Spilled Milk by K.L. Randis

Spilled Milk

Brooke Nolan is a battered child who makes an anonymous phone call about the escalating brutality in her home. When social services jeopardize her safety condemning her to keep her father’s secret, it’s a glass of spilled milk at the dinner table that forces her to speak about the cruelty she’s been hiding. In her pursuit for safety and justice Brooke battles a broken system that pushes to keep her father in the home. When jury members and ...

Details Spilled Milk

TitleSpilled Milk
Release DateDec 4th, 2013
PublisherAmazon Digital Services
GenreNonfiction, Autobiography, Memoir, Crime, True Crime, Biography, Sociology, Abuse

Reviews Spilled Milk

  • Elle Klass
    Spilled Milk by K. L. Randis is a touching story based on true events. Brooke Nolan, from the time she is a little girl until her teenage years is sexually abused by her father. She isn't the only target in the family, as her siblings feel his wrath in the form of physical abuse. Her mother is disabled from a mishap at work, and there are 4 children in the household which traps her financially. The perfect setting for the lightning storm that is ...
  • Anne Hawn Smith
    This was a very compelling story and I could hardly put it down, but it made me so angry. I know this kind of abuse goes on and that children are victimized by their parents, but this child was also victimized by Social Services and her school. How could such agencies promise confidentiality and then do things which put her into further jeopardy? How could a school be so insensitive?But this is a story of a young girl with enormous courage. At ti...
  • Missy
    My 15 yo read this and told me I should read it. I was hesitant because of the subject matter but also wanted to be able to discuss with her. It was really hard to read in the beginning but I am glad I pressed on and finished it. A very insightful view of what she went through and how the system "works"...or doesn't work. Unbelievable resiliency displayed throughout this book. Thanks for the courage of the author to write this book.
  • Rachel Blum-jose
    This just goes to show just how important proofreading your book is. Seriously..."would OF?" "Oxycontin's?" Not to mention the ungodly number of run-on sentences. I bring this up because I thought this was a fantastic book, and it's a shame I couldn't give it a full 5-star review. Editing is writing 101.
  • Leticia
    Honestly, it is a moving and horrifying tale of bravery and sadness. But if the editing had been more thorough I'd have been able to focus solely on Brooke's voice. Instead, the misused plurals/'s and the disregard for punctuation left me a bit distracted.
  • Donna
    This book is nonfiction/true crime. The story is about a girl who is abused by her father. She has the added burden of protecting her younger siblings and taking care of her mom. As she gets older, she realizes that her home life is not right. She gets the ball rolling that will eventually lead to her dad being held accountable. I liked that this book focused on Brooke's strengths. She is a survivor. I also liked that she has been able to bring c...
  • Melinda Plue
    Proofreading is important. The story is compelling, but the number of run-on sentences and terrible use of punctuation was very distracting. I found myself skimming at the end just to be done with it.
  • Jariann
    Couldn't put it down!! However, it deals with a very sensitive issue that may make this a book that is hard to read for some.
  • hmistybear
    I found this book very compelling. It shows how someone who lives in a bad environment feels it is normal. When they see how others act in a family, they see their lives are not normal. It reminds people to never judge others. You never know the hardships they go through. Unfortunately many wear a mask so others don't know the real person inside because they mask the pain they feel. Brooke's mask was being a good student. It hid what was really g...
  • Dalal
  • Bearkat
    Best book EVER!!!This book was absolutely amazing. I feel so much stronger just from reading this book and seeing how Brooke survived.
  • Sharon J. Iannotti
    BadWhat ?????? Really sad story, not written well, extremely confusing characters. Do not recommend this book at all. Didn't even finish the last chapters.
  • Talon
    “Just remember, rain doesn’t seem all that threatening at first, but too much rain can turn into a flood.” Cover aside (because well, it’s not the prettiest), Spilled Milk was one of the most compelling books I have read to this date. Spilled Milk shows you the inside of so many things that go on in this world every single day. And through Brooke’s POV, we see the details on how it can destroy a family and cause so much turmoil that the...
  • Joann
    This was a free Kindle download and is a true story of how a young girl who is sexually abused by her father struggles through her teen-age and early adult life to finally tell herself that she has to close this chapter of her life. Brooke Nolan grew up in an abusive household and for years thought her father and mother's reaction to her and her three siblings was a normal one. Most young girls would have crumbled at what she had to endure but Br...
  • J.P. Willson
    As much as the content is disturbing, and as much as I do not understand the 'moniker'- 'based on true events', this is a very solid write. The story is detailed to the point that it becomes painful- but that is because of the subject matter and nothing else.Thankfully the book itself is not written in the 'graphic sense', that only will come from the readers individual mind, yet that is difficult enough to process.I especially liked the way the ...
  • Nada
    I couldn't put this book down from how good it was. What a heartbreaking, incredible story! I love how the spilled milk on the dinner table inspired Brooke to speak out. This book made me love books that are based on a true story.
  • Tami
    This story is about a survivor rather than a victim. It should be ready by anyone in the field of social services. Terribly sad, but well worth the read!
  • Eliciah Kury
    1). Author’s BackgroundSpilled Milk was written by K.L. Randis. She wrote this book to portray her life as a sexually abused child. Although, the main character in the book is named Brooke, the things that happened to her were exactly the things that happened to K.L. Randis when she was a girl. 2). Literary Time PeriodThe book is based off of little excerpts from her diary, therefore, the book was written in Long Island, New York and Stroudsbur...
  • Tara Butler
    So much praise for this bookI cried through most of this story. When I was finished reading, I smiled. It's a story of heartache and absolute terror but it's also a story of survival and strength. As a woman who suffered through mental and physical abuse as a child, and extreme emotional abuse later in my first marriage, this story of hope was exactly what I needed. I've been contemplating my return to college to get my degree in counseling for a...
  • Meghana
    I picked this book to primarily understand what can go in a sexually abused person's life and for that purpose, this book does have some new and interesting insights. But, the narration style was lacking.
  • Karen Smith
    Wonderful book!!! Tough subject matter. It was hard to put down.
  • Kayleigh
    Quite heartbreaking... I'm going to have to come back with the review for this one!
  • Kniki
    Holyyyy Moses! Absolutely breathtaking. This was a PHENOMENALLY sad book. One of those that make you realize how crazy life is and how sad things are that happen in your life that are beyond your control. The strength it took to write this story—beings it was based on a true story is amazing to me. I honestly have no words other than WOW!!!! If you don’t like sad books, you may not enjoy it however, if you want a huge realization of life then...
  • Sofia
    I love this book! It draws you in so quick and once you start reading you can barely stop. It's very well written and it can get rather sad, frustrating and aggravating when you read it but only because you can't help but empathize with the main character and her story. Overall a great read, - must read too.
  • Claude Bealer
    Spilled MilkJust finished the book "Spilled Milk". It is a very readable story and has a very powerful message which is very timely in view of current events. I highly recommend it!
  • Kierra
    I absolutely loved this book though it was sad I thought the overall was amazing and uplifting. Brooke’s strength and the protective instinct she had over her siblings was admirable. This book is a great read!!!
  • Stacey
    Well written. Very sad, true story regarding sexual abuse of a child. It was hard to read at times, but also hard to put down because you wanted to find out what became of the main character.
  • Lynne Merrington
    Heartbreaking story of child abuse and what a sister goes through save her siblings
  • Brittinee Atwell
    This is such a sad story with a happy ending. Highly recommend!