Reykjavík Nights (Inspector Erlendur, #0) by Arnaldur Indriðason

Reykjavík Nights (Inspector Erlendur, #0)

THE LIVINGErlendur has recently joined the police force as a young officer and immediately sinks into the darkness of Reykjavik's underworld. Working nights, he discovers the city is full of car crashes, robberies, drinkers and fighters. And sometimes an unexplained death.THE LOSTA homeless man Erlendur knows is found drowned. But few people care. Or when a young woman on her way home from a club vanishes. Both cases go cold.THE SEARCHERTwo lost ...

Details Reykjavík Nights (Inspector Erlendur, #0)

TitleReykjavík Nights (Inspector Erlendur, #0)
Release DateSep 18th, 2014
PublisherHarvill Secker
GenreMystery, Fiction, Crime, European Literature, Scandinavian Literature, Thriller

Reviews Reykjavík Nights (Inspector Erlendur, #0)

  • Marita
    “All his death meant was one less vagrant on the streets of Reykjavík.” Night after night young Erlendur and his colleagues perform their duties on the streets of Reykjavík. Drunken louts, fights, family abuse and horrendous accidents are all part of a normal night's work. And then there are the homeless clutching their brennivín or their methylated spirits whilst desperately looking for a place to sleep out of the bitter cold. Erlendur ca...
  • Jean
    I purchased several books by Arnaldur Indriðason at our library book sale this winter, but rather than read them out of order, I decided to start with the prequel, Reykjavík Nights: Murder in Reykjavík. This full-length novel, which is translated from Icelandic by Victoria Cribb, features traffic patrolman Erlendur Sveinsson. Having just finished a five-book series filled with switchblade-wielding murderesses, rapists, and anarchist, this book...
  • Bill
    The proliferation of Scandinavian/Nordic crime fiction is fascinating to me. At first, I thought it was just a fad that would die out eventually, but no, it's still a big deal more than a decade later. And it should be too, because all the ones I have read have been great!This book is by an author from Iceland and,naturally enough, is set in Iceland. It is actually a prequel to the main series which features Detective Erlendur. In this book, Erle...
  • Sue
    In Reykjavik nights, we are re-introduced to Inspector Erlendur, here a new, young policeman, on traffic detail, busting up small time crime--burglaries, drunken house parties, fisticuffs, the sort of crime that happens on his frequent night shifts. He also is coming to know the city better and the denizens of the night. As in the later stories, Erlendur is different from his fellow officers and here we get a picture of both cause and effect---wh...
  • Nancy Oakes
    I'm still playing catch up here -- I actually finished this book about a week ago. As usual, you can certainly feel free to choose between the longer, more detailed review at my online reading journal or the shorter version here. To my intense delight, Erlendur is back -- albeit as a young patrolman on the night shift -- in a prequel to the entire series. On his regular shift one night, young patrolman Erlendur receives a report that takes him t...
  • Diane S ☔
    This is a prequel to the Erlunder series, which has remained one of my favorite Nordic series. Was wonderful seeing the young Erlunder in the role of a traffic cop but how he still managed to put together things that had escaped others. The bones of the later Erlunder already in place. Not able to let go of something until it is solved to his satisfaction. This plot revolved around a missing woman and a group of street people. Loved to see the co...
  • Petra
    I ended up enjoying this story. Erlendur is a young cop going about his own business. In the course of his duties, he befriends a homeless man and, when he dies in a drowning, begins to investigate. This book starts slow but as the story moves along, I realized that the reader is slowly getting to know how this man thinks and works. We're being introduced to a young man who hasn't quite found his path in life. This appears to be a character-drive...
  • Dagný
    Chronologically, the last we knew of Erlendur, the police detective of Arnaldur's series, he was (perhaps forever) searching for the remains of his younger brother. ( As young boys they got lost in a wilderness snowstorm and inadvertently separated, Erlendur has never given up the search for his lost brother.) This (chronological) last sighting of Erlendur was in Furðustrandir (Strange Shores). The next to last book in the series, The Chess Matc...
  • Gill
    I found this a bit disappointing. I've read several other Erlendur novels and have always found them extremely atmospheric. I found this one rather matter of fact. It was interesting to read this prequel, and find out how Erlendur started as a detective. However, if this had been the first of the books that I read, I doubt if I would have read further.
  • Alex Cantone
    After a while a bus arrived and Thuri stood up, saying a curt goodbye as if she wanted nothing more to do with Erlendur. The sky was leaden and it was raining again. He watched her climb aboard and select a window seat, ready to carry on circling the city with no destination, never leaving the vehicle, not caring where it went: her life a journey without purpose. As Erlendur followed the departing bus with his eyes, he pictured himself in her sho...
  • Esil
    Thank you to the publisher and Netgalley for an opportunity to read a copy of Reykjavik Nights. 3 1/2 stars. I've been meaning to read Indridason's series for a long time, so when an opportunity to read his newest book came up, I was delighted. But I was a bit apprehensive because I tend to be a bit obsessive about reading mystery series in order. I thought this book could be an exception because it's a prequel. It takes place in the early years ...
  • Ellen
    Reykjavik Nights by Arnaldur Indridason.I've read 9 of the books in the Inspector Erlendur series when he was already a first rate detective. The author brings us, the reader, back to Erlendur's beginnings as a traffic officer. We first learn of Erlendur's fascination with missing people. His relentless search for the truth.Erlendur along with two other night officers have the worst of the worst to deal with each night on their patrol. One of the...
  • Carol
    I enjoyed the book but not as much as his others when Erlander was a bit more complete a person. It was an ok crime but unsatisfactory resolution. Erlander is too sharp for such a new cop and his obsession to find the killer seemed a bit unnatural for such a junior officer. But I love him anyhow and will read anything he is in
  • Susan
    Although this is the latest novel featuring Erlunder Sveinsson, it is also the earliest – taking Erlunder back to his days as a young junior officer on the beat. The novel begins with three boys finding a body in the water, which turns out to be a tramp, called Hannibal. Erlunder had come across Hannibal during his time on the streets, but, it seems, that only he thought there was something curious about his death. It was chalked down to drowni...
  • Andy
    A clear 4 stars for meAuthor Indridason is on form with this prequel series. Wasn’t sure I was going to warm to an earlier version of his detective Erlendur but its great as we delve straight into the mystery & only slightly explore the beginnings of the detectives character which is as we love & know a little dour & self-absorbed at best! The story is all about the mystery & revolves around two "unsolved" crimes/disappearances which sees Erlen...
  • Kathy
    The Erlendur series consists of 14 books now, I believe. This prequel was published in 2012 whereas the one book I had previously read, Jar City, was published in 2000. Apparently a movie was made out of that book, one I have not seen.Had the prequel started off the series I do believe it would have fallen off a very steep hill into oblivion. Reading the book was a chore. I am one who does not like thrillers, but now I know the exact opposite hav...
  • Carolyn
    This book was waiting for me when I got home yesterday afternoon and my husband didn't need telling: he just ordered a takeaway as I disappeared into the bedroom for the next few hours.This is a simpler and slightly more upbeat narrative than some in the Erlendur saga, especially compared with 'Strange Shores'. Certainly, tragedy exists, in the spiritual and physical downfall of Hannibal, but there is nowhere near the existential hopelessness and...
  • Richard
    One of my favourite detective series are the Inspector Erlendur novels by Arnaldur Indriðason. I was delighted therefore to learn of a prequel set in Reykjavík in the late 1960s.I was equally keen to read it and having done so was so pleased to see the same methodical detective but now only partially formed, just a young cop learning his way on the night shifts. In uniform chasing down speeding motorists, responding to domestics and break-ins, ...
  • Ed
    Prequel to the author's exceptional Icelandic mystery series finds a young Erlendur working as a traffic cop in Reykjavik. A homeless man is found dead in a pool of stagnant water on the same night a young married woman goes missing. The woman's disappearance takes official priority and the homeless man's death ruled accidental but Erlendur recognizes the man from previous encounters and begins an unofficial investigation on his own time. Still h...
  • Rick
    Having read the whole series so far, going back to Erlendur's beginning seems a little strange. A good story and lots of back-filling with information and background about him. You can sense him evolving into what he becomes later. I am looking forward to Erlendur #2 (since volumes 3 and on were published first). Recommended.
  • Charlene Intriago
    Really good police procedural story. Erlander is a pretty good sleuth, never giving up. The author did a great job of taking the reader down many different paths until we finally know who "done it". I liked that.
  • Gloria Feit
    From the publisher: In this stunning prequel to his critically acclaimed Inspector Erlendur books and the tenth volume in the series, Erlendur is a young and inexperienced detective walking beat on the streets in Reykjavik, encountering routine traffic accidents, theft, domestic violence, contraband - - and an unexplained death. When a tramp he met regularly on the night shift is found drowned in a ditch, no one seems to car. But his fate haunts ...
  • K
    I have enjoyed the Inspector Erlendur series, but have read them out of order. So now, having finished the 1st one, I have an even greater appreciation and affection for this character. This book helps readers to understand Erlendur's doggedness when working on a crime where others have given up, as well as his inherent sympathy for the downtrodden and underdog. The character is slowly fleshed out, but having the advantage of reading the series o...
  • Gisela Hafezparast
    Good read. Everything which was wrong with the last Kathy Reich book I read a few days ago was right here. Good sense of time and place and a great "filling of the gaps" of the main detective Erlendur of the series. Interesting to see the Iceland of the 60s and compare it with current times. I am sure Indridason has plans for us.
  • James
    Another smashingly good read from Iceland, home of noir crimes and the most sympathetic and humble detective this side of Sicily. This time Erlendar cares when a homeless man is found dead, Erlendar always cares when it is inconvenient. It's all great particularly the mundane mix of grunt work and lucky breaks. My favourite crime series by far.
  • Lynn
    Erlendur is just starting out in uniform in the Reykjavik police service in this prequel. As a Traffic cop, he sees the effect of chronic drink every night on the late shift. Erlendur's the same guy basically, just 20 years before the rest of the series. He's kinda sad, cares about victims as people, and longs for a good smoked sheepshead for supper.
  • Jim
    Arnaldur Indriðason continues to be one of my favorite mystery writers. This time, in Reykjavík Nights: Murder in Reykjavík, goes in for a prequel. His famed detective, Erlendur Sveinsson, is a young traffic cop on night duty in the Icelandic capital. He has befriended a drunk named Hannibal who, at the beginning of the story, turns up drowned in a drainage ditch.You have to understand that Erlendur has a thing for missing persons. A young wom...
  • Shelleyrae at Book'd Out
    Essentially a prequel to the eleven book series from bestselling author Arnaldur Indriðason, Reykjavik Nights features detective, Inspector Erlendur as a rookie officer on the streets of the Iceland's capital. It is the mid 1970's and Erlendur is a new beat officer, patrolling the darkened streets of Reykjavik. He responds to traffic accidents, drunken brawls, thefts and domestic violence incidents but it is the fate of the missing that intrigue...
  • Toni Osborne
    Prequel to the inspector Erlendur series (volume 10)Translating and publishing books out of sequence seems to be the trend for Nordic publishers these days. After so many exciting outings we go back in time to the roots of our famous protagonist. Mr. Indridason has carefully reinvented Erlendur and we find him in 1974 as a young officer working the beat mostly on traffic duty during night shifts and dreaming in becoming a detective one day. Altho...
  • Tony
    REYKJAVIK NIGHTS. (2015). Arnaldur Indridason. ***1/2.This latest from this Icelandic author is actually a prequel to the rest of the series. Before his main character, Inspector Erlendur, becomes a full Inspector, he was first an entry level Traffic cop on the streets of the capital. He becomes involved with the group of street people on his beat, and develops friendships with several of them, including one named Hannibal. Later, Hannibal is dis...