The Wall of Storms (The Dandelion Dynasty, #2) by Ken Liu

The Wall of Storms (The Dandelion Dynasty, #2)

The second book in THE DANDELION DYNASTY, the epic fantasy trilogy by Ken Liu. Dara is united under the Emperor Ragin, once known as Kuni Garu, the bandit king. There has been peace for six years, but the Dandelion Throne rests on bloody foundations - Kuni's betrayal of his friend, Mata Zyndu, the Hegemon. The Hegemon's rule was brutal and unbending - but he died well, creating a legend that haunts the new emperor, no matter what good he strives ...

Details The Wall of Storms (The Dandelion Dynasty, #2)

TitleThe Wall of Storms (The Dandelion Dynasty, #2)
Release DateOct 4th, 2016
PublisherSimon & Schuster
GenreFantasy, Fiction, Epic Fantasy

Reviews The Wall of Storms (The Dandelion Dynasty, #2)

  • Melissa ♥ Dog/Wolf Lover ♥ Martin
    Fanfreakingtastic! I look forward to the next book in 2019! God, I hate even thinking about next year because the only thing that pops in my head is, "what if the cancer comes back." It makes me afraid to look forward to books 😕Happy Reading!! Mel 🖤🐺🐾
  • ❄️Nani❄️
    Take it all, Liu. Take all your well deserved stars and thank you for still haunting me with your words. ⭐⭐⭐⭐⭐⭐⭐⭐⭐⭐⭐⭐⭐⭐⭐⭐I can count on one hand the number of books that have rendered me speechless, the magnificent Wall of Storms is one of them. And since I can’t paint magic in words, here’s my shortest review yet. SIMPLY PERFECTION. HAUNTINGLY BEAUTIFUL. Thank you and good bye. Take it all, Liu. Take all you...
  • Michael Finocchiaro
    Somewhere between George RR Martin's The Game of Thrones and Shi Nai'an's Water Margin, the Dandelion series from Ken Liu is an amazing read. The Wall of Storms picks up the story from The Grace of Kings 5 years after Kuni Garu's victory over deified Mata of the double-pupiled Mata Kyundu where the fragile peace in Dara is undermined by internal strife and then the Lyuku (kind of like the Dothraki but more cunning and with cud-chewing dragons) th...
  • Kaitlin
    This book was exceptional. Literally, there are no more words that can better describe this than that. It was an amazing follow-up to a book I already fell in love with, and it did everything and more than I could have imagined.Why did I love this just as much as I did?- Female characters. These ladies ROCKED. Seriously. I have no idea how many fantasy books I have read over the years (A LOT) that are written by men and include women...done well....
  • Mogsy (MMOGC)
    5 of 5 stars at The BiblioSanctum“Not all wars are fought with swords and spears, and not all foes are found on the battlefield. The times are changing, brother, and we must change along with them.”I think it’s safe to say, if you loved The Grace of Kings, Ken Liu’s phenomenal debut that took the genre by storm last year, you will also be blown away by its magnificent sequel. Liu’s prose is as be...
  • Mike
    Review for The Grace of KingsAs much as I adored The Paper Menagerie I was a bit disappointed by The Grace of Kings. It delivered a great story in a fascinating world, but the characters were sorely lacking. Their actions were informed by the needs of the story instead of the story being informed by the natural decisions of the characters. They were serviceable but shallow and the story moved forward because it had to, not due to any natural flow...
  • Bob Milne
    In my review of Ken Liu's debut, I said it possessed all the epic grandeur, intelligence, and dignity of a Guy Gavriel Kay novel. Now, having read the follow-up, I am starting to wonder if anybody has ever seen the two of them in the same room together. Okay, so I'm kidding - or, at least, half-kidding - but The Wall of Storms is precisely the kind of sweeping, character-driven epic of cultural mythology that so very few authors could attempt, mu...
  • Mangrii
    4,75 / 5Tras su victoria en la Guerra del Crisantemo y el Diente de León, Kuni Garu convertido en emperador del archipiélago de Dara, lucha para mantener el progreso y su visión mientras protege a las gentes de su pueblo. Una inesperada fuerza invasora del imperio Lyucu, en el lejano oeste, llegará a las costas de Dara desatando un absoluto caos. El muro de las tormentas funciona como una historia en dos partes bastantes diferenciadas y a cad...
  • Peter Tieryas
    "I loved The Grace of Kings by Ken Liu. The Wall of Storms (WoS) is not just a brilliant follow up, but one of the greatest novels I’ve read. There are the roots of Chinese literary influences, but those are the seeds Liu uses to launch into something that is wholly his own, adventurous in a silkpunk fantasy teeming with wildly creative ideas. Just as the language written in Ano logograms necessitates a beauty inherent in its structure, Wall of...
  • Alex Schwartz
    What a fantastic followup to The Grace of Kings. The sequel manages to both be familiar and unexpected at the same time, taking the plot along the natural course of exploring what happens after a successful rebellion and introducing new and (quite literal) foreign threats. The already massive cast of characters expands to include some of the best in the series so far, particularly the women (Zomi Kidosu and Princess Thera, to be specific) who bec...
  • James Chatham
    Somehow even better than The Grace of Kings. Liu's prose is as beautiful as ever, the new characters are superbly realized, and the plot itself is tightly paced and fantastic.
  • Gary
    A magnificent return trip to the land of Dara, where former bandit Kuni Garu, now Emperor Ragin, sets his plans in motion for a more just and fair kingdom. Sadly, not all of his nobles – nor even his wife, Empress Jia, or consort Risana – share his vision, and so set their own plans into motion. Meanwhile, Luan Zya journeys to the lands beyond the wall of storms, and ends up poking a big, mean bear.The Wall of Storms is the best kind of seque...
  • Rincey
    3.5 starsSee me talk about it briefly in my January wrap up:
  • Erik
    A rich world full of fascinating characters, where nothing interesting happensI had high hopes for this series after reading Grace of Kings, but I was disappointed. Liu does a great job building his world, loading the story with details large and small. For the most part, his characters are multi-faceted and well-motivated, with the primary villains of the story being glaring exceptions, but I'll get back to that. The main problem here was the pl...
  • Lisa
    Review from Tenacious Reader: Wall of Storms, Ken Liu continues to carry the epic tale that began with Grace of Kings. I am still in awe of his writing style, which adds to the legendary feel of the story. The story feels at once captivating and current, yet old and legendary. If you have no idea what I’m talking about, all I can say is give his books a read. His prose just feels unique, makes me think...
  • Angus
    This could well by my all time favourite book. Phenomenal.Grace of Kings was an automatic favourite for me, but somehow this is so much better than Grace of Kings? like how? i can't even wrap my head around how good this book was. It blows my mind... If you are anyone who likes epic fantasy then PLEASE read this series! I beg... I wont go into plot because it is a sequel and it would be impossible without major spoilers and i want everyone to rea...
  • P42
    Po raz kolejny brakuje mi oceny 4,5/5 na GRRECENZJA FILMOWA - wydania pierwszego tomu minął rok, a ja nadal nie trafiłem na kogoś, kto pisze tak jak Ken Liu.Przebogaty świat, historia opowiadana wielowątkowo, interesujący bogowie oraz ich słabości, trochę witalizmu i…NAUKA. FIZYKA. DUALIZM FALOWO-KORPUSKULARNY. Tym kupiła mnie ta książka.Mnóstwo bohaterów i tutaj wada - można się pogubić.Książk...
  • Kelly
    Review up at B&N:
  • Aliette
    An amazing follow up to THE GRACE OF KINGS--the Wall of Storms, in addition to being Dara's protection against enemies, is also a metaphor for the greatest challenge a nascent dynasty must face, the founder's succession. Factions in Emperor Ragin's court start putting pieces into play to favour one of the two princes, but any intrigue might be cut short by what lies beyond the Wall of Storms... Superlative world building (based on Ancient China),...
  • John
    Poster child for the "why use five hundred words when five thousand will do as well" school of page count proliferation, Liu tells a good story with vivid characters but shoehorns in so many long and not really necessary flashbacks here that I just stopped wading through them after a while. He also never cuts a plot corner and loves overexplaining...not to mention inserting quotes in invented languages, comparisons of invented schools of philosop...
  • Nadine
    took me forever to finish this book, mainly because of a slump starting at the end of May. This book was even better than Grace of Kings! We get to see the events from much closer than in the first book, which makes it easier to connect to some of the characters. I liked the second half more than the first. in the beginning, we see a lot of inner politics and how the new governing system works. There's also a huge focus on philosophy and scholars...
  • Patri
    OH, SÍ. ¿Todos los pequeños problemas que me encontré en la primera entrega? Solucionados todos. El ritmo de la historia, los personajes femeninos... Sí, se ha redimido. Y no solo eso, sino que ha creado algo espectacular a partir de ello. Como esta trilogía siga este ritmo ascendente (esperemos que no en número de páginas) voy a acabar por babear encima de las hojas. Ah, y la ciencia. Bendita ciencia. Benditos laboratorios de investigaci...
  • Raul Ruiz
    4.5Sería perfecta con 200 páginas menos, si el autor no hubiese decidido autosabotear el ritmo de la novela durante su tercer cuarto, metiendo un frenazo justo en el momento más interesante para abrir un paréntesis de 200 páginas (200!!!) en medio de un momento de intensidad frenética para hacernos uno de los "5 años antes..." más trolls de la historia.Parece ser que Ken Liu es un gran escritor que no acaba de pillarle el truco al formato...
  • The Tattooed Book Geek (Drew).
    As always you can find this review on my blog: https://thetattooedbookgeek.wordpress...I received a free copy of the book from the publisher in exchange for an honest review.The Wall of Storms is the second book in Ken Liu’s ancient Chinese inspired steampunk/silkpunk epic fantasy series The Dandelion Dynasty trilogy.To briefly explain the story, the book starts off sedately with the royal children Timu, Phyro, Thera and their younger sibling F...
  • Pablo Bueno
    Ken Liu ya nos tenía acostumbrados a la más alta calidad literaria con sus relatos, calidad que había sido refrendada muchas veces a través de los innumerables premios que ha recibido. Pero, desde que publicó “La gracia de los reyes”, nos demostró que también podía ser un consumado novelista, extremo que se confirma en esta segunda entrega de la serie.En “El muro de las tormentas”, Ken se toma su tiempo para sentar las bases de al...
  • Unai
    4 Y 1/2. No se lleva las 5 porque me resultó brusco el cambio entre una primera parte que me encantó y lo que ocurre una vez pasada esa parte. Que un tercio de libro, con cientos de paginas, sirviera para presentar a un personaje, a fuego muy lento, pero disfrutando de todo el proceso, me resultó una maravilla por la forma que tiene Ken Liu de narrar está saga. Entiendo que casi 1000 paginas son muchas para llevar ese ritmo lento y que en alg...
  • Odo
  • Eric Smith
    This is by far some of the most interesting and compelling epic fantasy out there right now. I love this series for many reasons but one of the most interesting ones is the fact that it approaches traditional epic fantasy from a different cultural standpoint that the majority of the rest. Instead of the traditional western European culture being the standard with other cultures being either exotic far away places or an enemy faction this series s...
  • Saphana
    This is the sequel to The Grace of Kings. Not doing any synopsis thingy here, because there's a wiki on the rise of the Han Dynasty, so look it up there.What I liked:- Liu is going out of his way to make this a -not so strictly- historical fantasy (which is to say, reading the wiki won't spoil a single thing for you)- Interpretations of multi-layered Chines poetry. So much love.- the plot moves forward in a brisk pace. This is by no means a typic...
  • Rob
    ...The Wall of Storms is an epic tale of war, political intrigue and scientific exploration. Betrayal, triumph and the (sometimes not very subtle) intervention of the gods make it a novel that will do well with fans of epic fantasy. It is a story that keeps you reading. Although it is a formidable tome, it reads fairly quickly. The novel is a step up from the first volume, especially in terms of characterization. I enjoyed it more than the first ...