The Mission (Area 51, #3) by Bob Mayer

The Mission (Area 51, #3)

Book 3 in the Area 51 seriesThe bubonic plague was a trial run. Ebola was a dress rehearsal. The real destruction begins now, and, if the Airlia are successful, the result will be total annihilation of the human race…Deep in the Amazon rain forest, villagers are falling to an unseen enemy—a brutal virus that inflicts plague-like symptoms and certain death. There’s no cure for this Black Death, only the threat of imminent worldwide contagion...

Details The Mission (Area 51, #3)

TitleThe Mission (Area 51, #3)
Release DateDec 11th, 2012
GenreScience Fiction, Fiction

Reviews The Mission (Area 51, #3)

  • Stephen
    2.5 stars. Two stars might be a little harsh for this book but I couldn't quite bring myself to say "I liked it" so I split the difference at 2.5 stars. I did not enjoy this installment as much as the previous books in the Area 51 series and I am not entirely sure why. Like the other two, this story is fast paced and expands on the story begun in the other two. I think maybe the "freshness" of the story has worn off. For whatever reason, the stor...
  • Stacy
    This was a quick read and had some interesting, though dark, elements (an ebola-like alien-created virus was tough reading giving the current state of events). Unfortunately, the structure of the book itself was a bit of a mess. There were just far too many side people/missions and it turned out that most just didn't really matter. There was also excessive re-capping. It felt at times as though the author didn't really have a novel length story a...
  • Nicki
    Only 2 stars for this, although it was more like a 2.5 star book. I really enjoyed the first two in the series but this one was a bit of a mess. Far too many characters and substories going on and not much to keep you interested in most of them. It seemed too technical with very little on the two main characters, who were sidelined to a host of new characters who mostly died. It had also been a while since I read the first two books and I found t...
  • David Dalton
    Between this Area 51 series and the Atlantis series (both from Bob Meyer) I am in 7th heaven for some good ole sci-fi action. I have read up to book 4 (of 6) in the Atlantis series and plan to start book 5 real soon .On the other hand, The Mission is only the 3rd of 7 or 9 books. It seems I have a ways to go there.Each one is somewhat similar but different enough to make both series fun to read. I learn a lot about some far off locations. Unders...
  • Toni
    The movie about Area 51 continues where the previous book ended. Nothing is wrapped up. The world is still in danger and it looks like the alien agenda is winning.I can’t really comment too much. It is such an ongoing thing that saying this section is good or that section is good would never cover it all. Lots going on in this story. Lots of characters. I am listening to it on my Kindle and doing it that way helps me keep the multiple storyline...
  • John Mann
    If you liked the previous books in the series, you'll probably like this one as well.I found that unlike the book before it, this one spent the first half recapping what had taken place in the prior books. While it's important to know or remind us about things that had already happened, I didn't expect to find that nothing new was really going on for 150 pages!Thankfully, the book really took off after that, building up to a massively large, acti...
  • Ken
    Another great story in this series! Doherty is a master at writing the military scifi story. He has taken just enough real archeology, added some current alien visitation thinking and come up with a real page-turner. About to tackle the next one "The Sphinx"! The only down-side to these books is the difficult reaidng in the ebook format. MANY typos, font changes, etc. that can be annoying.
  • Claudia
    The pandemic theme makes this pretty grim reading (particularly when people around you are getting sick with influenza left and right). However, I felt that this volume lacked some of the appeal of the earlier books. The novelty of the alien theme has worn off by now, and instead of forwarding the overarching plot of the series, this book introduces a number of ultimately (probably) insignificant subplots that felt superfluous and really went now...
  • Richard W. McCuistian
    It's hard to stop reading these - and Mayer has co-opted everything on earth and Mars to bring his story to life. If it's a well-known mystery, (pyramids wherever they may be, Easter Island, the face on Mars, Area 51 itself, the explosion over Tunguska in 1908, foo fighters, the Ark of the Covenant and so many other things - he has crafted an incredible tale of epic proportions - and he's really good at it. Having read some of his Time Patrol nov...
  • Chuck Smith
    I slogged through the first 150 pages or so and finally gave up. This book just couldn’t grab and retain my attention. New people and references to places kept popping up and I had a hard time linking them together and tracking forward despite having some familiar characters from its predecessor book Area 51 by the same author.
  • Steve
    Book #3 = More ActionThis book seemed to be constantly “on the go” ... it’s still difficult trying to keep straight who-is-who, and if not for the central characters — I’d be more lost than while reading the story.
  • Elizabeth Adkisson
    Military Action and Aliens.This book series is so well written that I have found it very difficult to put down. The story, as well as the action, pull you in. Like I said, military action and aliens. Enough said.
  • Netz
    way too many recaps in this book. The story is no longer compelling.
  • David Elkin
    A little harder read, and more of a stretch-However still did history correctly
  • Larissa
    This was another interesting book that showed more and yet left more to wondering what was going to be happening.
  • Kathleen Lubbers
    Keeps getting better!LOVE the series. Aliens, good guys, bad guys, covert factions. This series is so well written, worth my time to read it !! You will LOVE it too!
  • Randy Carlson
    Second time I have read this book and it was still good
  • Benjamin Thomas
    The third in the Area 51 series is, of course, a continuation of events from the first two books. I didn't enjoy it as much, probably because the novelty of the central idea has worn off somewhat, but still there is enough here for me to continue pursuing the entire series.The new aspect of the larger alien story this time around is a threat of biological weapon attack by the aliens, a sort of "Black Death" plague to be released, destroying all h...
  • Pruitt
    The 3rd book in Robert Doherty's Area 51 Series. As with the second book, this book picks up very shortly after the end of the previous book, and features the surviving characters/heroes from it as well. With Major Turcotte and Dr. Duncan being what I would consider the primary characters once again.In this book, the Guardian Computer on Easter Island sets in motion a plan to once again cull the human race with a plague, but this time on a much m...
  • Patrick Gibson
    Robert Doherty is the pen name for Bob Mayer—primarily known for military action novels. The ‘Area 51’ series are (I suspect) stress relief for the author, and deliver exactly what you’d expect: silly, but fun matinee SciFi adventure. The premise: Area 51 is everything the conspiracy theorists have claimed. Alien spacecraft are being held there, along with a myriad of other goodies, and now the extraterrestrials have returned to claim the...
  • Éric Kasprak
    The series is fun and well written for sure, but after a first book that was really what I was looking for (Ancient Aliens mysteries) I think the author is going more and more toward the military spectrum of sci-fi. I would prefer more Alien mysteries and less military mumbo-jumbo action. But this is a long series (8 books) so I have hopes that the next book will veer back to the Ancient Aliens vibe I so loved in the first one and because the boo...
  • Julie
    The Third Installment of the Area 51 Series and it continues on the drama. In this one, more secret underground places are revealed with alien artifacts related to the Airlia or Artad. Meanwhile, a new threat is detected in the form of what seems to be the bubonic plague--sent by the Airlia. Turcotte, Yakov and Duncan race to stop the plague and find a cure. Meanwhile, two space shuttles are launched to try to bring back the mother ship. Plus we ...
  • Eric Smith
    With the third entry in his Area 51 series Bob Mayer pulls the story from the second book back together while still expanding it without the feel of changing continuity I felt in the second entry. Bioengineering and more secret groups and organizations lead the way while things get murkier and the survival of the human species is put on the line. Another fast fun read.
  • Dustin
    The mystery of the ages unfold as the heroes learn more about the secret alien war that has raged in the shadows of Earth's history for five thousand years. While again I feel the author spends way more word count on explaining military terminology and gear porn (one of the bigger problems in Mil Sci-Fi) the brisk action, unfolding mysteries, and likable characters make this an enjoyable read.
  • Shawn Deal
    Another great book in the series. Not as action packed as the first two, this is more of a mystery featuring the black death. This is a fantastic book in this series. The author is great in making everything so convincing in these novels. His research is great and everything in the novel sounds so plausible that it enhances the read.
  • Raistlin (Rai)
    The third book in the Area 51 series. While I really enjoyed the first two, barely able to put the original down, this didn't capture my attention as much. A good read none-the-less, but doesn't live up to the first two. Proceeding on to book 4 to see if it improves.
  • Robert Duke
    I'm finding this series fun enough to keep reading through, but I'm not FEELING anything while listening to it. No Fear, Apprehension, Glee, or any other emotion that always comes along with getting immersed in a new universe.
  • Carlos Trevino
    The pace of this book didn't seem as fast as the past two. I felt that the whole Mission/Guides/Watchers plot took too long to reveal but it certainly picked up after. I like how some of the alien race's intentions are finally revealed and they clearly want to wipe us out.
  • Mathew Charpentier
    Robert Doherty does it again. Shocking new revelations about the Ariela emerge in the midst of a new Black Death gripping South America. You'll be left wondering just how much this alien race had to do with human development.