Alone Forever by Liz Prince

Alone Forever

Liz Prince, author of the world's cutest relationship comic, "Will You Still Love Me If I Wet the Bed?," returns with a new comic about being - gasp! - SINGLE. Finally bringing her popular webcomic to printed form, Alone Forever explores the joys of flying solo, free to focus on what really matters: comics, punk rock, and cute boys with beards. Drawn in Liz Prince's ultra-charming style, filled with self-deprecation and cats, there's something fo...

Details Alone Forever

TitleAlone Forever
Release DateFeb 5th, 2014
PublisherTop Shelf Productions
GenreSequential Art, Graphic Novels, Comics, Humor, Nonfiction, Autobiography, Memoir

Reviews Alone Forever

  • Ferdy
    Some of this was funny, but most of it was obnoxious, pointless and repetitive. Decent enough illustrations though.
  • Sam Quixote
    All you need is love… right? Nah. Well, kinda, if you’re Liz Prince. Because while Alone Forever celebrates the single life and the frustrating, and sometimes funny, labyrinth that is modern dating, Prince is still in love with love. She’s always trying different methods to meet that someone special, whether it’s being a wingman for a mate when they hit the bars, or trying to make eye contact with cute guys on the tube or in the street, o...
  • Kate
    3.5*Disclaimer: I received a copy of this book through Netgalley in exchange for an honest review.A collection of comic strips from Liz Prince on being single, her search for a cute boy with a beard and all the angst that comes with it. There's not really that much to say about this book, it was entertaining but I felt as though I was missing something with the humour. I sort of got a mixed message from this as well, on the one hand it's great to...
  • Sebastien
    I really loved this. Prince is a really great writer and humorist. This is slice of life focused on relationship sort of stuff, has a diary format. She is clever in her humor, pretty biting and sharp often times and I like that. Her personality shows through in the writing and art, and I think that's a great thing because she strikes me as an interesting person. Don't go into this thing expecting detailed realism, the drawing style is charming an...
  • Angela
    Hooooo my God. Is Liz Prince me!?!? I didn't know what this was when I picked it up, but it ended up SPEAKING DIRECTLY TO MY LIFE EXPERIENCES. It's about a late 20something living in Cambridge, MA, in the early 2010s and lookin' (often longingly, always tragical-romantically) for love. And mostly falling flat on her ass. It's about dressing like a giant dork tomboy and making awful jokes and just bein' a real nerd. It's about makin' eyes at cute ...
  • Jillyn
    Oh Liz Prince. You never fail to make me laugh. I read her book Tomboy awhile back and I really enjoyed it, so when I saw Alone Forever I knew I needed it. I was right!This collection of comics made me laugh out loud more than once. The beauty of Prince's work is that (at least for me) it is painfully relatable. I've done the whole internet dating scene and it's a scary and awkward place. I've internally battled myself in spurts of "I love being ...
  • Pamela
    I haven't read Liz Prince's memoir Tomboy yet--I'm on the waiting list and I have a sneaking suspicion someone's keeping it long overdue at their house. However, Netgalley, that saucy purveyor of tantalizing-sounding comics, had her newest collection, Alone Forever: The Singles Edition up for review, so I snagged it. As a single person myself (who often gets "set up" with guys because I, too, could be OMG ALONE FOREVER!), I thought, "Hey, this sh...
  • Michael
    As I've said in the past, one of the fun things about NetGalley is skimming through the comics and graphic novels section and finding treasures there I might not have heard of before or might have overlooked.Liz Prince's Alone Forever: A Singles Collection is one such collection. The series of comic strips examine Liz's attempts to find love in the modern dating world that includes things like OK Cupid and texting your feelings to someone and the...
  • Caitlin
    ARC provided through NetGalley in exchange for an honest review.Alone Forever is a collection of comic strips by the ever entertaining Liz Prince about being single, trying dates and the joys of OK Cupid. I have to admit that I thoroughly enjoy Liz Prince. I loved her memoir Tomboy and this was pretty damn entertaining too. I don't think it's particularly ground breaking but as a fairly introverted, socially awkward person myself, I could definit...
  • Anne
    I ended up feeling a little bad for Liz. Self-deprecation can be very funny, but she seems genuinely frustrated. I wonder if she planned to look so vulnerable.There's not much to say about Liz’s style. It's simple, B&W, unpretentious. Some authors don’t like comparisons, but I have to say that Tomboy: A Graphic Memoir is way better than Alone Forever: The Singles Collection.*ARC provided by Diamond Book Distributors via NetGalley.*
  • BookCupid
    Alone forever - a thirtysomething's horror story Liz goes out, initiates conversations on the subway and enrolls in Ok cupid for the chance of a true ''I didn't settle'' relationship. So why is she forever alone?Although the comic strips are simplistic, Liz's personality is anything but ordinary. She's funny, sincere and well nourished (she prefers crying with her cat in bed over eating a whole apple pie.) Let's face it, being single when all of ...
  • Basma
    cute, silly, a quick read, funny, all about her date-life, and cats cats cats.
  • Rebecca
    I think I need to maybe give up on reading graphic novels which are collections of an artist/writer's webcomcis that I've never read before because I so rarely like them. I liked bits and pieces of this but it wasn't very funny, more just relatable. Like this one (hopefully you can read it):Ultimately I just find comics about women meeting men who treat them poorly, even if they don't mean to, quite depressing so I wish I could have liked this mo...
  • Bryan
    Quick and very enjoyable read of a collection of romance seeking comics. I found this book to be quite funny. My reactions fall into these 3 categories: smiley grin, light chuckles, and loud neighbor disrupting belly laugh. It was cool she referenced some Dr. Frank lyrics in one of her strips as I was able to share those with a friend of mine who loves The Mr. T Experience. Also, she parodied an EC comic cover and I love EC comics so I thought th...
  • Nicholas Driscoll
    From a book bundle I purchased. Not really good, but some funny jokes. Mostly I was curious about making autobiographical comics, and it was interesting to see her version, but the book wasn’t very funny, and every few pages of my copy got blurry and nearly impossible to read.
  • Suraia Munia
    I liked her book "tomboy" which is why i picked up this copy from the library. However, it wasn't what i expected. Most jokes seemed forced and more on the annoying side than funny. I usually loooooove comics but i struggled to finish the book!
  • Mckoylyn Davis
    It was good, made me laugh and set my mind to ease. Loved it!
  • Mehsi
    While ordering Tomboy I also saw that Liz Prince had other books. I decided on this one (don't worry, I also bought all the others now that I read this one and Tomboy). And yes, until Tomboy I never heard of Liz Prince. It seems like a lot of other people knew here from years ago, either from (it seems) the internet or for her other books. This one was really funny, ok, not always. Some parts just made me roll my eyes or shake my head. I normally...
  • Alisha
    This was nice I guess? The art work and stories were simple and easy to follow, and a couple of parts were really cute and relateable. The parts that weren't relateable though, were a bit boring. Obviously I didn't expect to agree with everything, and it was easy to skim past the parts I didn't enjoy, but I felt like there was something lacking that I couldn't put my finger on.I had a giggle at a few points though, like when Liz spoke about her O...
  • Sam
    This is the first time I've come across Liz Prince and my god is she funny. Here she pulls together a number of her comic strips that shows the highs and lows of being a singleton, particularly a singleton surrounded by couples. The artwork is simple but damn near perfect in its simplicity which just lets each little strip speak for itself. A depressingly hopeful collection that will help anyone find the humour and joy in being alone, even when i...
  • Loredana (Bookinista08)
    I got this as an e-arc from NetGalley and, truth be told, I wasn't expecting much, but I guess I was pleasantly surprised. I could really identify with some of Liz's stories about crushes, dating, expectations, etc. so I had lots of fun reading this collection. A very nice, quick and easy-going read for singles and not only! P.S. I had LOL moments as well, so that's gotta count for something! ^_^
  • Megan Kirby
    I read a lot of these comics in zines or online, but I couldn't resist picking up the collection at Myopic last weekend. I was just writing a little bit about the history of romance comics for LA Review of Books, so the topic was fresh in my mind. Liz Prince is always laugh-out-loud funny and super relatable.
  • Romane
    Liz Prince and I got things in common. I like guys with beards and I like cats too. There's nothing wrong about being single! A collection of comic strips about Liz's experiences and attempts on liking, loving, and dating someone. Very funny and relatable.
  • Lindsay
    **I received a free digital copy of this book from NetGalley in return for an honest review.**What a fun comic to read. And also I have felt all of these things before. This book drove me to her website in search of other funny offerings so I guess that aspect worked for sure. I will be grabbing up more books of this nature in the future.
  • Chris Perez
    Liz Prince's comics have long been among my favorite webcomics going. Her silly, bittersweet, self-deprecating, awkward humor has always struck a chord with me, and I'm glad to say that this newest collection is among her best.
  • Raina
    It's very interesting to go back and read some of these early works of Prince's AFTER I read Tomboy. Here, Prince outlines some episodes from her early dating life - she's relateable, likeable, and real. Pretty sure I ate this up in one sitting.
  • Mino
    "Books! The more you read, the less you have to pay attention to creepy people on the subway."
  • Hannah
    This spoke to me on a personal level. Thank you, Liz Prince.
  • Ashley Pierce
    Another great read from Liz. Totally relatable and funny.
  • Allie
    This rating/review is based on an ARC from Netgalley.LIZ PRINCE IS SO FUNNY!