Leaving Megalopolis (Leaving Megalopolis, #1) by Gail Simone

Leaving Megalopolis (Leaving Megalopolis, #1)

When the caped heroes of the world's safest city inexplicably all turn into homicidal lunatics, no one is safe.The only rational thing to do is get the hell out of town. If only it were that easy...

Details Leaving Megalopolis (Leaving Megalopolis, #1)

TitleLeaving Megalopolis (Leaving Megalopolis, #1)
Release DateMay 17th, 2019
PublisherPainfully Normal Productions
GenreSequential Art, Comics, Graphic Novels, Superheroes, Fiction, Horror, Graphic Novels Comics

Reviews Leaving Megalopolis (Leaving Megalopolis, #1)

  • Sam Quixote
    A North American city lies in devastation following a massive superhero battle – it’s Metropolis post-Man of Steel!Mina, a cop with a secret, leads a group of survivors through the ruins of Megalopolis while avoiding the superheroes-gone-bad. They’ve gotta make it to the bridge out of the city to safety – but will they make it? And what’s turned all the heroes into crazed murderers anyway?Gail Simone and Jim Calafiore’s short but pret...
  • Chelsea
    4.5 stars.I adored this! There were only some bits I wasn't too crazy about but, for the most part, I loved this! I sincerely wish they'd put together a live action adaptation because it is a really cool concept. Sure, both DC and Marvel have dabbled with "What if superheroes were evil?" but they never did it with quite the same level of having the supers attack the humans. This series did a great job at glossing over the explanation as to why th...
  • Cheese
    I bought this after seeing it advertised as a successful start up and the preview and idea of the story caught my attention.The best thing about this comic is the artwork. It gives so much character to the 'heroes' before they even start dialogue. They are drawn with such Intuition and they really deliver. However, the heroes have no powers. The real heroes are the people trying to escape. No spoilers here, but the one thing volume 1 lacks is not...
  • Mike
    I very much want to read more tales of the Megalopolis. This was one well put-together book, especially considering that Simone and Calafiore put this together themselves through Kickstarter.I loved how they teased the horror of this post-insanity world - heroes gone stark-raving bejeebers. There were some obvious comparisons to The Boys and Crossed (both by Garth Ennis, who's a big favourite of mine), and yet this felt like it mined territory of...
  • Valerie
    This is the scariest book I've read this year.I think we've all read/seen episodes where the good guys "go bad." It's a pretty standard trope. Super Sentai has an evil Blue arc just about every single season.You have never seen the concept done in as brutally terrifying a manner as this. It's visceral and disturbing and sometimes hurts to turn the page. This book is about the things you love turning against you in ways you are incapable of actual...
  • Ethan
    I backed this book as a project on kickstarter, and got my copy in the mail today. As soon as I go inside, I sat down, tore open the package, and read the entire thing cover to cover. It didn't take very long - I finished the entire book, plus the backup story, in about 30 minutes. So it's short - very short. And probably because of this, it seems to take a lot of storytelling shortcuts, leaning heavily on old tropes and well-worn themes that don...
  • Cale
    This was a very dark book - A city where the super heroes have gone psychotic and killed almost everyone. The story is an escape, as a small assortment of regular people try to get out of town. This has a lot of parallels to the Zombie genre, with as much of the conflict coming from other normal humans, and the super heroes are the looming threat. The characters are made fairly memorable, the humans at least. The action is quick and brutal when i...
  • Brian Poole
    Leaving Megalopolis reunited the creative team of Gail Simone and Jim Calafiore for a dark, dystopian superhero tale.Some time before the start of Leaving Megalopolis, a calamity befell the big city where most of the costumed heroes lived. During a fight with an odd beast, they all became “infected.” Now in ripped, dirty costumes, with major physical deterioration, the heroes have turned Megalopolis into a deadly hell. They hunted the normal ...
  • Gina
    I was already a fan of Gail Simone, but this is my first exposure to Jim Calafiore and he is sensational. His long experience on regular superhero comics would be a great background for this way darker than normal gritty superhero/antihero story. Also gorgeous colors by Jason Wright and strong, clear lettering from Dave Sharpe and I have so say that on all the technical levels, Leaving Megalopolis is great.It wouldn't matter if the story and char...
  • Travis Duke
    A dark super hero story that I thought was really good. The story is that city is in disarray after a strange event has turned the super heroes into villains. The surviving humans are the main characters in the story and its about how their surviving these good guys turned bad. Lots of action and great artwork, I especially liked the art work for Fleet. By the end of the book you get a pretty good understanding of whats happening but also a good ...
  • David Caldwell
    This graphic novel was funded through Kickstarter.Megalopolis is the safest city anywhere. That is because it is the homebase for a bunch of superheroes. But when these superheroes face a threat in the form of a monster that rises up from the ground, They become twisted homicidal killers. The heroes are in constant pain and the only way to relieve it even temporarily is to kill normal humans. Killing other superhumans doesn't seem to satisfy them...
  • ***Dave Hill
    I didn't enjoy this Kickstarted tale as much as I wanted to (despite my appreciation for both creators) or expected to (because of same). In part, that's because the story is so short -- a thin volume that feels more like a children's illustrated book in thickness -- and in part because the territory is so familiar -- super-heroes gone maniacally homicidal. The reveal of how this comes about is more original, but also comes across as a bit of han...
  • Alan
    Gail Simone and Jim Calafiore had a very good run on The Secret Six. They decided on a Kickstarter campaign to fund their new project, and out of the few Kickstarters that I have helped fund this is the best one yet.Megalopolis is the safest city on the planet because of all the superheroes who live there. Until, an earthquake releases an entity and gases from underneath the Earth. The reader can determine for themselves exactly why the heroes be...
  • Bill Williams
    Kickstarted by fans, this original graphic novel is a survivor horror story with costumed heroes standing in for zombies. The narrative follows a band of survivors as they attempt to leave a generic city full of crazed costumed psychopaths. As with most of these stories, the streets are bare except for the survivors and their enemies. There is a neighborhood association that kills people that play their music too loud. There are a few gleeful mur...
  • Jennifer Lavoie
    I am so glad I helped Kickstart this project. When I got the book in the mail I was thrilled. The story is fantastic, the art is beautiful, and the quality of the book itself is top of the line. The story is dark and follows residents of Megalopolis as they try to flee from the city. After some sort of accident, all of the cities heroes have gone crazy and instead of helping the citizens, they're harming them. I can't wait to read more of this se...
  • Leilani
    I backed the Kickstarter instantly even though the plot didn't appeal to me because I love Gail Simone, and my reading experience was pretty much what should be expected from that - the characters were surprisingly well-fleshed out for such a brief story, but the plot was everything I don't care to read in comics. I'm not a fan of grim and gritty. It had Its moments and the end wasn't bad, but ultimately I'm just not the target audience for this ...
  • Jim
    Enjoyable read - but it was a bit dark. Apparently, this was a Kickstarter program first! That's pretty cool. Gail Simone always does good work. Apparently, I'm just rambling now. Anyway, recommended.
  • Eddie
    If you read anything from this team before you know it was well done. If they were going for depression that what I had when I finished. The city fell apart pretty fast, I might have too much faith in mankind, just thought more people would stand up.
  • Paul
    Nice art, but holy crap nothing happened in this book. oh well. maybe just not my thing...
  • Pamela
    More like a 3.5, but I rounded up. Review to come.
  • Andrea
    Gaile Simone. That enough is enough to want to make me read this. Obviously, the story is awesome, and completely bat$hit crazy.
  • Nima Ghadiri
    Superhero comic books, when told from the perspective of the ordinary civilian, can be outstanding work like Kurt Busiek's Marvels series which followed photographer Phil Sheldon as he documented this brave new era. However I do find the additional hook of superheroes turning evil a guilty pleasure, and Leaving Megalopolis follows this theme.The benchmark for me is the plot, though not the execution, of the Injustice book from DC, a comic series ...
  • Ann D-Vine
    Comic superstars Gail Simone and Jim Calafiore, fresh(ish) from their collaboration on the fan-favourite Secret Six, decided to make a book all on their own. With the internet magic that is the crowd-funding platform Kickstarter, and a legion of devoted fans with faith enough to lay down their own money to help make it happen, Simone and Calafiore successfully pitched Leaving Megalopolis - a dark tale of superheroes gone very, very bad.The end re...
  • Richard
    You can see germs of an interesting idea behind this gory genre subversion, and I'm sure that you could get a decent class or book-club meeting's worth of discussion out of it. Among other things, it seems like the creators are trying to tackle the questions of "What does it mean to be a hero; who is a hero?" And the artwork is definitely well-drawn.I just couldn't get into it, though. As with many subversions, there's a deliberate ugliness at wo...
  • Jani
    Leaving Megalopolis is not easy. If it was, it would be a poor setting for a comic book series. Instead, Megalopolis is full of superheroes gone mad who are hell bend on slaughtering any normie they sense. A uniformed officer is only one of the victims when a metropolis-like city's superheroes go homicidal after a battle with a monster. Nevertheless, the uniform still has power and whether she wants it or not, people start flocking to her and she...
  • Marco
    Not too bad, but not exactly something one HAS to have read.Story is okay, but not all that original and the artwork is good enough, but I have to admit I was never too much of a fan.So three stars here.
  • Fraser Sherman
    3.5. Reminiscent of Irredeemable, this has a group of regular people struggling to get out of the city (think Marvel's New York) after the Avengers/Justice League type team has gone psycho. A good read.
  • Tony
    Interesting ideas. But seemed a bit too short.
  • taeli
    read 8/15/17
  • Scott
    Black Hammer meets Jupiter's Legacy meets Walking Dead.