Big Hair, Don't Care by Crystal Swain-Bates

Big Hair, Don't Care

Lola has really really REALLY big hair, much bigger than the other kids at her school, but that doesn't stop her from telling anyone who will listen just how much she LOVES her hair! It´s not always easy being a kid. Designed to boost self-esteem and build confidence in kids of all races, this beautifully illustrated picture book is aimed at boys and girls who may need a reminder that it's ok to be different.

Details Big Hair, Don't Care

TitleBig Hair, Don't Care
Release DateSep 22nd, 2013
PublisherGoldest Karat Publishing
GenreChildrens, Picture Books, Cultural, African American, Realistic Fiction

Reviews Big Hair, Don't Care

  • Thandeka Young
    CuteIt's a really simple yet cute book my daughter keep touching her head. She kept saying she loves her hair it was too cute
  • Elisabeth
    Aimed at younger picture book readers, this book is full of positive messages about big beautiful natural hair. The rhyming was over the top and heavy handed, but the illustrations were pretty darn cute. I bet kids won't be as "judgy" as I am and will just enjoy reading about another kid who is proud of herself and the way she looks.
  • Ursula
     Awesome! Very sweet book. Go read it! :) 
  • Yanira Daniel
    Such a lovely book!
  • Cennie
    Beautifully written for girls with curls!This book is a nice read to helping girls accept their hair and themselves for who they are. Beautiful comes in many varieties!
    I have big hair like hair and I don't care
  • Rita
    Bought for my goddaughter to help her appreciate one of the many things that are different about her. Very cute for simple book, and loved it!
  • Alex McCormick
    This book is about a young black girl who loves and enjoys her naturally big hair. This book relates to my topic because it teaches young black girls to love their hair and be proud of the many ways they can wear it. It deals with cultural idenitiy in the sense that it is making a place for young black girls to enjoy characteristics about themselves that is sometimes overlooked or shunned by society. This book checks off on many areas of the Qual...
  • Deena
    I bought this book for my daughter, who at six months is still a few years away from reading, but she enjoys looking at books and pictures. This is a sweet little book for young Black and biracial girls with beautiful, natural hair. I myself have "big hair" and growing up was always told how out of control it was and how I needed to wear it up or in a braid. I wish this book or something like it had existed when I was growing up. It will be a gre...
  • Brenica Miles
    1. Big Hair, Don't Care! by Crystal Swain- Bates and Illustrated by Megan Bair. 20132. Social and Emotion setting. This book teaches self-esteem and acceptance of one's self.3. This book shows the reader how to be proud of who you are. Although this little girl was happy about the many hair styles that she could do with her hair, she also recognized the disadvantages of having big hair but, she didn't care! She made fun of it by daring the reader...
  • Frankie
    Kids will love this book!!!!#I would definitely recommend this book for all individuals who love reading. Being kind to strangers is a Bible principle and sometimes, we allow our cultural differences to deter us. We can still achieve this task.This book gives a precise outlook on what a little girl experiences with having a different hair texture. It was an easy read and quite entertaining with great illustrations.
  • Wendy Tuell
    The most adorable book! I love the part where the little girl discusses the disadvantages of her Afro while playing hide-in-seek and the picture shows her hair a little higher than the bushes! So cute! Then she explains all the special ways her mom can fix her hair. There is an illustration for each style. My favorite one was puffs! Highly recommended.
  • Leigha
    I can see why a book like this would be important to a young person with similar hair as the main character in this picture book. I hope many people can find and read books like this that help them love who they are and embrace their differences.I have curly and red hair. I can remember some books from my childhood seemed to shame curly (and red) hair as it was not the ideal type of hair to have. I think it was done in subtle ways that only a lit...
  • Lynnae Young
    What a great book! This picture book intended for children ages 3-7 is a real self-esteem booster. This book is directed towards African American children but is awesome for all children who may not like something about their appearance and need something to boost their confidence. The young girl in the book, Lola, has big curly hair unlike the other kids at her school but she does not stop her from expressing how much she loves her hair. She sho...
  • Regina Drake
    Positive ReflectionThis book is wonderfully illustrated with pictures of children that will transcend racial lines. The characters represent self, friends, cousins, schoolmates, and others who make up communities everywhere. The language is inclusive and provides a good platform for early readers who will be sure to find the story humorous as well as informative. I rated this book a five. The topic is important and its focus can provide an introd...
  • Deborah sue Sloan
    I love this book because I got big hair. My hair is my glory and it was one of my most precious moments I shared with my grandmother.She always reminded how beautiful we are. Oh yea ! People love Hair so much the buy it and big Hair is number 1.Big hair is number 1. People buy it and stop and stare. Big hair makes you and others smile. Oh the things you can do with big hair. Every girl should read about big Hair
  • Christina J Lopez
    I’ve got big hair and I don’t careI love this story about a girl owning her appearance and hair and not caring what others think. It’s refreshing since there is so much going on with kids. Freedom story to be free being you and told on such a cute rhythmic way with cute graphics as well.
  • Danielle Jones
    This is a very creative book and it's like a personal narrative i saw a lot of books like this it's unique fun and colorful it's artistic It's a very good book for kids who a have a chance of getting forward getting jobs have kids,artistic expression! And you are a very creative person your awesome! You are beautiful woman.
  • Arnette Young
    Big HairThis book meets many common core standards elementary school students. It also provides valuable lessons in confidence and acceptance. I have already recommended this book to others.
    Really sweetI really liked this book. I don't have children yet. But I was drawn to this book, because I have natural hair. This book will certainly be in my little girls library one day.
  • Danielle Bryant
    I love how she is so confident and she is proud of who she is!I read it because I want my daughter to be confident and proud that she is black and she shouldn't be ashamed of who she is
  • Karen
    Big hairLove this book about a little afro American girl proud of the way her beautiful fluffy hair looks.I really admire books helping out daughters and granddaughters to be proud of their looks.
    It is talking about how the girl loves her hairI consider that more people read this book and that they know that people with a lot of hair example: I have big hair are greatly for all of these hair and would never get rigged of it
  • Kelly
    I gave this book 4 stars based mostly on handling a topic pretty well. The text was just ok, had a nice flow, but I really wanted it to jump off the page more. The illustrations, while very cute, also felt flat and were repeated, which was a little weird.
  • Staci
    My daughter Loved this book!I asked what she liked about the book. She replied "Everything!" So I asked what she liked best about it. She replied "The whole book." Then even more emphatically "I liked everything about the whole book!"
  • Ceydi Llerena
    Great bookI like how this book can teach kids to unique. Best book ever. I love this author. Good job n
  • Resa
    Very Cute book!
  • Chas
    Great bookAwesome book. My girls loved it. They were identified themselves in the character and truly enjoyed the story line. Perfect book for us.
  • Sharon Williams
    Good TittleThe book is really positive. It's great first book for a little girl. The illustrations are on point. Will look for a hard copy for my nieces.