A Stolen Crown (The Book of One, #2) by Jordan Baker

A Stolen Crown (The Book of One, #2)

In this second in the 'Book of One' series, the path to war is increasingly treacherous as the true nature of the Book is revealed. An alliance between two kingdoms creates a new empire and the legions of soldiers flood the lands, ushering in a time of darkness and chaos, as the power of the god grows.

Details A Stolen Crown (The Book of One, #2)

TitleA Stolen Crown (The Book of One, #2)
Release DateApr 8th, 2013
GenreFantasy, Magic, High Fantasy, Adventure, Politics, Young Adult, Epic Fantasy

Reviews A Stolen Crown (The Book of One, #2)

  • Ojo
    A truly fine read. Not many series have their sequels better than the first installment. A Stolen Crown took of nicely from where A New Age ended, and it didn't disappoint. What's more, it even got better. The writing is fantastic. It's so good that you're swept into the story as you read it. You hear the clashing of steel, the chanting of mages and the screams of dying men. The book is so real! Another thing the author brings is the establishmen...
  • Zurlo Enrico
    Better than the previous one. More things happens and the book has a clear ending. Still one thing that bothers me: every damn character with a title that tells the others to drop the honorifics....first time OK, second time OK, third time mmmh, twentieth time i would like to shoot the book. Hope in the next book Jordan dropped this annoying habit.
  • Boyana
    So this book took me only 1day to read. I dont know whether I was just so engrossed in the story (which was a nailbiter) or whether the book was one of the shortest I've read. Regardless, it was a nice continuation that slowly started to reveal new layers behind the initially plain characters. I look forward to #3
  • Stephanie Lee
    Great follow up to the first book but I really wish they'd correct the syntax, grammar, and spelling errors that are much worse in this sequel than the first book.
  • Johnny Martin
    A Stolen CrownOnly one complaint. The editing. Incomplete sentences and missing words that distracted the rhythm of the book. Very good book.
  • Julia Harris
    fine read, enjoyed it enough to download the next one straight away
  • Mnoraznan
    a gripping story that will keep you glued to its pages