters that it does take a while for the novel to come together. Once it does it is pretty good. Clearly, however, this was the first book in a series and I assume it is setting up the rest of the series. The potential for future is great. The writing style i...
  • Osama
    The book was bad writing objectified. I read some thirty pages and had to counter a sudden wave of nausea. The start of the novel was interesting enough. The revelation about aliens came as a bit of shock (NOT) but still I was willing to endure the book. Sadly, by the time the narrative shifted to contemporary period, the book had lost all its allure. The cumbersome way in which the characters conversed was enough to make me cringe and made me th...
  • Ctgt
    So, I ended up enjoying this much more than I thought I would. If you like action, conspiracies, ancient aliens, UFOs, sci/fi, pyramids, hieroglyphs, runes or any of the other "fringe" stories that abound, you will really like this book. The pacing was quite good and I found myself becoming more and more engrossed as the story unfolded. The first in the series and I will definitely ne checking out the next title. A fun read.
  • Dee Haddrill
    Bob Mayer (writing as Robert Doherty) has written an action-packed, fast paced scifi thriller that will make conspiracy theorists jump up and down with delight! Aliens, pyramids, govt conspiracies, Easter Island--- you name it, this book has got it. I really enjoyed it and am looking forward to reading the sequel.
  • Don Pedicini Jr.
    A good popcorn eating action packed movie read. Nice flow to the storyline. Characters could have been fleshed out a little bit more but I will be reading the next several books to see if that happens. If you like The X Files, Fringe, conspiracy theories this book is for you. Would have given it four stars if the character backgrounds were more described.
  • Nick T. Borrelli
    This book was just what I was looking for. A fun and entertaining read where I didn't have to think too much. Not great literature, but a good fluff action book. Good enough that I will move right on to the next book in the series.
  • Shari Scott
    Ok, now I gotta read the next one!
  • Kathryn Lee Hamilton
    These books have the lamest covers I have ever seen and yet they are some of the best scifi I ever read. Go figure hehehe.
  • Max
    This is a surprisingly fun and entertaining read that takes an everything and the kitchen sink approach to conspiracy theories. Over the course of the novel, the following are involved in the plot: Area 51 (duh), the Manhattan Project, cattle mutilation, crop circles, Atlantis, the pyramids at Giza, Easter Island, foo fighters, and so much more. The story begins with a reporter following up on her colleague's disappearance after he investigates A...
  • Kate
    Someone else rated it 3.5 stars and rounded down to 3. So I'll round my 3.5 stars up to 4. It was a fun read, but a little heavy on the military stuff. It makes sense for the people involved to be up on their military jargon and history, but not everyone else. Along the same lines, all of the other characters seemed to have an awful lot of knowledge of Nabinger's field of archaeology. The characters weren't well-developed is what I'm trying to sa...
  • Toni
    I love the new covers on this 1997 release. It was re-released with new covers in 2012 and the covers are greatly improved appealing to younger audience. The book reads like a movie plot and it keeps you interested all the way through. The head of the Majestic 12, a very hard-headed general makes a great antagonist because I surely hated him through all the book. The book centers on four character, well, three mostly: Dr. Hans Von Seeckt—an eld...
  • Kris
    The pacing was , for the most part, right on target. The action moved smothly and the tension ramped up nicely at the end. The book did take some time to get moving though, since so many characters needed to be introduced, but overall, the intros were swift and the action followed quickly.On the down side the writing lacked a lot of polish and in places felt very amateur and fan fictionish with several instances of telling instead of showing. The...
  • George
    1st in the Area 51 mystery thriller series. Super secret government project started just after WW II based in Area 51 is the center of this story. The project studying alien technology and in the possession of an alien mother ship along with several smaller craft appears to be far more complicated and dangerous than appears on the surface. Again, the villains are military and other government connected official who seemingly go off the rails and ...
  • Richard W. McCuistian
    Very engaging read - I didn't whip through this one as fast as I usually do; I'm reading 2 other books right now. This is a good book, well written and crafted, and I love the characters, but I don't care for all those F bombs Bob throws around. Still, he doesn't use as many as a lot of other authors, and there are no sexual situations at all. This is a good, solid read that ties a lot of interesting stuff together in the realm of UFOs and whatno...
  • Chuck Smith
    Very interesting book providing speculation about UFOs and their technology found in Area 51. One particular aspect of the UFO technology that I found fascinating was the fact that if you were inside a UFO you could see through the exterior skin of the UFO and observe everything around you, as if you were just floating in the sky - pretty cool. The book also provides an explanation for the existence of Atlantis and the reason it disappeared.And o...
  • Brentman99
    The first (or was it second?) of a series, I found this book to have some interesting side theories that the author did a good job of coming up with his own spin on. I like the way he quickly cut through the current vision of Area 51 and then immediately takes the reader into a story of his own making. I appreciated the way the book ended as it was a great segway into future stories that can continue to expand upon what he has created. For someth...